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I initially enjoyed this book, thinking that there was going to be installments of the series later on However, I ve just learned that Catherine Jinks is NOT going to be writing any of these books, which has left me confused She believes that she tied up all the loose ends, but I completely disagree Leaving the series like this seems irresponsible to me as Cadel is left in almost the exact same position he was in at the beginning of the book unable to trust anyone, always looking over his shoulder in case Prosper English is there As is made abundantly clear in both this and the previous books, Prosper English is never to be underestimated, and he has a bad habit of surviving when all the odds are against him So, I am left thoroughly dissatisfied with Jinks ending.I also came to dislike Cadel in this book Up to this point, I was okay with how his character had progressed Although he does have a rather significant ego, he was always kept in check by those who had a better perspective on the situation But in this book, he somehow gets it into his head that he s the only one who can possibly take down Prosper English, which means to him that no one else can or should do anything that will help, for some reason But despite all the efforts of him and everyone else, Prosper English still ends up with the upper hand, and it s only because of a freak act of nature that Prosper doesn t win in the end It just seems a bit ridiculous that, once again, Cadel is saved by sheer coincidence.I m also told by my husband, who is a professional software developer, that many of the computer terms and methods employed by Cadel are either outdated, incorrect, or just plain impossible I didn t pick up on it myself, since I don t know much about how computers work behind the scenes, but he picked up on it instantly, and it drove him insane So, just a word of caution to anyone who knows anything about computers these may not be the books for you if such things bother you This really made be lose respect for Jinks, too, because she claims she consulted a math and computer professional about everything she includes in the book, but clearly she did not have anyone double check her facts.Despite all this, though, I did enjoy Jinks writing style, as usual, and the fast paced, unpredictable nature of the story If you ve liked the previous Genius books, it s worth it to read this one to round out the series. Wow just, wow.Such a thrilling end to Cadel s tale I ll admit, Genius Squad was fairly low key until the last quarter of the book when things picked up and became exciting however, Catherine Jinks completely made up for the lack of action in The Genius Wars, which is jam packed full of it.Jinks has a really original way of weaving subtle hints and distracting subplots throughout these books to the point of where you really aren t sure of which characters you can trust and which you can t in fact, I m surprised that she manages to keep up with her own plot However, upon tying everything up at the end, it becomes clear that she s had a firm handle on everything the whole way through, though I have no idea how on earth she d managed it And WHAT an ending I won t spoil it for those who haven t read it, but it was truly a unique way to end the series, and I m still trying to digest it.Very highly recommended. 1 NOT ENOUGH SONJA2 MORE SONJA3 You have to wonder, at this point, if Cadel is ever going to be okay again I wish Catherine Jinks would write a new trilogy about Cadel s next ten years in therapy coping with his feelings for Prosper AND the fact that he s totally in love with SONJA4 NEEDS MOOOOORE SONJA PLEEEEEASE5 Not as exhilarating as the others Not quite as fast paced Still really fast paced, though, I think I finished this faster than I finished Mockingjay, another third in a series.6 Saul and Fiona are such good parents I was so happy for Cadel for a while.7 However, there wasn t nearly enough Sonja 8 Possibly because there was too much Hammish 9 Also, WHAT THE HECK Dot, Com, and Vee got caught so quickly AND OFF SCREEN 10 While I was reading the last couple chapters, an INCREDIBLY SMELLY GUY sat next to me on the streetcar WORST SMELLING DUDE EVER His smell was so distracting that I had to read sentences at least two times in order for them to sink into my mind I was like, Gazo Is that you 11 SOOOOOOOONJA12 How much do I love that Cadel says, Oh shit My armspan is like five feet So, that much.You can probably guess who my favorite character is She really didn t show up as much as I wanted her to, though.Oh, and 13 THAT LAST LINE The ending felt pretty abrupt, but I think that might be one of my FAVORITE last lines of all time.Way better than, SO WE BEAT ON, BACKS AGAINST THE CURRENT BLAH BLAH JAZZ AGE. This wasn t a war, it was of an attack It also wasn t very good From the beginning, where Cadel who has sworn not to lie ever again tells himself they won t mind that he s doing all this lying really and he sure is glad he s left his old way of life behind him To the middle where he s really kind of annoying To the end, where he s just really stupid and the author leaves it wide open Very unnecessarily When there s a fourth installment of this trilogy, I don t intend to read it And the weird looking kid on the covers Does he say cherubic and angelic face to you No So they should have gotten a better artist for the cover. Truthfully, I was dissatisfied with the ending And come to think of it the entire book.I think the big problem was nothing really happened I was expecting, well, Genius Wars There was no warring We basically ran around screaming Prosper is coming, Prosper is going to kill us.I understand the panic I mean after all, Prosper is one scary guy props for great character design to have coming for you But at the same time, enough is enough The entire book seemed monotonous We worried, then got attacked, then were told that everything was going to be fine, then worried that everyone couldn t handle it alone, then helped probably illegally , then got scolded for helping and reassured that everything was going to be alright, then worried a little , then used our super smarts to save our self, then followed some leads, started to feel bad about ourselves as people were getting hurt, then snapped out of it and followed another lead success Then used our smarty ness to solve a puzzle success and then failure, then lead number one paid off, then tried to help with the investigation without permission, upsetting the grown ups Then we were attacked again and decided that we had to take matters into our own hands, and we had to do it alone because people we cared about were getting hurt in the crossfire Ran away and took matters into our own hands without the restrictions of legality Success Then got attacked again Worried enough to throw up More illegal actions but boy, do they get results or what Busted Reproach Follow one of our closest leads This is it people We re so close to catching Prosper The rest of this scenario is a spoiler, and will be treated as such view spoiler Enter possible domain of Prosper, Search search searchHuh, Walls look funny Bam Prosper is outside PANIC WAIT HE S IN A SECRET PASSAGE INSIDE THE WALLS THE FOOTAGE IS FAKE Gasp You were there all the time You didn t attack me WaitLIAR The following is a revised version of the last two three chapters of the bookCadel You tried to kill me Prosper Did not, I swear Let me raise a valid point.Cadel True, I see your point.Prosper Now be a good hostage and help me get out of here ok If you don t, I ll shoot you.Cadel Ok fine Nothing I can do at the moment.Prosper Says something exasperated and slips up.Cadel Gasp You did try to kill me Prosper Alright fine I did But it was for your own good You weren t happy.Cadel Oh my gosh You re jealous of my family Prosper Am not And don t test me, I ve been trapped underground for months and am a little crazy.Cadel Are too Prosper Rants in crazed defensive manner that proves it Cadel Struggles to escape Prosper Struggles to thwart escape Escape boat capsizes and Cadel looses consciousness Cadel Wait, how did I get to land hide spoiler To be honest, I didn t really enjoy The Genius Wars It wasn t what I expected and it wasn t as great as the other previous books of this trilogy The only good part of this book was that we got to see another side of Prosper English We got to see him break down from his former genius and into his crazed, almost devolved self This was probably the only appealing detail of this book for me There were many things that made this book terrible Yes, terrible I scarcely ever say a book is terrible, and this time it s not the subject matter that bothered me It s how the story is given to the reader Cadel became annoying about midway through the book He continued to think about Prosper English and how to stop him and scarcely reflected on other things It became almost redundant Not once did he stop and think that maybe the police could handle Prosper There was no character development whatsoever Hell, anything that he gained from the second book backtracked into this obsessive, I can only do this Cadel It was obnoxious and I nearly put the book down because of this Another annoying aspect of this book was when Catherine Jinks continued over and over about the surveillance I understand that it was a huge part of the story, but I felt like she hammered in the point about a thousand times and it was annoying to no end Having Cadel have to remind all the adults in the story how to avoid being detected and being paranoid about every camera in sight was bothersome and I feel like he should have figured something out so that he wouldn t be as paranoid, if only to give the reader a break from Cadel s paranoid babbling There were also less interesting characters You basically had the same cast of characters as the second book, which would have been fine if they had been used I feel like, having dealt with many different, interesting characters in the first book, that being isolated to just Cadel in the third book was boring, especially when he was just being paranoid the whole time and trying to solve things that the police might have helped him with Having a few new actually engaging characters might have sweetened the pot The plot didn t really do it for me as it did in the other two I expected a fast paced, action packed book, but it really wasn t as exciting as the first two I really had to force myself to read and it just felt slow I feel like some of this was Cadel s paranoia Another issue I had with the plot was that the characters that did recur and that could have had an interesting part to play in the plot weren t used, or were barely used Niobe s assassination attempts could have helped quicken the plot Com and Dot could have been used Sonja and Hamish could have been used The plot was underwhelming and just a disappointment to me after reading the former two books.Finally, I didn t really like the end I think Jinks could have added a few chapters on why Cadel had a sudden change of heart, of which I won t go into as I don t want to spoil anything She didn t really wrap up loose ends, which was frustrating It wouldn t have been a big deal if there were going to be books in this series, but there aren t, so reading the ending was a huge let down If anything, even if it didn t tie up the loose ends, Cadel s reactions to the past events could have been expanded to give it a halfway satisfying ending This book was just a huge disappointment for me I do not recommend this book, although if you have read the first two, then I suppose you should read it so that you can get the rest of the story Just be forewarned that it isn t as good as the first two Don t set yourself up for disappointment. .DOWNLOAD ♦ The Genius Wars ⚖ Boy Genius Cadel Piggot Has A New Name Cadel Greenaius , A New Family, And A New Life No Illegal Hacking, No False Identities, And Most Of All, No Prosper English But When His Best Friend Sonja Is Attacked, It S Up To Him To Figure Out Who Was Behind It Before He Knows It, Cadel Is Crossing Oceans And Continents, Barrelling Back Into The Depths Of The Criminal Activity He Thought He D Left Behind, And Coming Face To Face With Prosper English Once Again Can Cadel Track Down Prosper Before It S Too Late And What Rules Will He Have To Break In The Process Have you ever tried to hide from one of the most dangerous people in the world The genre of my book is realistic fiction because it could really happen.I think its cool how the kids use computer and street to provide for themselves and use street smarts to hide from a antagonist Prosper English they use lots of resources to do what they had to do,they were hacking into computer networks,security networks and even internet networks its pretty cool.I think its fascinating how children can do so many things with what we learn in school technology is the key to the world and its kinda funny how older people say we rot our brains with technology but really technology is going to save the world one day The summary of this story a group of kids had put a very bad person in jail in the previous book then the year after they found out he broke out of jail Back to the story the kids use their smarts to hide from the villain mentioned earlierProsper English They feared he was after them which i am sure he was and they did there best to avoid in the end it was concluded with death When he caught them hiding overall the story line was amazing and it really tied up I recommend this book for anyone The Major theme in the story is determination the kids were determined to find and stay at a safe place In the story they try to hack in the security networks around the My strongest opinion on this story is very strong and healthy and i really think you should read this amazing book I think this book is so amazing because its starts off so fast and ties up into other elements in the story and in the story they use security networks to find a place to stick with while hiding In the story you get no input on the location in which the story took place The characters are in a conflict of person vs person because they are against a single after them and are willing to do anything to avoid him PROSPER ENGLISH and so that ended in ones death This book has an amazing storyline that took turns at really intense times its just amazing.I rate this book a 3.5 because its was kinda boring just having to hide and being boring I think the book in badly written.I regimen this book for people who like a long adventure that is important for someone s life The book is a great way to know what it feels like to hide from someone a long periodically time Oh, Cadel why won t trouble leave you alone Very enjoyable book with a very, very abrubt and rather open ended ending Jinks has claimed that this is the end of the series, but I believe that the end will leave every reader sort of questioning whether is to come or not More of what you have come to expect from this series, action packed in parts and hacking packed in others I m neither a hacker nor genius, so I am unsure as to the amount of realism that comes from the series I ve read a number of reviews that portray Cadel as a very unsympathetic character, but I do not get that feeling Rather, I feel Cadel is a perfectly realistic character with major issues stemming from his past, yet trying to move past these Overall, I think this series is quite the page turner. It was so good Despite a very shallow acquaintance with computer science, I wasn t overwhelmed by the jargon and it was worked in seamlessly Throughout the series, I really treasured the way that Cadel s interactions with Sonja were treated The disability wasn t played down, or played up or romanticized or stereotyped it just was I really want to know what happens later An epilogue chapter, a short story ten years later, I d gladly take another book, but I m dying to know how it all works out for Cadel.I cried at the end.