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|Download E-pub ⚛ The Arrogant Duke Ø Escape Juliet Savored The WordFor Years, Juliet S Father Had Used His Wealth, Power And Influence To Rule Her Life But Now, She Was Free To Make Her Own Decisions She Had Assumed A New Name And Identity, And Had Run Away To A Job On This Beautiful West Indian IslandBut Had She Jumped From The Frying Pan Into The Fire Bad As Her Father Had Been, Her Employer, The Duque Felipe Ricardo De Castro, Turned Out To Be Even Domineering And What Was Worse Juliet Fell In Love With Him An amusing read about a young woman who wanting to escape her father s overbearing rule accepts a job in the West Indies as a companion to a handicapped girl When she arrives she finds a hostile 16 year old in a wheelchair and an overbearing uncle who makes her feel things she has never felt before Throw in the widowed wife of the duke s cousin who has plans to be his wife and you have a lovely, entertaining soap opera ish story A fun read all around. In the long line of Anne Mather books I ve read I find this one to be one of the best The story was delightful, funny, painful and earth shattering at times The characters were written to perfect all exhibiting down to real, real world personalities I feel in love with the hero and heroine I even began to like Teresa and the heroines father Such a great read, amazing Fun little romance There was a large age difference which I wish had been addressed in a meaningful way but that was the style back then 1970 She was quite the insightful young woman and just went into the hero s household and fixed everyone right up I wish they had spent a bit time together but that was the way romances were written back in the day There was a nice feel for the Caribbean islands and I kept flashing on the devastation going on there now which made me sad.