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[[ Read Ebook ]] í Bob Books Set 4- Compound Words ⚣ Bob Books Are Back, Now With A Bright, Unique Box Display And Colored Illustrations Throughout That Make Learning To Read Even Fun Bob Books SetCompound WordsIn Bob Books Set , Kids Read Eight Humorous Stories Longer Books And Complex Words Engage Young Readers New Blends, Sight Words And Longer Compound Words Advance Their Skills, While Sounds Repetition Keeps Reading Easy Meaningful Stories And Playful Pictures Keep Kids Absorbed Good progression into harder words for late kindergarten early 1st grade. Perfect for Little Readers When Letters First Turn In To WordsOur local library has multiple sets of Bob Books that includes the 5 sets currently available and various older and earlier editions There have been so many different original and updated sets and levels that the Bob Books website FAQ has a chart that shows which books over the years replaced which books at the various reading levels The books are only 5 1 2 by 4 inches, so the library keeps them in a long plastic shoebox I mention this because our kids just set the box on a table and snack on the books like little mental potato chips.As a treat, I got Set 4 for the kindergartener and Set 1 for his younger brother They keep them at their homework desks The kinderboy has real kindergarten homework younger bro has pretend but very important homework Having their own mini library of Bob s has been very successful In a while I ll get Set 5 and Set 2.These are very friendly books They are illustrated with drawings that are just a bit fancier than stick figures The drawings are jazzed up with splashes of watercolor here and there They are not set in formal type Rather, the words appear to have been hand printed That presentation may seem a bit spare and childish, but the practical effect is that the books look very inviting rather than challenging or demanding They are fun and silly and cheerful, and tell simple and understandable little stories.I m not well versed in reading education theory, but these books do not seem to be based on any rigorous, inflexible or odd theory or approach The books just progress from very simple words tocomplex reading Set 1, with 12 mini books , introduces all of the alphabet letters, except Q , which makes sense I guess , and consists entirely of two or three letter words that can be sounded out By the time you get to Set 4, 8 mini books , you have longer books, many four and five letter words, consonant blends, nd, sn, st , and some vowel combinations, ou, ee, oo Set 5 is the big jump to long vowels, silent e , sight words and the like Then, it s off to read War and Peace So, I m very happy with these books as a reading treat, and it was a bonus that the kids led me to these books instead of the other way around Please note I find this stuff interesting but I have no connection to the author or the publisher of these books, and bought them with my very own money. BOB Books Set 1 Beginning Readers 3.00BOB Books Set 2 Advancing Beginners 3.00BOB Books Set 3 Word Families 2.50BOB Books Set 4 Complex Words 2.75BOB Books Set 5 Long Vowels 2.75This Book This is great and teaches young readers complex words 2.75 because only 8 books It makes me confused because there are usually 10 12 books.Title Bob Books Set 4 Complex WordsAuthor Bobby Lynn MaslenIllustrator John R MaslenReviewed By Charlie Book Title 1 Ten Men2 Bump 3 Cat and Mouse4 The Swimmers5 Samantha6 Willy s Wish7 Jumper and the Clown8 Max and the Tom Cats