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Ours is not a world of subtlety The common man will see what we fight just as they will undoubtedly bear witness to the war we wage Skinners are human, which means we cannot control all that is seen or whispered about while we go about our tasks We are mortal, which means we have no time to waste in educating the masses on what it is that stalks them.The uninitiated, either through choice or necessity, are ignorant.Too sheltered to know Too stubborn to learn.That is how they must remain Lancroft s journal, written in 1851There is absolutely nothing subtle about this book The reader is thrust into a dark, gritty world from the minute the first page is turned, and that pace doesn t let up until the final word on the final page Even then you might find yourself thinking back to the Skinners, or Paige, or Cole I know I did Without any spoilers I can only say that the book ends with a cliffhanger and I am seriously impatient for the next book However, if you are unfamiliar with this series you might start out feeling a bit lost as events seem to pick up right where they left off and it does take awhile to settle into the particulars I m not sure that I d agree with the front cover quote that essentially says that Twilight fans will like this series I mean, they could but the books are total opposites in almost every way that counts Paige would eat Bella for breakfast, Cole would kick Edward s ass without breaking a sweat, and romantic angst isn t exactly a Skinners theme But that s just me.Fans of urban fantasy will love this book I d say the closest comparison would maybe be the Dark Days series from Jocelynn Drake, which I also love The Skinners world is dark, full of terrifying evil, and to say it is a dangerous place would be an understatement The main characters are strong and capable, ready to tackle anything that comes their way, although I predict that Paige and Cole will soon be facing some tough choices Book 5, The Breaking, can t come soon enough for me I think the date is June 2011 Reviewed by Anna Dougherty for Bite Club This book was given to me by the publishers for review purposes. (((FREE BOOK))) ⇟ Vampire Uprising ↷ Pelegrimas Has Done The Impossible Come Up With A Fresh And Exciting Twist On Vampire Lore Ed Gorman, New York Times Bestselling Co Author Of Dean Koontz S Frankenstein City Of Night Twilight Fans Hungering For Vampire Werewolf Drama Can Look Forward To Skinners USA TodayIn Vampire Uprising, The Fourth Blood Curdling Excursion Into The Skinners Universe, Author Marcus Pelegrimas Pulls Out All The Stops Blood Flows, Long Hidden Secrets Are Revealed And Purest Evil Walks The Earth Once Aficionados Of The Dark Fantasy Novels Of Jim Butcher, Gamers Hooked On Halo, Graphic Novel Readers, And Moviegoers Who Like To Sit In The Dark And Immerse Themselves In The Bloody Doings Of Blade And Saw Will Love The Dark World Pelegrimas Conjures Up In Vampire Uprising Hu Fricking Zah So glad to be back to this series Really manages to remind me about what a great book can be too long now have I been trawling average books, it s about time I returned to something of this quality Sure, it may never okay, will never achieve awards for perfect prose or appeal to the masses, but it is a great book in that it entertains you Completely The characters carrying on are so well developed and enjoyable that they have taken on real persona s for me, and my emotional attachment towards them has grown steadily the I read I think that the way that Cole is developing is great, and the surprise twist even so, and especially love the fact that he is not born to this, is not destined for anything, is not THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD UPON WHOM THE FATE OF MANKIND RESTS No, he is a normal joe who has stumbled across a mad world, and it doing the best he can adapt and survive As for the plot Fun It is non stop action, and whilst at first I was wary of the delve into Paiges past I soon warmed to it and saw the up side to it something I don t usually do with, what are essentially, flashbacks Having said that though, I found the interludes with the Full bloods to be pretty dull and slow moving and found myself eager to finish them and return to Cole et al Which I suppose can be taken as both a good and a bad way you chose As I said before, this is not going to be winning any awards for it s literary prose, but it should simply on the fact that the writing enables such a great story to take place without any distraction or mistep some of the best writing is the writing that you don t even notice, you just read Anyway, should you read this Definitely Have Fun Reading. Completely torn Although there were parts of this book that I absolutely loved, there were parts that I really could have done without I m of the same opinion as Cole Why on earth do I need to know all of that garbage when a simple mention of a personal and nasty history would have sufficed And honestly, it s those parts of the book that prevent me from giving this one five stars Throughout this series I have seen Paige as being dangerously impulsive and unthinking, but this installment has also made it clear that she is also selfish and cruel. Another fabulous book by MP Too bad we have to wait for the next one, ARGH Lots of unanswered questions and things that happened that made me go holy crap Cole definitely kicked butt in this one Now, after what happened to him, I m not sure what he is exactly Plus this thing with Paige and the fact her old college buddy is looking for her Wow I really liked this book This is the first book in this series that I have read and I HAVE to get my hands on the others Marcus is a talented writer who has the ability to blow a readers mind He s a category all his own Vampire lovers, this is a MUST read Go get it now Do it. More betrayals and machinations and mayhem mostly meh I know there are books in the series, but the storyline is dragging and I ve lost interest in the characters, so I doubt I will read any of the books. I don t know if I didn t like this book because it was my mechanic or office visit book so I didn t get back to it enough, but it just didn t grab me. 4 1 2 stars. The first three of this series were OK but the author has finally hit his stride with this one All out war with some very dangerous monsters and less than moral hunters of the evil.