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Did Johannes Kepler murder Tycho Brahe for his data Wow The authors have some evidence but 400 years is a bit too far back for any certainty I am so not interested in conspiracy theories but this was an interesting book as I had not read much biographically about either one. I rarely read books that are heavy on science But when I noticed this book at the Two Sister s, the story of intrigue and the chance to learn about a part of history that is foreign to me led me to add it to my challenge reading list The entire book was engaging and filled with carefully conducted and documented research The central hypothesis presented is that Johannas Kepler celebrated astronomer astrologer and developer of scientific theories that founded modern models of the heavens intentionally poisoned his colleague and contemporary Tycho Brahe Through development and carefully connecting dots that are several hundred years old, the authorial team of Joshua and Anne Lee Gilder build a convincing case that Brahe was targeted and Kepler the better known to modern history absconded with fundamentally groundbreaking research The prose and history were developed so seamlessly throughout this book that my lack of familiarity with the science behind it wasn t a problem at all I m now evenaware of how important it is to be careful around mercury though the mercury that comes from broken thermometers isn t much of a threat , and how equally important it is to have trustworthy colleagues Read this if you like intriguethan science Yes, it explains a bit about how the different theories evolved and competed with each other, but the majority of the book describes juicy fights between poor Kepler and his rich arch rival Brahe Did I mention Kepler had to work for Brahe because he had the observations to confirm Kepler s theories Definitely a tough spot to be in even if murder isn t the answer A very easy and page turning read If you think you don t like non fiction, give this book a try. I appreciate books on the history of science, which is why I first picked this one up, but once I started reading, I found myself enthralled not by the science under question but by the personalities and passions that surrounded the scientific discoveries of the day Kepler is described in minute detail from his own journals and correspondence He comes to light as a mentally unstable genius, scarred by a violent and emotionally challenging childhood, who makes enemies faster than friends and loses his grip on patience and rationality in the face of any perceived impediment Brahe, on the other hand, shines as the generous and gregarious Scandinavian lord who hosts and laughs and drinksthan his fair share, but whose dedication to measuring the heavens as accurately as possible keeps him away from the drama at court He becomes a family man who marries for love and works from home.Kepler wants to be famous for his brain, which he knows is his greatest strength He has some beautiful and unfortunately completely inaccurate theories about the solar system that he would love to prove once and for all, if only he had the right data Brahe, in studying the stars, is appalled at the recklessness with which data has historically been gathered He knows that no accurate theory of the universe can be made without correct information, so he dedicates decades of his life to measuring the stars and building better equipment for that purpose.These two opposing personalities are thrown together when Kepler decides to try and get his hands on Brahe s cache of data by becoming his assistant When Brahe won t just hand his life s work over to Kepler, antagonisms arise Shortly thereafter, Brahe dies an untimely and mysterious death, and Kepler makes off with his data Kepler realizes that his beautiful theories can t withstand the realities of Brahe s extremely accurate data, and, almost against his will, comes up with the revolutionary three laws of planetary motion Awesome big deal.But that is not all New information from analysis of Brahe s mustache recovered from his grave in the 20th century suggests that Kepler in fact poisoned Brahe in order to gain access to his records Gilder explains and supports this thesis in great detail and surely convinced me of it by the end I couldn t put the book down, it was as good as any fictional detective story And now I want to read a biography of Brahe because he may be my favorite historical human Thank you, Gilder Well, interesting speculation, however just in time I was reading the book, scientists came to this conclusion The team reported in November 2012 that not only was there not enough mercury present to substantiate murder, but that there were no lethal levels of any poisons present The team s conclusions was that it is impossible that Tycho Brahe could have been murdered 33 34 and most likely died of a burst bladder 16 The findings were confirmed by scientist from University of Rostock who examined a sample of Brahe s beard hairs that had been taken in 1901 Although traces of mercury were found, these were present only in the outer scales Therefore a mercury poisoning as the cause of death was ruled out while the study suggests that the accumulation of mercury may have come from the precipitation of mercury dust from the air during Brahe s long term alchemistic activities When I very first spotted Heavenly Intrigue on my library shelves, I resisted picking it up because of the blatant sensationalism of the subtitle but I just couldn t pass up the chance to get a second perspective on the same story As expected, this book presented a much less detailed overview of Kepler and Brahe s work than Tycho and Kepler, with a much greater emphasis on interpersonal relationships and drama It was much easier to follow and I think this would have been the case even if I d read it first as the book is clearly intended for a broader audience In addition to glossing over some of the details of the history and the science, there were several cases where the explanations of the instruments Kepler and Tycho used were much clearer and given with fewer astronomy terms.Readhere I read this book when I was studying astronomy a couple of years ago I found the histories of Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler very interesting They were both such huge contributers to how we view the universe in modern times An interesting twist with the evidence that Kepler may have murdered Brahe so he could claim responsibility for these amazing heavenly discoveries But does the evidence rise to the level of beyond a reasonable doubt , the standard we use today for a murder conviction This book wasn t quite the CSI Episode that critics reviewers said it was It was okay, and the argument was somewhat convincing However, research has shown that the authors take on the Brahe Kepler relationship was slanted They conveniently include all of Kepler s journal entries that make him seem like a wacko and none of the entries that would allow him to appear normal. I got roped in As I began this book I had a cynical, preconceived notion that the murder of the great astronomer Tycho Brahe by the evenfamous astronomer Johannes Kepler promoted in the title was but bait to increase retail sales I quickly came to the belief I was wrong Heavenly Intrigue certainly contributes to the reader s appreciation of how professional astronomy emerged prominently from the previouslycommon mysticism of astrology It contributes to an understanding of the early enlightenment and western culture s embrace of what would be called the scientific revolution Finally, the lay reader receives a vivid picture of two larger than life personalities of the time Brahe and Kepler But the foundational story is, actually, the death of Brahe and the authors contention that it was the result not just of a murder but a homicide committed by Johannes Kepler the author of laws of planetary motion a man who communicated with Galileo Kepler s own writing and the respondent s replies strongly suggest he had a mental illness The authors present 2009 scientific evidence that hair samples showed Brahe had been subjected to huge amounts of mercury a poison Like a focused criminal reporter the authors show means and motive that point directly to Kepler It was Kepler who immediately absconded with a treasure trove of astronomical data data Kepler coveted.Sigh The book is dated.Late 2012 a new team of scientists conducted a new set of tests and this time on Brahe s bones and teeth No mercury poisoning is now the conclusion So I assume the debate can rage on Better to embrace the cynical notion that no 400 year murder will be proved in a 270 page book written for the common reader and simply enjoy getting to know Brahe, Kepler, The Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution just a littledeeply. `Free Ebook ⇲ Heavenly Intrigue: Johannes Kepler, Tycho Brahe, and the Murder Behind One of History's Greatest Scientific Discoveries ⇮ A Real Life Amadeus Set Against The Backdrop Of The Counter Reformation, This Is The Story Of The Stormy Collaboration Between Two Revolutionary Astronomers, Tycho Brahe And Johannes Kepler That Collaboration Would Mark The Dawn Of Modern Science And End In MurderJohannes Kepler Changed Forever Our Understanding Of The Universe With His Three Laws Of Planetary Motion He Demolished The Ancient Model Of Planets Moving In Circular Orbits And Laid The Foundation For The Universal Law Of Gravitation, Setting Physics On The Course Of Revelation It Follows To This Day Kepler Was One Of The Greatest Astronomers Of All Time Yet If It Hadn T Been For The Now Lesser Known Tycho Brahe, The Man For Whom Kepler Apprenticed, Kepler Would Be A Mere Footnote In Today S Science Books Brahe Was The Imperial Mathematician At The Court Of The Holy Roman Emperor In Prague And The Most Famous Astronomer Of His Era He Was One Of The First Great Systematic Empirical Scientists And One Of The Earliest Founders Of The Modern Scientific Method His Forty Years Of Planetary Observations An Unparalleled Treasure Of Empirical Data Contained The Key To Kepler S Historic Breakthrough But Those Observations Would Become Available To Kepler Only After Brahe S Death This Groundbreaking History Portrays The Turbulent Collaboration Between These Two Astronomers At The Turn Of The Seventeenth Century And Their Shattering Discoveries That Would Mark The Transition From Medieval To Modern Science But That Is Only Half The Story Based On Recent Forensic Evidence Analyzed Here For The First Time And Original Research Into Medieval And Renaissance Alchemy All Buttressed By In Depth Interviews With Leading Historians, Scientists, And Medical Specialists The Authors Have Put Together Shocking And Compelling Evidence That Tycho Brahe Did Not Die Of Natural Causes, As Has Been Believed For Four Hundred Years He Was Systematically Poisoned Most Likely By His Assistant, Johannes Kepler An Epic Tale Of Murder And Scientific Discovery, Heavenly Intrigue Reveals The Dark Side Of One Of History S Most Brilliant Minds And Tells The Story Of Court Politics, Personal Intrigue, And Superstition That Surrounded The Protean Invention Of Two Great Astronomers And Their Quest To Find Truth And Beauty In The Heavens Above