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If you want a book you can dip into, that you can use to explore different poets from around the world That can be a reference point to start your voyage into the alleys, paths highways of poetry this is a good book to start with.The poets covered, some are known, some famous, but theres obscure poems, anonymous poems, poets whose lines you see within these pages will set you off on the road to other works writers.This book book is a key, a door, a path its up to you what you do with it. Over the years I ve accumulated a variety of poetry anthologies This is probably my favorite For reasons which I can t articulate other than to say that I like the poems that are in it Duh #READ E-PUB ⛏ The Rattle Bag: An Anthology of Poetry æ The Rattle Bag Is An Anthology Of Poetry Mostly In English But Occasionally In Translation For General Readers And Students Of All Ages And Backgrounds These Poems Have Been Selected By The Simple Yet Telling Criteria That They Are The Personal Favorites Of The Editors, Themselves Two Of Contemporary Literature S Leading Poets Moreover, Heaney And Hughes Have Elected To List Their Favorites Not By Theme Or By Author But Simply By Title Or By First Line, When No Title Is Given As They Explain In Their Introduction We Hope That Our Decision To Impose An Arbitrary Alphabetical Order Allows The Contents Of This Book To Discover Themselves As We Ourselves Gradually Discovered Them Each Poem Full Of Its Singular Appeal, Transmitting Its Own Signals, Taking Its Chances In A Big, Voluble World With Undisputed Masterpieces And Rare Discoveries, With Both Classics And Surprises Galore, The Rattle Bag Includes The Work Of Such Key Poets As William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Lewis Carroll, Dylan Thomas, Wallace Stevens, Elizabeth Bishop, And Sylvia Plath Among Its Hundreds Of Poems A Helpful Glossary As Well As An Index Of Poets And Works Are Offered At The Conclusion Of This Hefty, Unorthodox, Diverse, Inspired, And Inspiring Collection Of Poetry an unusual anthology, but i chose it because of my love of heaney hughes, well, not so much i ve taken to opening it to random pages and enjoying a few pages of poetry every couple of days the randomness of it is easily the best part.it contains quite a few poets that i know and love, and so very many that i was unfamiliar with which makes it a lovely exercise in seeing new wordsmiths and devouring their words. A very mixed bag, this book. Another fine collection of poems I have been slowly working my way through these past few years, The Rattle Bag is the perfect collection for anyone hoping to get back into reading poetry The collection, an expansive collection of classical and modern poetry, really does offer nearly all poetry has to offer and I am sure others will find, as I did, that there are a number of poems which you will find yourself returning time and again as well as new poets whose work you will seek out good luck with that, all but the classics poetry volumes are generally small print runs and therefore prohibitively expensive The collection edited with serious credentials by Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney is organised alphabetically by title which while initially seeming a strange choice works really well as it avoids the pitfalls of arranging by author or subject both of which can get tiresome It also works because it means you will find a new poem addressing a new subject matter on each page sometimes two to a page meaning it doesn t allow you to lapse into lazy reading, the juxtaposing of some poems offering even greater insight into a subject matter The collection is clearly a passion project for the editors and designed not with academia in mind but to act as a reinvigoration of a lost art That it was first published in 1982 and I still in print over 30 years later speaks to the success of their goals, that it is not widely read and not in every school classroom speaks of its failings Poetry, sadly, is taught in a way that does not offer the vast majority a way into a poem, I mean the works of Milton might be fantastic to some but sadly they will fall on deaf ears to the majority By choosing one or two poets and flogging them to death across the school curriculum we do both the poets and the students a disservice Some might say poetry has had its day and that it is a quaint medium of days past, given its redundancy by new and exciting forms of expression, but poetry in a way is our most formative introduction to literature think only of the children s rhymes we all learn in preschool and how they stick with us through generation after generation, remembered word for word and transferred from parent to child in the oral tradition These poems resonate in the same way any poem resonates, they are fun, they communicate a message and most importantly they occupy a time and space in which our world was free of expectation and responsibility Poems still posses all of these characteristics but the message is somehow lost in the transmission People think of poetry as something that serious minded people read and ponder over while sipping whisky by the fire side, but it is also something that can link people together with memory and shared emotion If you have ever been fortunate enough to hear someone recite a poem from memory to a captive audience it is like watching magic being conjured from thin air For those with the gift, it is as if they have captured the essence of the room, excavated the emotion from the audience and let it out in a glorious breaching of the night air There is value in poetry, specifically to those who have distanced themselves from it, it is the equal of any book, film or song, the distillation of time, place and emotion into stanzas on a page waiting on a reader to calm their mind and truly listen. A eclectic collection than usual Some of my favorites The Seafarer, by Anon version by Ezra Pound he singeth summerward Spring, by G.M.Hopkins What is all this juice and this joy Fairy Tale, by Miroslav Holub He cut out his bit of sky Dinogad s Petticoat, from the Welsh trans Gwyn Williams Whatever your father struck with his spear wild pig wild cat fox from his lair unless it had wings it never got clear Breathing Space July, by Tomas Transtromer the islands crawl like moths over the globe The Bight, by Elizabeth Bishop White, crumbling ribs of marl protrude and glare Apple Blossom, by Louis MacNeice And when from Eden we take our way The morning after is the first day. A very interesting and different collection of poetry, chosen by two of our most famous modern poets.The time covered is from Renaissance to today and the subject matter is all human experience The ordering alphabetically by title breaks up the usual pattern of by date and places poets beside each other in fascinating ways.Recommended to all lovers of poetry Also a good starter for those who would like to read poetry but don t know where to begin. This is one of my favorite anthologies some standards, some real surprises, consistently chosen by idiosyncratic sensibilities that say as much about the editor poets as about the quality of the chosen work itself I don t think I would have ever been exposed to the Hunter Poems of the Yoruba but for this anthology, and I suspect Heaney threw in the strong presence of anonymous early traditional verse while Hughes ensured there would be a heavy dose of D.H Lawrence Maybe great American poetry is a bit underrepresented, but all in all this is a very earthy, exhilarating collection of some of English poetry s best short lyrics with some translations from other traditions. This is undoubtedly my favourite anthology of poetry What I like most is its variety open the book on any page and you will certainly read something you weren t expecting to Almost always a pleasant surprise, of course Naturally it contains the works of some of the most dominant poets of all time Shakespeare, Dickinson, Yeats, Plath, Bishop, to name a few But what will also greet you in the pages of this beautiful anthology is the discovery of the undiscovered The lesser known gems of poetry, some of which will remain in your mind and heart forever Wonderful 5 5