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#Free E-pub ë Mondo Mandingo Ä In , The Novel Mandingo Stunned Readers With Its Lurid, Unforgettable Tale Of Falconhurst A Pre Civil War Slave Breeding Plantation Where Unspeakable Acts Of Sex And Brutality Took Place Everyday Between The Masters And Slaves Over The Next Three Decades, Mandingo Sold Millions Of Copies Worldwide And Spawned Thirteen Official Sequel Books As Well As Dozens Of Paperback Imitators The Big Budget Movie Version Of Was One Of The Biggest Hits Of The Year, As Well As One Of The Most Reviled Films Of All Time Now, For The First Time, The Complete History Of The Bizarre Mandingo Phenomenon Is Told, Including The Life Of The Eccentric Author Kyle Onstott And The Scandalous True Stories That Inspired Him The Two Writers Who Continued The Falconhurst Series And The Background Of The Disastrous Broadway AdaptationAlso Covered Extensively Including Deleted Scenes And Alternate Cuts Is The Making Of The Mandingo Film And The Production Of The Sequel, Drum, As Well As Several Other Slavesploitation And Spaghetti Mandingo Movies Mondo Mandingo The Falconhurst Books And Films Is Exhaustively Researched And Contains Dozens Of Rare Illustrations And Photographs Plus Exclusive, Candid Interviews With Director Richard Fleischer, Actor Ken Norton, And Many Others Wouldn t go over very well today.Hey paula dean..you can have your copy back. I ve never seen MANDINGO, and I m certainly no fan of slavesploitation movies, but I thoroughly enjoyed MONDO MANDINGO THE FALCONHURST BOOKS AND FILMS, the latest behind the scenes of movie making book by Paul Talbot, author of the excellent Bronson s Loose The Making of the Death Wish Films But what makes this book so special is that it s than just a look at the making of a particular film Talbot explores the entire Falconhurst saga, starting with the story behind the writing, publication and worldwide success of Kyle Onstott s lurid and controversial 1957 novel MANDINGO and its many sequels over the next two decadesand the two movies based on the books But it s the books that, to be honest, interested me most because one of my favorite authors, Harry Whittington, wrote many of the later FALCONHURST novels under the pseudonym Ashley Carter MONDO MANDINGO is worth the purchase price just for the publishing end of the storybut you also get the exhaustively detailed examinations of the stage and screen versions of the FALCONHURST novels as well The book is jam packed with interviews and intriguing details I don t have any interest in reading the FALCONHURST books, or seeing the movies, but I have a strong interest in novel writing, publishing, screenwriting and movie makingand on that level, the book is fascinating and informativeand, like the FALCONHURST books, a little lurid too If MONDO MANDINGO has a fault, at least for people who aren t diehard FALCONHURST fans, it s all the details on how the books continue, or don t continue, the various plots strands and character relationships It becomes a dizzying and confusing mess and, frankly, I just skipped right past all of that minutae to the business stuff and the compelling stories of the authors, their heirs, and the fighting over the underlying rights to the property MONDO MANDINGO is a fascinating and entertaining look behind the scenes of the business, politics and realities of both the publishing and movie making businessesbut than that, I found the relationships and machinations of the colorful, eccentric, back stabbing, creative, and sometimes very shrewd authors, producers, screenwriters, directors, publishers, and the families every bit as complex, interesting, shocking and entertaining as anything you might find in a Falconhurst novel Talbot has written another remarkable and exhaustive examination of a cult classic and all its various iterations I can t wait to see what he tackles next. Wow, definitley need to order this from Borders.