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@Download Kindle ë Midnight Mavericks: Reports From The Underground ⛅ The Essential Subterranean Tract Of , Midnight Mavericks Is A Rollicking Tour Through The Hearts And Minds Of Today S Most Uncompromising Artists From The Lower Depths Of Entertainment Culture Profiled Are Controversial Underground Icons, Angry Stand Up Comedians, Exploitation Filmmakers, Hardcore Crime Novelists And Controversial Cartoonists, Including Abel Ferrara, John Waters, Andrew WK, Chris D, Mike Diana, Lydia Lunch And Jim Goad Includes Sounds From The Underground, A Bonus Minute CD Of Interview Excerpts And Songs From The Musicians Featured In The Book Gene Gregorits is a really great writer, which is the only reason I made it through this compilation of interviews with underground artists of the No Wave Gene has a passion for the dark, disturbing, creepy underground and his interviewees reflect that He also skates a thin line between blatant misogyny and being dazzled by his favorite female artists and Lydia Lunch co interviews with him in the John Waters interview There were many artists featured in this book that were just too dark for me, and in fact, I think several are certifiable psychopaths And I was a little disheartened that the photos included of the very few women interviewed featured them in various stages of undress My favorite interviews were with Andrew W.K., Johnette Napolitano, Carla Bozulich, Rockets Redglare, Patton Oswald, and Lydia Lunch And a really creepy footnote there is a photo of the author at the end of the book, taken 1997, in which he s wearing a t shirt with a swastika on it Couple that fact with the fact that there are next to no people of color interviewed in this book and things get even creepier Read at your own risk. Midnight Mavericks by Gene Gregorits Reports from the underground www.fabpress.com This book covers a lot of the artists covered in the No Wave book but this time it is in the form of in depth interviews from Gene s fanzine days with Sex Guts.Gene s basic mission is to interview all his heroes be they musicians like Steve Wynn and Chris D or cartoonists like Stephen R Bissette or Mike Diana or actors and directors like Rockets Redglare or Abel Ferrara, Gene likes to try to get to the nitty gritty and does a lot of the time in speaking to several of the last people to see Sid and Nancy alive you get a good idea of how screwed that whole scene was Gene manages to talk to Jamie Hince of The Kills before notoriety shot him to tabloid infamy as Kate Moss current boyfriend and the Cd that comes with the book has rare and unreleased stuff on it by among others The Kills, Steve Wynn, Sturges Nikides, Lydia Lunch and The Flesheaters which makes this a great book to find if you have an interest in any of these artists oh and it is already changing hands online for serious money for a book that only came out in 2007 well worth seeking out a copy. Some pretty good interviews in here Best stuff are the introductions But the interview where GG and Lydia Lunch take on John Waters weren t too hot.