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I was pleasantly surprised finding this read in the library Very interesting and had several surprises throughout the story. #Read Pdf î Illegal Affairs ê In The Heart Of Texas, Monroe University Law School S Newest Recruits Have It Allbut In Shelia Dansby Harvey S Sexy, Explosive Debut Novel, That Might Be Too MuchBeautiful And Kind Yet Fiery And Passionate When It Counts Callie Stephens Has A New Career Track, A New Best Friend, And A New Love Finally The Void Left By Her Father S Mysterious Death Is Being Filled, But Life Has A Few New Twists In StoreSmart, Successful Seductress Raven Holloway Has That Intangible Thang Everyone In Town Has Noticed Including A Very Powerful, Very Married, Texas Senator Raven S Used To Going For It All, But This Time She May Be Going Too FarAspiring Lawyer And Ex Pro Football Player Omar Faxton Is A Freeloading Womanizer Then He Meets Callie Now He S Torn Between Two Loves His Real Life Woman And The Insatiable Greed That S Fueled Every Relationship He S Ever Had Including The One Callie Doesn T Know AboutTall, Dark, And Intense, Keith Dawson Is Trying To Put His Life Back Together After Some Serious Screw Ups But When He Finds Himself Irresistibly Attracted To His Friend Omar S Girl, He Wonders If He S Just Rotten To The CoreMeanwhile, As A White Student At Monroe, Bret Milstead Is In The Minority For The First Time And When He Finds Himself Falling For A Black Classmate, He Ll Have To Choose Between Convention And Uncharted Waters Dictated By Love This book was somewhat predictable Classy federal officer meets convict on the run They hook up in the best worst way, and so the tug of war begins She wonders do I throw away a career I ve worked so hard for because I didn t look before I leapt into bed with a felon.He debates whether or not to do the right thing for a woman he has fallen so hard for.She breaks the rules so does he They eventually meet again, and all is right with the world.Predicatable but a good, quick read. I got this book from the dollar tree and it caught my eye The storyline for this book was amazing I wish the ending was better because it just ended abruptly Something I randomly grabbed off the shelf after I saw a mention of a white college student falling unexpectedly in love with a black one.That subplot turned out to be so minor that I wonder why the author bothered to put it in, since she couldn t do the characters any justice Their romance, and the entire book, felt like the author was going through a checklist of plot points, with no feeling being put in to liven it up In any case, the white guy was such a racist, I didn t feel like enjoying his story.Of the remaining four main characters, two were high strung, vindictive, backstabbing, disgusting ho bags, one was the perfect girl who is the star law student and yet still was a total doormat for her ho baggish evil roommate and ho baggish evil boyfriend, and the other was the perfect male with the requisite number of flaws that are there for window dressing.It was a real pain to read, and not one of the major characters appealed to me. I really liked it It started off a little rough, took the author awhile to find her stride, but it was a quick read The characters were all well written and each had their own voice I especially liked and hated Omar s voice His person was well thought out and it appeared that the author did her homework on narcissistic personalities, Raven also I was mainly intrigued with how well she represented the law school experience Mainly to compare with my own At times I felt like I was back in class Lol Looking forward to finishing this series Makes me want to finish writing my own novel