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!Ebook ⚕ An Agreement Among Gentlemen ♌ Edward Munrow Has Had A Change In Circumstances Going From Being A Gentleman Of Few Means To Being A Wealthy Land Owner In Less Than A Day Is Difficult Enough To Imagine, But Being Blackmailed Into A Marriage He Doesn T Want By A Duke Is Just Too Much Ned Agrees To The Marriage To Keep His Name Out Of The Scandal Sheets, And Soon Enough He Is Meeting Lady Jane, A Member Of The Duke S Family, And Her Son, Henri, The Viscount Langton Langton Is A Delightful Surprise For Ned, A Young Man Just Coming Into His Own, Ripe For The Sorts Of Debauchery Ned Is Best At The Problem Is That Langton Brings Out All Of Ned S Protective Instincts, And That, Along With A Warning That The Duke Will Ruin Him If He So Much As Lays A Hand On The Young Man Has Him Keeping His Hands To Himself Until Henri Won T Let Ned Protect Him From Himself, That Is Add One Of Ned S Old Lovers To The Mix And The Combination Is Unbeatable This Victorian Romp Has It All, From Family Intrigue To Marriages Of Convenience And Naughty Fun Between The Sheets Take It To Bed With You Today A Unique Historical Love Affair The intriguing relationship between Ned Munroe, Viscount Langton Christopher Truitt A historical tale of a surprise extravaganza gift, blackmail, planned revenge, discovered sexual appetites and love I enjoyed the MCs, side characters and good storytelling This is a hidden gem Although, the editing could be better. I ve been in somewhat of a slump since June and it s making me a bit crazy I m unsure if it s just me picking the wrong books or if I m just sick of books period I m hoping that s not the case but I m beginning to wonder With that said, this book was started in June and took me nearly two full months to finish I d pick it up, read a few pages and put it down again Thus, this review and my memory is not to be trusted.The main problem here was the fact that I had some issues with the main guy Edward Munrow and it tainted everything and made the story difficult to enjoy He was spoiled and admittedly a lazabout, mooching off the family funds and his brother and bitching and moaning about his lot in life Oh woe is me I don t like lazy, good fer nothings in real life and can barely tolerate them in books unless they re exceptionally charming and this guy wasn t exactly my idea of charming He s drinking and partying and enjoying the high class life when lo and behold he inherits a large estate What luck, eh Why can t someone drop a mansion on me But there s a catch He must secure a wife and an heir in order to keep it and he d be a real fool not to keep it He prefers men and enjoys his freedom so he s not at all happy about this turn of events I can t blame him for that, really He is then blackmailed into marrying a woman with a handsome grown son The son spends the summer getting to know our lucky protagonist Edward who lusts after him and awakens him to pleasures of the flesh this part did manage to grab my attention, can you believe Edward calls him his little lamb which is fitting considering his innocence and willingness to follow Edward s lead and it leads him to some seriously sexy times.This was a sensual, sexy book with a decently done three way lust story but it didn t grab me emotionally in any way which was disappointing There were no deep emotional connections developed here despite the love declarations and I truly wish I could have seen the world through the little lambies eyes as well I felt cheated out of some scenes that I was anticipating and am sure I missed something that would have changed my world I feel like a meanie because everyone seems to adore this story but I just wasn t feeling it for the most part. I didn t enjoy reading this that much Maybe I m being unfair, this type of book no longer appeals much to me after all but I had hopes it might surprise me The main character also didn t win me over. I am under the stress of my work so I decided to read something easy and what can be called light literature I picked it up for several reasons The first one was the plot set in the Victorian age, the second it was gay themed and the third it was an ebook so I could read it in my cellphone The plot was narrow and without any surprise as it was supposed to be The main hero and narrator of the story Edward Munrow lived easy life of very rich commoner who had special hobby which was practitioned in perfectly safe club One of his friend wealthy aristocrat with perfect young lover not our Eddie decided to pursue his alternative life style without any burden of the realty and he gave his estate and lands to our Eddie Eward Munrow learnt that his father and his benefactor were once lovers so you can have an idea about the reason of such act The estate was perfect as the upcoming life for Edward However Edward became suddenly target of blackmailing Very poor Duke stuck to the chin in to the debts with deadly illness decided to secure his kin future by the marriage Lady Jane is supposed to get secured future for herself and her son, Henri, the Viscount Langton The catch was easy since Duke pointed that our Eddie was deep in the gay underground and he had several letters about his hobby Edward agreed, but he was furious about it But the torment went deep He was supposed to take care about the young Viscount who was ripe to rape and to be debauched The duke of course set warning about not touching the young man, but it was just for the sake of the plot Edward was determinated to spoil the boy and make him his personal whore, however he was honorable man and the boy proved himself as intelligent and gentle companion Langton was nicknamed lamb by Munrow s friends and as a lamb he was cleans as a snow The old Eddie s lover handsome Truit, who is dearest pet and very naughty too, encourages Eddie to pursue lamb The lamb was in love, Edward was in love with his lamb and his pet and all lived happily ever after The evil duke was shut up with lady Jane who befriended Eddie their wedding night was one of the most funniest thing in the book and they became fine friends during it , and her son added the final stroked by confession about his illicit relationship with Munrow The duke died by natural causes, and young duke Henri had happy go lucky family The end. 3.5 stars.I read the first half of the book with a bit of irritation The main character, Edward, is given an estate and riches by a good friend of his view spoiler he was Edward s father ex lover hide spoiler This is a fun, hot, irreverent historical mmm menage story I have not been terribly fond of the four or five other Chris Owen stories I ve read and I actually thought that the menage scenes in Gemini bordered on unimaginative and boring but I had fun with this one The sex was varied and enthusiastic and sensual, the characters had spark and individuality, and the plot what there was of it was entertaining and didn t take itself too seriously I was also impressed with the sweetness of the relationships between all three MCs, which showed through both in the bedroom and stairway, and restaurant, and carriage, and and also in their non sexual lives.For folks who want to dip their toes into the very shallow end of the BDSM pond, this might be a good book to try Most of the sex scenes have no BDSM elements, and the few times BD principles do appear they are very mild and also very caring and warm hearted There are a few references to stronger BDSM off stage, and there s some voyeurism and exhibitionism in addition, but there s nothing that anyone should find especially triggering or boundary pushing Oh, and there s one very mild scene that almost has girly bits Almost My two quibbles with the book were that 1 if you thought about how the main characters were affecting all the other people in their lives, those MCs could end up looking quite cynical and jaded and even callous The only characters in the whole book who really acted purely out of love were Barrett the original manor owner who gives all his property to Edward , and possibly Truitt one of the three MCs , who has no reason to marry anyway Everyone else is being forced to act, or is acting in various ways out of self interest Nevertheless, Owen does a good job of showing us how society and financial concerns could force the characters to be acting in these ways.2 much of the plot was unrealistic and overly convenient Readers need to keep in mind that the book really is properly characterized as a romp , so that we don t think too intently about the details.I can t quite make myself give this a full 4 stars, although perhaps I should I m happy to rate it at something like 3.7, though, and round it up from there. Um don t read this book on the train is all I ll say Not a rivetting read by any stretch of the imagination, but it had an all male three way relationship so I can t complain It was a nice enough read, so long as you don t, as previously mentioned, read the porny bits on the train Luckily the surrounding people were Japanese and hopefully their English wasn t good enough to read over my shoulder They might have had a shock XD First Impressions I liked it There were many things to like ticks off Characters, the writing, the readability, and RED HOT SEX I ll say this upfront that Owen makes me jealous as his her sex scenes are everything that I like to read, sensuous and steaming without being coarse in any way I did have a few problems with it, however.Characters In the main I did like the characters I liked the rather juvenile behaviour of Edward and Griffith his man is just uproariously brilliant I know I ve complained about some historical fiction being Everyone s gay and Everyone s OK about it before, now officially known, in this blog as OKHOMO but I couldn t complain about it here Edward DOES take steps to limit the danger from the outside world, as well as he can, at least, and Griffith, as I ve said, is a comedy turn well worth the money of the book on its own He verbally bitch slaps Edward at one point, and his digs and asides about his master s behaviour whilst still managing to be a servant and not a friend or lover had me chortling.I particularly liked that Langton was a lamb with teeth e.g that he had his own thoughts and ideas and I preferred him at the beginnng of the book, he got a bit too pliant towards the end, and became a Truitt clone However I couldn t imagine that any aristocrat if I m to take this as being 1840 and within living memory of the Napoleonic wars would call their son Henri That jarred me a little.I liked Truitt a lot too, it s sometimes difficult to discern the lines between characters in a menage a trois fic, but Owen manages to keep all the characters with their own personalities.Setting I have to make a point here, because I ve read a few stories recently that have the same problem when I read an historical book I like to know when it s set.The back of the book says AAAG is a Victorian Romp but I was completely confused there was nothing to anchor me in the Victorian Age and if it hadn t said that on the back, I d have assumed it was Georgian The characters travel from Berkshire to London by carriage, so I can only assume it was right at the beginning of the Victorian era as the Great Western Railway was up and running by 1841.I think it s a case of the writers knowing their books too well and not actually sitting back and looking objectively at them and asking themself will the reader get the era There s no need to info dump or do As you know, Bob dialogueIt s easy enough to ease the reader into a sense of time and I for one feel unanchored without it But perhaps it s just me.anyway it s a minor niggle and one that probably wouldn t annoy 99 percent of readers.The main problem that I had with the book is that it didn t really have much of a plot That didn t detract from my enjoyment of the whole sexy romp as a whole, but it had me wondering when something would happen.Chekov said One must not put a loaded rifle on the stage if no one is thinking of firing it ,and Owen sets up a conflict device in the very early stages of the book, but simply never follows through with it I was waiting for that gun to go off, for the conflict to kick in, but it just never happened Things just went from good to better to sublime for the characters, and in the end I couldn t help but think that it was only all about the sex.Writing The writing was nicely balanced, a feel of the time, with a narrative voice that sounded and felt right, and excellent descriptive text Owen writes quite cinematically if you know what I mean, and the surroundings and other characters are so well described without being at all heavy handed, that I could imagine what I was reading very easily There were one or two minor Americanisms and one or two editing flutters but utterly minor.If you like a nice uncomplicated love story with a lot of very well written sex then you ll enjoy this If Owen were to write another gay historicals I would certainly buy it without hesitation, but I hope that there s emphasis on plot and conflict next time. Probably the best historical m m I ve read so far I thought some of the issues were handled very well, from marriages to dealing with servants And the smexin was just so hot