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This 8th volume is the first part of the big showdown We have The Nazi last battalion numbering 572 troops Iscariot Roman Catholics numbering 2875 dressed like the KKK all vs Hellsing total number of remaining troops 3 Alucard Victoria and Integra Despite it only covering a single conflict this is pretty good.Integra lifts Alucard s limiters and he becomes a killing machine channelling all those he s killed making a welcome cameo return of the Dandy and Rip Van Winkle He also reverts to his true Vlad the Impaler form.Father Anderson also transforms and we get an excellent Catholic vs protestant stand off between him and Alucard.A bloody massacre of awesome Have volume 9 on hand as this does leave on something of a cliffhanger. 4.5 Sorprendente, durante este tomo del manga, nos muestran no solo como un personaje que ya es poderoso si no tambien el gusto por a sangre Es sorprendente hasta que punto puede llegar el poder de Alucard cuando desea entrar en la guerra y no solo eso, como sigue siendo devoto a la familia Hellsing aun sabiendo que es capas de derrotar a quien se pone en su camino Los gui os a su tortuoso pasado no me conmovieron pero hacen entender el por que de su personalidad. Really black art Graphic scenes Nazi zombies I think Typing out accents again Ugh.The only reason I rated this a little higher than the previous one is because the story made a bit sense I didn t like deciphering the accents though. Overall Rating Manga A Original anime series BNew anime series A Summary Hellsing is a manga series by Kouta Hirano Hellsing chronicles the efforts of the mysterious and secret Royal Order of Protestant Knights, Hellsing, as it combats vampires, ghouls, and other supernatural foes who threaten the kingdom of England The main character, Alucard Dracula cleverly spelled backwards , is used to kill other supernatural creatures, and makes Seras Victoria a cop he shoots to kill another vampire into a vampire early on in the series and we get to watch her deal with her new life as a blood drinker with some hilarious and sometimes creepy results.I love vampires, so it s not much of a surprise that I like Hellsing, a series based around vampires and supernatural organizations So, why does the series get three separate ratings It boils down to the fact that the first anime series is a lot different than the manga and the second series I was first introduced to Hellsing with the original anime series, which was based loosely on the manga At the time, roughly 2002 or 2003, I thought it was amazing Unfortunately, the end of that series is extremely weak on plot, and feels rushed It s like the people involved had a brain storming session over a pile of coke, had a bunch of cool ideas, but couldn t figure out how to bring them together into a cool ending Not to mention the fact that the concept for the final villain, Incognito, is kind of racist from the Dark Continent , ends up wearing little than jewelry , and is pretty fucking lame when compared to some of the other villains introduced earlier in the series Later, I found out that only the first 6 episodes or so were based on the Manga, and the rest of the series was made up for the anime That explains why it felt so rushed, because it was So, I decided it was time to check out the manga, to see if the plot held up longer in it The manga blew away the anime, and now I have some trouble watching the old series In the manga, you get detail and character development, and characters For example, Alexander Anderson is introduced in the the old anime series, but we don t meet the other members of Iscariot Nor is there any hint of the Nazi organization, Millennium I could go on, but the point is that the manga kicks the anime s ass If you ve seen the anime, do yourself a favor and check out the manga If you haven t checked out either, then get your vampire loving ass out to your local comic book shop or wherever you buy manga and pick it up If you don t love vampires, then I hate you Ok, maybe not hate, but seriously what s up with that shit The new anime series on the other hand is completely faithful to the manga, and definitely worth watching The production value is a lot higher, the creator is behind the series, and overall it s simply kick ass My suggestion is to read the manga volumes 1 7 are out now, and volume 8 is scheduled to come out in early July , then watch the new OVA series, Hellsing Ultimate, and then watch the old anime It s all good, but the manga and the Ultimate series are a lot better It s like watching the season of Angel where he gets fat and then going back and watching season 2 or 3 of Buffy No one likes a fat vampire.For manga and anime reviews, please check out Hobotaku. Alucard 3 .FREE DOWNLOAD ⚉ ヘルシング 8 ☤ London Is Already Bathed In Blood, Its Citizenry Almost Entirely Slaughtered By Vampiric, Reborn Nazi Soldiers And Marching Through The Rivers Of Blood Thousands Of Extreme Catholic Warriors In Creepy Cloaks But The Focus Of This Chaotic Eighth Volume Is The Return Of Alucard, The Slave Paladin Of The British Protestants, Who S Just Piloted An Aircraft Character Up The Thames To Join The Fray It S A Crazy Face Off Between Three Gory Armies And Their Primary Killers, And If You Think That Sounds Nuts, Wait Until You Dive Into The Crimson Stained New Volume Of Kohta Hirano S Creepy Cool Hellsing Manga Series Wow Far better than I remembered it First time around, the story and bloodshed was really dragging on for me I was understandably impatient for the dam story to get on with it But now that I already know the whole damn story, I can enjoy the little things A serious relatively speaking installment, this one doesn t have very much of Hirano s comical toony style Instead, the art shifts go in the opposite direction, becoming realistic and detailed One of the best things about Hellsing is not only how well done and detailed the art is, but how varied it is as well.While the intense fighting, corny lines and goofy bug eyed facial expressions still don t help me take anything seriously, the artwork is utterly mind blowing, and this installment is a major turning point for no less than three characters Anderson, Maxwell and Alucard The latter two both have their flackbackstories I m coining the term now, if someone else hasn t already in this book On this re read, I suddenly realized for the first time that one of the lives to emerge from Alucard, when he s belching up his victims, is that of the man who assaulted him as a child That s our one subtle confirmation that Vlad did eventually get revenge I must, however, nitpick Integra s continued failing at common sense, when it comes to Alucard s orders Kill all that you see I don t see how it would be so hard to tell him to avoid killing civilians, and prioritize the enemy leaders over their mindless goons Maybe it s a translation issue maybe in Japanese, she said some phrase that means something specific, that couldn t be fully translated I don t know I also don t like the translation of Alucard responding to Integra s Count with the same word right back at her In the unofficial online translation I read, he responds to Count with Countess To be fair, either version is still confusing, but the latter still has impact Sans those complaints, this is one of the best installments, in terms of action, story and characters. Today s post is on Hellsing volume 8 by Kohta Hirano It is 200 pages long and is publishes by Dark Horse The cover has Father Anderson and the leader of Section 13 it The intended reader is someone who likes retellings, reimagines, and lots of action There is language, no sex, and lots of violence in this volume The story is told from third person god perspective There Be Spoilers Ahead.From the back of the book London is already bathed in blood, its citizenry almost entirely slaughtered by vampiric, reborn nazi soldiers And marching through the rivers of blood thousands of extreme Catholic warriors in creepy cloaks But the focus of this chaotic eighth volume is the return of Alucard, the slave paladin of the British Protestants, who s just piloted an aircraft character up the Thames to join the fray It s a crazy face off between three gory armies and their primary killers, and if you think that sounds nuts, wait until you dive into the crimson stained new volume of Kohta Hirano s creepy cool Hellsing manga series.Review Now named and important people are starting to die Father Anderson does not understand that in order to kill a monster, he must be a man, so he makes himself a monster for god It was very moving to see Alucard trying to stop Anderson from doing it but Anderson would not listen to anyone else Add we get some insight into Alucard himself No surprise but he is Count Dracula I do not know what is going with Walter but I am very curious In the end Seras has some power or something over Alucard because he gets pulled into his past and cannot find his way out but he can hear her calling him I am very curious about how Hirano is going to wrap this up Only two volumes.I give this volume a Five out of Five stars I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with my own money. Alucard vs Anderson vs Nazis Really a battle between Anderson and Alucard Alucard becomes insanely powerful, calling on all of the victims he has absorbedwe see van Winkle and the Brazilian card player in him Seras now understands through her own experience that the vampire takes on the power of his victims I am so dense Alucard is an anagram for Dracula Duh.i suck He calls on all his power The archbishop is taken done, but then made invulnerable to the ghouls by Anderson, who is sicked by his greed for power Anderson and Alucard fight, and then Anderson stabs himself with a holy relic the nail of Helena Alucard practically begs him to stopthat by doing so he will become God s monster Except for being a monster who denied god Dracula Anderson will be a monster for god In becoming a monster immortal Anderson has thorns growing from him While they continue to fight, the zeppelins are going down We are also confirmed that Walter is now with the Nazi What the hell He showed up last volume looking younger and accompanied by the Nazi werewolf don t know his name..the only hint is that we know 2 volumes ago they confronted another and obviously knew each other from 50 years ago Anderson and Alucard continue to fight, Anderson gives what appears to be a death blow and he appears to flashback to his youth in Romania being victimized by the Turks and denying god We end watching him lick blood from the floor and it fades into Seras grinning calling him What in the world is going on