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Just great Loved it it s such an inspirational book. I enjoyed this book so much Kelle went through so much and survived She was so strong and brave and never stopped believing that she could get through it She inspires me to never give up hope, no matter what. @Free ⚷ Smile for the Camera æ Kelle James Left An Abusive Home At The Age Of Sixteen And Went To The Best Place She Could Imagine New York City She Had Big Plans Of Becoming A Model, But Within A Week She Was Homeless And Broke What Follows Is Her Exceptional Story Of Trying To Make It On Her Own With Nothing To Her Name And No One To Trust She Encounters A String Of People Who Take Advantage Of Her Youth And Beauty, Endures Many Disappointments And Rejections, And Has A Surprising Connection To An Infamous Murder Trial This Sparse Narrative Of A Girl Who Loses Herself Before Finding Her Way Is Not Only Utterly Compelling It S Entirely True I LOVED this book It made me want to model I just loved how Kelle s life seemed so fictional It was truly great Wow What a life this girl had Great story and great writing Definitely recommend this one Wow, a great read for teens or adults Just amazing all the stuff she went through and still came out ok I think this book would help a lot of people while entertaining them at the same time A lot of funny moments too I highly recommend. Kelle James captures the voice of her youth extraordinarily well She hides her abusive background with a veil of believable innocence Good for girls who want an edgy book but not super intense. What an interesting memoir I found this true story to be a powerfully moving tale Kelle has a wonderful style that makes you want to read it from cover to cover I am fifty something and I thoroughly enjoyed this book There is something for everyone here humor, sadness, triumph, danger, suspense, hope andAs a teen, Kelle had some life issues to deal with and her decisions are incredible A good read check it out. This shocking book, instead of sugarcoating and glamourizing the Big Apple, disassembles it and shows the gritty, grim reality of what things are like behind closed doors for a young girl with big dreams and no money.