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An organized view of finding, forming, and maintaining a coven This was most helpful for moving forward when I was on the fence about staying solitary or going with a group. `Download Pdf ↼ Witch's Coven: Finding or Forming Your Own Circle (Llewellyn's Modern Witchcraft) ⇵ Unlike Some Other Religions, Witchcraft Or Wicca Does Not Proselytize Or Recruit Most People Learn About The Craft Through Books Or Friends Now You Can Discover What It Is Like To Be In A Witches Coven The Secrets, The Methods, The Joys When You Read The Witches Coven By Edain McCoy Sometimes It S Just Necessary To Have Everything In Front Of You And, When It Comes To Joining, Forming, Or Participating In A Coven, The Witches Coven Has It All This Book Is Designed For Three Types Of People Those Who Want To Join A Coven The Witches Coven Reveals What It S Like, What Goes On, And What To Expect When You Read This Book You Will Be Fully Prepared To Find A Coven That Fits Your Needs And Apply For Admission Those Who Want To Form A Coven The Witches Coven Shows You Just What It Takes To Start A Coven And Get It Running You Ll Learn About The Practices And Techniques Necessary To Have Your Coven Grow Those Who Are Part Of A Coven Often, To Make The Coven Experience Even Better, It Is Necessary To Come Up With Fresh Ideas For Approaching Things The Witches Coven Shares Methods For Making Your Coven Even Better If You Are Interested In Witchcraft, This Book Is A Must