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Abelard and aquinas. Abelard s Ethics is difficult to read Not because the idea is difficult, but the convoluted, often false start, train of thoughts in the beginning This reader is frustrated by the lack of definitions in what are Sin Fault, what are Consent Desire Will etc After struggling through, with the aid of helpful summary notes from academics, it seems that the major contributions in Ethics are 1 the focal of consent After the Desire, before the Deed, as the definitive link of determining Sinfulness 2 the separation of Sin in the realm of religion individual s consent versus Fault in Civic society on Deed itself The Dialogues is dynamic and often quite biting, however I was not able to go deeper than the surface disputes I miss theological basis to appreciate it Maybe for future read. ^FREE DOWNLOAD ⇹ Ethica/Dialogus inter philosophum, judaeum et christianum ↝ Abelard S Major Ethical Writings Ethics, Or Know Yourself , Dialogue Between A Philosopher, A Jew A Christian, Are Presented Here In A Student Edition Including Cross References, Explanatory Notes, A Full Table Of References, Bibliography Index