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More good stuff from the Finns on Luther However, the translation is awful due to the ridiculous lengths the translator went through to make it gender neutral For example No one can love God unless God makes Godself known to the human being in the most lovable and intimate fashion And God can make Godself known only through the works of God that God reveals in us p 78. If you haven t read any of the Finnish Lutherans on the theology of Luther, this should be on your to read list Very helpful critique of the standard traditional understanding of Luther The book feels like it has been translated, but it is not a problem There are lots of substantial quotes of Luther It is not a light and easy read, but it is an important and helpful one. [ DOWNLOAD ] ♸ Two Kinds of Love ♦ Published In Finland In , Two Kinds Of Love Is The Second Of Tuomo Mannermaa S Provocative Books Offering A Distinctly Different Interpretation Of Martin Luther S Theology The Other, Christ Present In Faith, Was Published By Fortress Press In In Two Kinds Of Love, Mannermaa Unfolds Luther S Understanding Of Love As The Key To The Reformer S Theology Of Grace Human Love Orients Toward That Which Is Lovable To It Toward That Which Is Already Good And Beautiful And, As Such, Comes Into Being Only Through The Prestige And Glory Of The Loved One In Contrast, God S Love, Which Does Not Find But Creates The Lovable In Its Object, Is A Pure Gift Of Grace, Which Makes Possible Our Love For God And For One Another Mannermaa Spearheaded The Finnish Luther Research Project For Than Twenty Years, And Than Any Other Is Responsible For The Unique Perspective On Luther Contributed To Luther Scholarship By The Finnish School Two Kinds Of Love Concludes With An Afterword, Reviewing Finnish Luther Research Since