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Can a Leopard Change Its Spots Should it Just as Freddy the Pig is finishing a poem in which he yearns for a useful tail like a dog or cat s, a robin called JJ Pomeroy mistakes the poet s short curly tail for a worm and gives it a painful tug The bird apologetically explains that he s near sighted and constantly taking inedible things home to his children He also tells Freddy after the pig recites his poem that he ought to be proud of having the only purposeless tail on Mr Bean s farm Freddy is much impressed, nearly tears up his poem, and offers to help the robin get a pair of tiny glasses from the town optometrist On the way to Centerboro to fulfill his offer the next day, Freddy is ambushed by Jimmy Witherspoon and his slingshot Jimmy is the son of a Xenas Witherspoon, a skin flint farmer who refuses to pay for clothes or shoes for the boy so that he s always barefoot and raggedy so that he s ostracized at school, so that his only entertainment is watching animals jump when struck by pebbles from his slingshot Later that day, Freddy and JJ run into Mrs Church, the local rich woman who s come to town driven on a tandem bicycle by her chauffeur because the war has made saving gasoline a patriotic priority to get wedding invitations printed for her niece The invitations will display the Church coat of arms which her husband recently bought featuring an unknown bird which Freddy is inspired to call a popinjay because it s an imaginary bird, no one can say it s not a popinjay Thus begin the three main plot lines of Walter R Brooks Freddy and the Popinjay 1945 , which deals comically and complexly with themes relating to identity and change Should we be content with ourselves as we are Are we capable of changing ourselves for the better If we change our outer appearances, does that mean we also change our inner selves Do we have the right or responsibility to help other people change Should people be given second chances to improve Etc The story produces comical or interesting developments like the transformation of a robin into an imaginary bird a new fashion by which live birds are paid to act like ladies hats a war between farm animals and a lonely and indomitable boy an Arthurian jousting tournament featuring pillows, a duck pond, and bovine chargers a school run by bears a wild cat family that wants a new start the parents promising that their kids won t eat their fellow pupils any a milliner who decides she d rather walk around in the woods than make a fortune an overly eager to help wasp an elephant trap that turns into a thinking hole and and and.Like Brooks other Freddy books, this one is very funny in many different ways It features whimsical information about animal nature e.g., Wasps are no diplomats as well as satirical takes on human nature e.g., Being a banker s wife, she was very difficult to please Its humor ranges from the philosophical Hank the simple horse musing, It s kind of hard to tell, sometimes, though, whether it s somebody outside that pushed you or somebody inside to the farcical Freddy and his friends waking Jimmy up every half hour all night by howling or mooing etc so as to make him too tired to use his slingshot on them Much of the humor focuses on Freddy, as when the not overly old pig writes a poem about his lost youth, When I was a piglet, the grass was much greener, or attends the wedding of Mrs Church s niece and is mistaken for an ambassador and then partakes in the nuptial fare Freddy, like most pigs, was always up in front when the refreshments were handed round Like other Freddy books, this one also works in much good hearted and helpful wisdom e.g., Freddy did not think she looked funny any than most people in Centerboro, because if you like people a lot it doesn t matter what they look like and vivid description Mrs Church laughed harder than ever, and when she laughed, she shook and all the ten cent store diamonds sparkled and glittered in the sunshine, until she was quite blinding.One of the interesting features of the Freddy books is that, after the first three or so, in which the animals can only talk to other animals humans being too dense to understand animal speech , Freddy and his animal and insect friends can speak with people as well as with other animals It makes for a charming narrative world John McDonough is, once again, the perfect reader for a Freddy audiobook, his slightly high and rough voice seriously enjoying Brooks fantasy fun and never over doing anything, modifying his voice slightly for rich old ladies, spunky mice, conceited robins, obstreperous boys, mercurial pigs, and so on All just right.People who like things like Charlotte s Web with humor and less pathos and Dr Doolittle with less traveling around the world should give Freddy books like this one a try I am happy to be rediscovering them now after having forgotten them for 45 years. Not my favorite Freddy book,but still a gently humorous, nostalgic and enjoyable read The plot seems to wander a bit in this one, but does come to a satisfactory conclusion The Freddy books are nice books for young people, but only if they can read a book without expecting constant action packed sequences. Written in the mid late 40s I believe , it s interesting to see the worldview here While the stories in the Freddy books are charming and the characters very Paddington Bear esque, some of the messages they promote are a little alarming, though like with any other book, children could be taught to discern them This book does not promote a work ethic the pig devises a plan for giving the boy things he needs instead of having him work for them The books have a very visible lack of biblical law which is a good thing, because it highlights the chaos produced when the Bible is not followed There are other errors in the books, but again they are easily noticed and discerned I wouldn t just give them to a child who didn t have a foundation. This was our first foray into audio books, and it saved my sanity on an eight hour car trip last week.It was also the first Freddy the Detective book for all of us, and I found it quite charming Freddy is an intelligent pig, lazy, but with a trotter in every pie, involved in all the doings at the Bean s farm, a place where all the animals talk, not just to each other, but to humans too it is not revealed whether or not Mr and Mrs Bean eat meat, and if so where it comes from I don t know if it s typical of the 20 something book series, which was written from the 1920s 1950s, but I found it funny and shot through with a pleasant folksy wisdom.The narrator, John McDonough, is fantastic. I liked it Another hilarious installment of life on the Bean farm As usual, I chuckled through this book, and almost all the personalities rang true to life And, of course, Freddy s poetry was quite entertaining. i liked it Freddy is a quite inventive pig who solves the problems of his neighbors with kindness and understanding. One of the most beautiful birds on the Bean farm is of a species that you won t see anywhere else the popinjay The popinjay, you say What kind of bird is that He s an extremely unusual one, certainly, for he wears glasses and hires himself out as a hat I m sure you re shaking your head at my nonsensical assertions, but I assure you, they re true If you doubt me, read on for yourself in this rollicking Bean Farm adventure Freddy the Pig, that poetical little porker, and the other Bean animals learn some invaluable lessons about the importance of fine feathers and changing spots Along the way, they enjoy themselves and help out a few less fortunate friends, too.As always, this Freddy the Pig book was a delight to read and I highly recommend it to readers of all ages who are looking for a little bit of silly fun and a wealth of good sense, hidden in a bit of nonsense ^Download Epub ↚ Freddy and the Popinjay ✘ Published Over A Year Period, The Classic Books About Freddy The Pig Have Delighted Five Generations Of Children, They Are Now Going On To Delight A Sixth Generation This Beloved Children S Classic Is Available Now As Paperback Freddy And The Popinjay When JJ Pomeroy, The Robin, Almost Pulled Off Freddy S Tail, Thinking It Was A Worm, Freddy Decided To Transform The Robin Into A Popinjay This Starts A Series Of Transformations Some Of Which May Be A Big Mistake