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beautiful illustrations an extended version of the story and an explanation myth for red coral. In this version of the Medusa Perseus story, Medusa is the beautiful daughter of a sea witch She s so lovely, in fact, that she catches the eye of Poseidon.When they become betrothed, Medusa looses her perspective, and wits apparently, and makes the mistake of her life when she dares to compare her beauty to Athena s That goddess becomes outraged and subsequently curses Medusa and turns her into the monster we all know Which is when the story turns to Perseus saga In Ms Latti s version, he and his mother are caste up on the shore where she is found by the kind fisherman There s a couple of lines of fill in to explain why the pair were in the chest that burst open on the shore, and then shortly thereafter they are taken captive by the evil king.From there the story, or less, follows the classic short version of the tale By which I mean that Andromeda is left out completely, as is the ending part of the story where Perseus accidentally kills his grandfather This book ends instead with Medusa s head being cast into the ocean because it s far too dangerous to keep around And we are told that this is where red coral comes from Medusa s blood, you see, was transformed into the beautiful little creatures.Talking Points This is a nice version of the story that I think most older children would like My daughter 9 y.o read it through several times.I m hesitant to suggest it for younger children, not because of the story, but because the artwork is very stylized My son, for example, who s 7 years didn t care for it at all But that s surely a matter of taste We much prefer Ms Latti s work in other books such as The Winged Cat and The Fool and the Phoenix Pam T mom and reviewer at my blog One thing I appreciate about stories based on Greek Mythology is how contrary they run to what one would narratively expect In doing so, they make me realize just how conditioned I ve become.Take Medusa I knew the end of the story, wherein the hideous gorgon is slain by the young hero, Perseus very classic monster movie stuff but I was unfamiliar with the beginnings of the tale, which Latti goes into in lush, grotesque detail.there lived in the muddy depths of the ocean a sea witch She was one part poisonous eel, one part giant water snake, and a third part woman in such a hideous combination that all creatures who looked at her froze in terror and could barely swim away The only thing frightening than this sea witch were her many children They clung to her with their long, scaly bodies, bent fins, and gaping teeth.I love the way Latti writes, and I love her illustrations She loves using bright, bold colors which instantly fool my eyes into thinking they re gazing at something beautiful, when in reality, a second glance reveals its grotesqueness The mother of Medusa is a terrible sight a witchy, evil creature with long teeth and a black tongue, a body that trails off into long, bloody tentacles And around her, squirm her children who resemble dragons from some alien ocean.Yet strangely, from the loins of this creature comes a woman beautiful than beautiful, the lovely Medusa, who resembles a starry eyes Barbie As her brothers and sisters squirm and writhe, Medusa spends her days sitting upon the craggy rocks, watching the waves crash, her long, blond hair billowing in the breeze All who see her fall in love with her, including the King of the Ocean, Poseidon I am just like a goddess muses Medusa to herself I am even beautiful than Athena herself And when I marry Poseidon, I will be Queen of all the Oceans Aha Not smart, Medusa No sooner do those words come from her beautiful, lush lips, than Athena herself rises from the foam of the ocean and casts her curse You are no goddess, but the bragging daughter of a mud toad You came from the sea and to the sea you will return But only after you live out your days in such ugliness that anyone who looks at you will turn to stone One day a boy from the sea will come to kill you This is my curse Suddenly, Medusa doubles over in agony, her hair turning into twisting, terrible serpents She has been turned ugly And anyone who looks at her will turn to stone Egads MeanwhileA fisherman rescues a beautiful woman and her young son from a wooden chest which has just washed ashore The grateful woman tells a fantastic tale of how Zeus magically impregnated her with golden dust, and her father cast her and her son out to perish The woman is Danae and her son is Perseus.It is Perseus who is fated to fulfill Athena s prophecy For when his mother is held captive by the evil Polydectes, Athena whispers her plan to him Danae he announces, I have decided to make you my queen And your son, Perseus, will bring us a wedding gift the head of Medusa If you defy me, and if Perseus fails, then it will be death for you both And so everything is going according to plan, so far as Athena is concerned She successfully turned the beautiful Medusa into a hideous monster, and she has now secured a young man who will kill her Athena with the help of Hermes helps Perseus on his quest, leading him to the gray sisters whom Latti illustrates as mangled, dirty angels with bloody, empty eye sockets and withered mouths They lead him to the sea nymphs, who in turn lead him to the Isle of Hyperboreans, where Medusa lives, but not before outfitting him with golden sandals, a leather pouch and the Cap of Darkness All the meanwhile, it is Athena who is pulling the strings.It should be clear to anyone reading this story that it is Athena who is the true villain here After all, Medusa is not truly a monster, but only a beautiful young woman horribly and unjustly disfigured Does it not seem that the narrative should logically take a twist here, and somehow the good, brave Perseus realizes he s been tricked, finds a way to reverse Athena s curse, and the story should end with he and the now returned to her former beauty Medusa marrying and living happily ever after Well, that doesn t happen.http www.picturebooksreview.com 201https www.facebook.com picturebooks Title MedusaAuthor Deborah Nourse LattiGenre MythTheme s pride, envy, Greek MythologyOpening line sentence In the ancient and mysterious past Brief Book Summary Medusa is a beautiful blonde girl who is extremely proud of her looks One day, Athena becomes very jealous and turns Medusa into a snake headed monster so ugly that anyone who sees her will be turned to stone Soon thereafter, Perseus becomes the story s focus, as he has been sent to slay Medusa Professional Recommendation Review 1 Latti, Deborah Nourse Medusa 32 pp HarperCollins Cotler 2000 ISBN 0 06 027904 4 LE ISBN 0 06 27905 2 4 K 3 The one beautiful child of a hideous sea witch, vain Medusa brings about her own downfall in this abbreviated though action packed retelling of the legend After jealous Athena changes Medusa into a gorgon, the focus changes to Perseus s quest to slay her The illustrations, painted in loud colors and patterns that swirl with snakes, hair, wind, and waves, make the pages very busy Folktales Myths and Legends Mythology, Greek Medusa Greek mythology Professional Recommendation Review 2 Marilyn Courtot Children s Literature Medusa has never been a character in mythology who generated much sympathy However, this retelling by Latti may change some attitudes Yes, Medusa was proud of her beauty and boastful, but she really didn t do any harm Athena was much aggrieved when she overheard Medusa say, I am just like a goddess In her fury, she cursed Medusa and turned her into an ugly monster destined to be slain by a boy who came from the ocean The story of how Perseus slew Medusa is related, and ironically it is Medusa s ugly, severed head that was finally able to do some good the evil king Polydectes who held Perseus mother hostage was turned to stone when he looked upon the head Athena threw Medusa s head into the ocean, and as blood spilled, red coral sprouted Latti introduces her retelling with a beautiful woman staring out from the book jacket Readers will share the pain and suffering of a proud Medusa as she sinks into despair and cruelty 2000, HarperCollins, 15.95 and 15.89 Ages 7 to 10 PUBLISHER HarperCollins New York , PUBLISHED 2000 Response to Two Professional Reviews These reviews are some of the kinder ones that I found for this book While some other reviews found the story to be dull, these reviews focus on the plot and the illustrations Both seem to fins the plot entertaining for readers and informative, although it seems that the plot s switch to focus on Perseus might be confusing to younger readers The first review finds the illustrations to be busy , which I suppose is true, but I also think they ad a lot to the story Evaluation of Literary Elements The writing of this story is very suitable for the intended audience Readers can easily learn the story of Medusa while being enthralled with the colorful, exciting images on every page The sentences vary in length and structure, which prevents the story from becoming mundane The chosen font is also very interesting, as it is different from traditional story fonts, but is still very readable In fact, the font seems to pair nicely with the aquatic feel of the book.Consideration of Instructional Application This book would be great to include during a unit on Greek mythology This book has the potential to span across several subjects For example, students could be asked to draw or paint what they imagine Medusa to look like in art class before reading the story Afterward, they could write their own endings to the story or come up with their own Medusa myth to foster their writing skills And of course, reading the story builds literacy as well. This book is about a Greek myth There is a daughter born from a sea witch that is cursed for boasting about her beauty as like a goddess and thinking to be beautiful than Athena Being cursed by Athena, Medusa s face is disfigured with snakes coming out of her head and is told that she will live out the rest of her life that way until one day she will be slain She is also told that anyone that looks upon her face will be turned to stoneWithout giving away the ending This also was a fun story to read However, I felt that some of the words might be difficult for some younger readers to understand Most of the sentences seem pretty simple but I would say that this book is a picture book for older kids to read. MythThis story is about a beautiful girl, Medusa, who was basically full of herself She said that she was beautiful than the goddess, Athena So, Athena put a spell on the girl, maing her very ugly and causing anyone to turn to stone if they looked at her face She also told her that one day a boy from the sea would come to kill her Meanwhile, a woman and her son were found at sea, they accidentally traveled too far and were captured by mean soldiers The tyrant decided that he wanted to be with the woman and told her son that if he could bring the king back Medusa s head then he would let them both go And, if he came back empty handed, he would kill both of them With the help of Athena, the son went looking for Medusa, he found her, cut her head off, and took it back to the tyrant No one believed that he actually had the head because if you loked at her, then you turned to stone , so he told his mother to cover her eyes and then he took the head of Medusa out of his bag and showed it to everyone They all turned to stone The son put the head back into the bag, and Athena threw into the ocean, where Medusa s blood streamed out and formed coral, from sea to sea and ocean to ocean And, the woman and son lived happily ever after Act 1 Roundtable After reading the book, the students should be given the chance to talk about what intrigues, bothers, and confuses them about the book.Act 2 The students could re write the story from a different point of view. My daughter 2 1 2 could not sit still for this book It is rather on the long side However, my son 5 very much enjoyed the story and the pictures The pictures are well done and dramatic without being scary which is important for my kids The pictures are full of detail and color and you can easily spend a few minutes taking a look at each and every page. I was trying to do some very basic research about Medusa herself Naturally Perseus is a big part of her mythos, but it was still frustrating to see that this book was about him and his story than about Medusa The illustrations were beautiful, though The art in this book is simply stunning The story is slightly different than I know but, I enjoyed it very much `DOWNLOAD PDF ⇹ Medusa ⇲ Medusa Was Born The Only Beautiful Daughter To The Ugliest Sea Witch Ever To Inhabit The Depths Of The Ocean Her Looks Were Radiant Enough To Gain The Adoration Of Poseidon, King Of The Oceans, Causing Her To Become Very Vain But Vanity Is A Dangerous Thing In A World Controlled By Jealous Gods Athena, Goddess Of Beauty, Is Angered By Medusa S Conceit And Pronounces A Curse Anyone Who Looks At You Will Turn To Stone Hide Yourself If You Can With This, Medusa Is Transformed Into A Hideous Monster, Forced To Hide Herself In A Distant Cave And Await Her FateWhen Perseus, A Mortal Son Of Zeus, Is Ordered By The Sinister Polydectes To Deliver The Head Of Medusa, It Seems He Has Been Chosen To See That Athena S Curse Reaches Its Fruition But How Will He Accomplish What No Other Mortal Has Been Able To How Will He Survive The Glare Of Medusa Is It Possible Medusa Will Defy Her Cursed Fate In Her Masterfully Written And Imaginatively Illustrated Book, Deborah Nourse Latti Re Creates The Tragedy Of One Of The Best Known Greek Myths The Tale Of The Gorgon Medusa