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Nathan Henry got lucky He had grown up in a small town in an atmosphere of fear and had a well developed sense of self preservation and a penchant for violence He identified as a bad ass and a Satanist and cultivated the personality to go along with the tough image He was headed for serious trouble and when he was caught for armed robbery, he spent a year in county jail Because of his age and the nature of his crime, Nate was tried as an adult But, thanks to his lawyer and an understanding judge, he was able to serve his sentence in the county jail where he was kept relatively isolated from other offenders, instead of going to prison where truly bad things could have happened to him Nate had nothing but time during his incarceration and he used it to expand his mind reading, taking GED classes, talking to other people His good behavior got him out early, and his new outlook on life helped him to develop a different attitude toward the world His memoir is gritty but gripping, and some parts are hard to read animal abuse killing disdain for women lack of empathy for other human beings He makes a strong case for youthful ignorance and not knowing any better, but it s disturbing to think how many other young people raised in similar environments with similar pressures might come out with this kind of dangerous ignorance. [[ DOWNLOAD PDF ]] ☙ Good Behavior ☞ Jailed At Age Sixteen For Armed Robbery, Nathan Henry Was The Kind Of Teenager Most Parents And Teachers Have Nightmares About His Crime Was The Culmination Of A Life Lived On The Edge Guns And Drugs, Sex And Violence, All Set Against The Ordinary Backdrop Of A One Stop Light Town In Rural Indiana Nate S Personal History Is Both Disturbing And Fascinating A Rough Childhood Becomes An Adolescence Full Of Half Realized Violent Fantasies That Slowly Build To The Breaking Point But These Scenes Alternate With Chapters About Nate S Time In Jail, Where Through Reading And Reflection He Comes To See That His Life Can Be Different From All He S Known Up To This PointNathan S Story Of His Year In Jail And The Life That Led Him There Combine To Create A Powerful Portrait Of An American Youth Gone Bad And A Moving Story Of Redemption Good Behavior by Nathan L Henry is a good book to read I thin this because its really entertaining and it shows you how bad prison really is It goes into a lot of detail about what goes on in there I feel like after you read this, it will make you think twice about your actions, because they may lead you to prison and reading this will make you not wanna be there. There are absolutely no quotes that I wanted to save from this book which is a rarity I am happy the young man turned his life around while he was in jail and was horrified at the things he did growing up. good book I just finished reading the book Good Behavior by Nathan L Henry for my PIG class This is a memoir about main character Nate Henry who is 16 years old He tells the story in first person about his life in jail from armed robbery, and his rough life that led him there Every other chapter is what he s currently doing, while every other chapter is a flashback to his rough childhood Nate grew up with his parents and his brother I think that Nate s father is at fault for his psychotic issues Throughout his flashbacks, Nathan describes how his dad got entertainment out of scaring him when he was 5 saying how people will come kill him in his sleep His dad also expected violence, and thought that homicide was humorous Nate s fathers stories gave him psychotic paranoia which turned into fear, then anger, then frustration Sooner later he got a fetish for weapons, just like his dad Nate started imagining himself as Hitler, while having thoughts about killing animals, kids and bombing the school While also dealing with his crazy father, Nate s mother was the only one that worked, and they weren t wealthy at all They barely had anything Throughout the story, Nate comes in contact and deals with many other guys in prison, that have done way worse things than him Dealing with these people, Nate realizes how he becomes ashamed and realizes he doesn t want to waste the rest of his life in prison While in prison, Nate read a lot of books from the jail s library to make the time go by He even copied a whole book down so he could keep rereading it While doing this, he explained how a whole new world opened up for him with writing, and he wanted to be a part of it This is where he started writing a story, which is now published as his memoir, Good Behavior I definitely think that Nate s father was the reason he had psychological issues, and through the memoir he realized how that s affected him all his life I wish Nate realized that before he wound up in jail, but I m glad he did when he was still young, and even though he was in jail, he didn t let that get the best of him and give up on life Instead he tried to turn himself around Being Nate s age, I think this was a great book and I recommend it It only took me 3 days to read and it kept making me want to readIt has a unique writing style with the flashbacks, and it shows how bad people are bad for a reason, and everyone has a story It s a great book with a good life lesson. Good Behavior by Nathan L Henry is a memoir of the authors year he served in prison for armed robbery at the age of 16, while also jumping back to his life leading up to it, and what caused him to become what he was when he committed his crime This book is a great memoir, and is one of the few non fiction books that has kept me interested, and kept me reading.However, this book is not suitable for all ages This book is heavily focused on Henry s childhood, which is not a healthy one Topics such as the brutal details of killing woodland animals, underage sex and prostitution, fighting, rapes, murder, and racism are all but common in this book Henry does not spare any detail talking about the events that shaped him into the kid who robbed a gas station at gunpoint before getting into a car chase in a car he stole from his parents While these parts are graphic and vulgar, they are crucially important to the story at hand, and important to us as the reader to get a grasp on the character that is Nathan L HenryHowever, the book is not without its flaws One of the biggest flaws that I ve seen the most criticism on is, sadly, the lack of visible character growth In his time as a prisoner, we see him as a racist, sexist, bloodthirst teen, then acalm, collected but still prone to anger inmate, and then, suddenly he s reformed with absolutely no explanation behind it We re led to believe that his time in prison changed him, but aside from the lack of his vulgarity due to his limitations, we see no real change He doesn t visibly grow enough for us to relate with it As he skips through his time at prison, focusing on his time leading up to it, he never really elaborates enough on his growth for us to realize he s growing Nonetheless, the time he spent in prison has, though not shown well enough, changed him Aside from this admittedly major flaw, I still say that Nathan L Henry s novel, Good Behavior, was a phenomenal Non Fiction book that kept me reading to the very end, and even coming back forI would heavily recommend it to anyone who seems interested in this book and can tolerate the heavy vulgarity In my opinion, if the glaring weakness that this book has was resolved, it would be a perfect book in my eyes Quick read, memoir Chapters alternate between nate s life leading up to his crime and imprisonment and then his time in prison His childhood will break your heart Some mentions of prison rape, mostly nate s fear of it, not graphic Also mentions of violence, alcohol use, guns and sex but, again, not graphic or gratuitous. Pairing and Overview I will pair the book Good Behavior by Nathan Henry with the book Monster Both texts depict a young adult male in jail the protagonist in Monster is not guilty of his charge, but Henry recalls real life crimes he did commit and his experience after being tried as an adult Both texts present accurate portrayals that should hopefully deter teens from a delinquent lifestyle.1 Book Citation Henry, Nathan L Good Behavior New York Bloomsbury, 2010.2 Audience Junior and senior high students who have an interest in crime and violence and recovery Stories such as this often appeal to urban teens, but this one may appeal to a wider audience because Henry is from a small town 3 Selection Criteria Good Behavior is a recent text that contains the factual, firsthand experiences of the author Bloomsbury publishing was founded in Britain and was named Publisher of the Year in 1999 and 2000 they attribute much of their growth to the Harry Potter series The subject matter and language of this book are of interest to high school students and much of it is, unfortunately, relatable to underprivileged teens The scope of the text is limited to the author s personal experience, but the work presents an important and meaningful perspective Various editorial reviews note that the writing is somewhat limited and uneven, but the graphic style of writing will appeal to many teens This autobiographical text will fill a gap in the collection by providing an important view of a delinquent lifestyle that will hopefully inspire struggling teens to make good choices and see hope in their futures.4 Review Source Chipman, Ian Booklist, May 1, 2010 Vol 106, No.17 5 SOL Connection 9 5 10.5 11.5 12.5The student will read, interpret, analyze, and evaluate nonfiction texts.6 Ordering Information Good Behavior Hardcover Nonfiction 2010 272p Bloomsbury 17.99 978 1599904719. GOOD BEHAVIOR, a memoir, by Nate Henry, tells the story of his year in jail for armed robbery This was an adult jail but Nate was only sixteen He was no stranger to trouble and in this memoir, he alternates chapters among his year in jail, the year leading up to his crime, and scenes from earlier in his childhood that somewhat explain how a boy from a one stop light town in rural Indiana finds himself in this predicament It is gritty, graphic, and often disturbing I found parts of it nearly impossible to read, but was drawn through it by the hope that he would find a way out I won t spoil it, but let s just say that the jail librarian is instrumental.What I took from this book,than the story itself, was the way in which it was told He maintained a primarily chronological structure in the alternating chapters so although the book jumps back and forth in time, the reader always knows where she is because he tells the different stories in a this happened then this happened order Within this framework, there were a few flashbacks, but the story was carried forward by the passage of time We knew he d either get out of jail or be sent to prison We knew he d eventually be arrested and go to jail We knew he grew to at least the age of sixteen All of this pulls the reader along We are also pulled along by the question of what exactly happened since he teases us by referring to the day he set the school on fire and the night the police chased down he and his friend Phillip before he actually tells the events.This book is not for the faint of heart, but it s definitely worth the read.