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Exerpt from the book It s not that She faltered as if she coudn t get the words out It s in here She flattened her hand to the center of her chest I feel so empty So broken like I have a hole inside me that can t be filled Nothing makes it betterits just there And I feel worthless. I absolutely love that Debra Clopton uses humor in her books along with romance, spirituality, family, community and sometimes quirky animals In this book, it was time for the younger Turner brothers to payback Wyatt for setting them up with their loves The myriad of emotions that are experienced as a result of being physically injured and trying to recover were covered well along with the situation that helped Wyatt to turn around his thinking Another must read. This story focuses on Wyatt, the oldest Turner brother Recovering from a plane crash, he has returned to Mule Hollow to recuperate As part of the recuperation plan, he needs to hire a physical therapist What he doesn t expect is to have a young, beautiful PT show up Amanda is desperate for a change Running away from her problems seems like the best plan of action right now She needs time and space to reconcile everything that has happened in her life As the two of them clash and secrets are probed and revealed, their attraction to each other grows But, can they survive as a couple once Amanda s ultimate secret is revealed Once Wyatt knows the full scope of her past What follows is a sweet, tender, and sometimes heart wrenching story of two people who need each other Wyatt needs a strong female who is willing to stand up to him and tell him what he needs to hear Amanda needs someone who will accept her as is, flaws and all I loved the tender way the town embraced each of them as well as the Biblical lessons and examples Note, trigger warnings for those who are dealing with infertility or complete barrenness Romance PG kissesLanguage cleanViolence reference to plane crash and jogging accidentMy rating 5 stars Wyatt is one hurting puppy, that s for sure After a plane accident that left him lucky to be alive, he feels helpless, frustrated and in pain Enter Amanda who has survived her own harrowing accident.she now helps others with her physical therapy skills but is grieving and hurting at what life has thrown her Sparks fly as these two survivors make new meaning of their lives and their faith.and fall in love in the process. I liked this book with its memorable heroine I also like the man who appreciated her, accepted her, and wanted her in his life. Complete Me, Cowboy is the third book in the Turner Creek Ranch series Amanda is a physical therapist that is sent to Mule Hollow to help rehab a resident After an accident, Wyatt is left unable to walk and is relying on PT to help him When Amanda shows up, he thinks someone is playing a practical joke on him and sends her away His brothers rehire her, and as they work together, they become closer Past hurts are revealed, and they both find themselves healing I really enjoyed this story. Title COWBOY FOR KEEPSAuthor Debra CloptonPublisher Love InspiredJune 2010ISBN 978 0 373 87603 7Genre Inspirational contemporary romanceAmanda Hathaway is a physical therapist She used to work with children and teenagers until her fianc dumped her and then she wanted a change of scenery to heal Her boss sent her on a three month assignment to Mule Hollow, Texas, with some reluctance to work with a rancher who was in a plane wreck Wyatt Tucker also works as a lawyer in addition to ranching and he is not at all impressed with the tiny girl who got out of the car claiming to be a physical therapist He thinks that he is a victim of a practical joke, and angrily sends her away Then his brothers find out, assure him that she is the real thing, and chase after her to bring her back Wyatt is still not real impressed with the therapist, especially when she comes out of the trailer while wild hogs were rooting around outside From the beginning sparks fly Will Amanda be able to help Wyatt walk again I have read almost all of Debra Clopton s books I might have missed two or three and this one is kind of a spin off of Ms Cloptons original Mule Hollow series COWBOY FOR KEEPS is the first book in her new Men of Mule Hollow series I have had some experience with physical therapists and found that Amanda didn t act at all like the therapists I m familiar with She was nervous, unsure, and seemed to focuson massages than on exercises But this is a romance, and I concur that the romance is the main thing, not the accuracy of her job Amanda is an amazing woman who overcame great obstacles to get her degree as a physical therapist, and Wyatt is a workaholic who can t or won t stop work for anything not even therapy Still it is an easy read, and it was nice to revisit with some of the quirky characters from previous books Discussion questions are included at the end of the book 5.50 213 pages. Cowby for Keeps is the second book in Debra Clopton s Men of Mule Hollow series Amanda Hathaway is a physical therapist and is in need of a change of scenery But she never expected to encounter Wyatt Tucker He s opinionated and down right stubborn But will Amanda help him see her in a different light Men of Mule Hollow is there anythingyummy sounding Love this town, and love every single book in this series I appreciate learning just how important it is to know we re all made exactly as God wants us to be `Free ⇭ Cowboy for Keeps ↵ Rancher And Lawyer Wyatt Turner Found Both His Younger Brothers Their Wives Now, They Re Sneakily Trying To Repay The Favor With The Wrong Woman Amanda Hathaway Is A Too Young And Bubbly Physical Therapist And, Yes, Wyatt Is Her Too Stubborn, Too Bossy Patient Recuperating From A Plane Crash Yet When Amanda Shares Some Of Her Own Invisible Wounds, Including The Loss Of Her Dream Of Having Children, Wyatt Realizes He Doesn T Know Everything But He Knows He Wants Amanda, For Keeps