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No one can better describe Russell Brand, than Russell Brand himself So I ll just go ahead and use his words In his first book, he was a tentative little worm in distressed T shirt and pumps , and in this book he was a spiky, lacquered Jack Frost sex sprite In other words, in the first one, he washimself, and in this one he was just a product of the industry He was trying too hard to sound funny instead of just being himself which is farhilarious The book felt like it was almost trying to be delivered inof a novel style rather than as an autobiography which I think sapped all the essence of what made the first book so good I find the title, This Time It s Personal , very ironic because it couldn t be farther from the truth My Booky Wook the first one was a deeply personal and revealing autobiography, whereas this one felt very closed off and just boring. As advertised, this is the second memoir Russell Brand has released, and he speaks to the evolutionary trajectory here Booky Wook 1 had the huge advantage of being the tale of a man with a troubled childhood behaving badly as a result of crack and heroin addiction, this book differs because the drugs and childhood are gone but the madness remains Well this, I m afraid, is the way with addiction you must know an alcoholic or a junky we re all like it we re nuts Getting off drugs is just the first part, after that you ve got to learn to use a brain that s previously only been employed as a filter for chemicals Expecting good moral conduct from a junky is like expecting a clockwork mouse to cry biscuits Stupid. While I m not sure he s thought that idea completely through, it is true that Russell s conduct has landed him in hot water on occasion and recounting those troubles is what makes up the majority of material in his books He s honest, if slightly defensive, with these recollections And that s part of the draw The inner conflict is clear The rest of it, expectedly, is the humor.On the untransferable nature of his British popularityI d organized my entire personality around fame, not to mention my physical appearance my haircut for heaven s sake Without fame my whole persona doesn t make sense Without fame my haircut just looks like mental illness So once me and Nik landed in LAX, I was no longer an edgy comic with a bright future I was just another lunatic with access to strong hairspray Brand is an observant guy His comedy is well reasoned When he points out that the Jonas Brothers touting of their virginity is, in fact, calling attention to their sexuality, he s right Where he shoots himself in the foot is failing to include his reasoning onstage, in the set up of his jokes One suspects, very much like the addict, he s so intent on the rush of the laugh that he barrels toward it sacrificing the craft for the high.And then, of course, he pays for it.So, Russellstill a work in progress A bit shy in the courage department, but I do believe we re getting there. @Download Pdf Ó Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal ß So Begins Russell Brand S Electrifying Memoir Of His Rapid Ascent Into The Upper Realms Of Fame Rarely Has A Sequel Delivered On The Promise Of The Original With Such Literary And Comic Gusto In My Booky WookThis Time It S Personal , Russell Brand Takes Off Where His International Best Seller My Booky Wook Left Off Brand Is Sober And, After Dedicating His Life And Compromising His Sanity In The Pursuit Of Fame, He Has Had His First Taste Of National Notoriety Does Fame Bring Happiness And Inner Peace Not Exactly, But It Does Mean A Lot Of Sex It Also Ushers In An Unforgettable And Raucous Ride Through Chat Shows, Tabloid Scandals, And Hollywood, All The While Detailing Brand S Search For The Contentment That Fame Can T Quite Grant My Booky WookIs A Celebrity Memoir Unlike Any You Ve Read Before Clever And Inventive Than Ever, Russell Brand Explores The Consequences Of Massive Stardom Just As He Demonstrates The Power Of Language And Wit To Make Sense Of It All I can t tell if this book y wook is inferior to the the first autobiography written by Russell Brand, or if I m just getting older As a teenager, I was an avid follower of Russell I watched him on Big Brother, downloaded his podcast every week and went to one of his live shows, but now I can t help but feel unimpressed with some of his tales of womanising His jokes frequently fell a little flat, and I found it hard to sympathise with him.Sorry Russell I suspect it s me, not you. Much like the first book, but i was still shocked at several parts in the book Drinking breast milk, really I don t know, I m a fan of Brand, but I don t think it was necessary to split a biography into two Especially since it took a while for me to get reacquainted with the characters in his life Prob should have had a little meet and greet in the beginning of this book or something, rather just picking up where the first book left off and assuming everyone had A read the first book and B remembered everything and everyone Took longer than it should have for me to get into this book, especially since his style of humor and writing really are entertaining I just can t get into a book if I have to sit and play catch up one of the reasons I like Stephen King s Dark Tower series is for his recaps in the beginning of each new installment, minus the sixth for some odd reason.One of the parts that I did like was his account of the 2008 MTV VMAs, and the utter failure of his humor being accepted right off the bat in America Those death threat emails so thoroughly analyzed in this book were actually a lot of fun to read Even though they really just serve to show the world how violent and self righteous American citizens are Of course, that s a topic better left for political blogs Or at least, from a separate post than a discussion of a comedian s memoir.As much as I appreciated the fact thatof this biography was relevant to me, an American with little access to Brand s earlier work in Britain, I feel like this was just an effort to make a little bitmoney off the hype surrounding his first Booky Wook Less entertaining than the first one, it almost felt like a chore to read.I have to say though, I thought the ending, all about Katy Perry, was pretty sweet Even if they re getting divorced and he was apparently a jerk to her anyway, it s good to see love in action Cheesy and lame and a little too romantic for my tastes, but there you have it Everyone just wants to be loved Sidenote the psychologist in me really enjoyed the intense relationship with his mother, and the not so close bond with his father, and his countless sexcapades throughout his life Both to impress daddy and make him proud, and to feel some attachment, even somewhat close to what he feels to his mother although clearly a different relationship than mother son I really am a nerd for once again bringing psychology into my recreational reading.So anyway, my final thoughts I was still entertained by Brand, but this felt a littlelike required reading to me Plus it was so similar to his first Booky Wook, it got kind of monotonous and boring Which is something I never thought I d say about Russell Brand, especially after reading his first book I recommend it, but take your time reading it or you ll feel forced to read it which makes it less fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Booky Wook I don t know how to really describe the change in tone of this one Maybe Russell just goti don t knowgrosser His womanizing becomes less charming when he isn t sat telling the anecdotes on a talk show Now he s married and while I was really looking forward to some loquacious and flowery description of his true love and the end of his womanising ways, it was kind of eh Well anyway he had some really great sentences here To wit For a torturous ten stretch I hobbled through a steel and glass Hogarthian London with bandaged hands and bare feet, a destitute vagabond, and all the while within my ragged heart and agonised orb of white light hummed and sough its purpose Overall entertaining butwell, kinda gross. Not quite as good as My Booky Wook , although maybe my view of it has been colored by too much information on Brand.He just doesn t come off as wonderfully as he did on the firstwhich i suppose is a bit odd considering the first one dealt with his descent into various types of addiction On this one we get to see how he deals with women and with some of his friendsjust because you say Wasn t i naughty doesn t excuse your behavior It became a bit tiring after a while.It also suffered a bit from repetition although not the literal kind within the book But if you ve seen one of his comedy shows or have ever turned on the internets, you d already have known half of the stories mentioned in this book There were parts of the book where I found myself correctly guessing exactly what was coming up next Sometimes word for word I am by no means a scholar of Russell, having only seen him live twice, yet I could ve dictated half this book I wish he d hadstories, newer stories to write about, rather than just almost literally at times, jot down anecdotes he s told verbatim in his stand up.Having said that, if you ve only just heard of Russell Brand, then this would be a pretty great book to pick upbut if you can only get your hands on ONE Brand memoir, make it the first one o Russell we miss you, how about you come visit earth once and a while Yeah, i know that may have been harsh, but it s a shame I ve been a fan of Russell for the last couple of years and i ve been waiting for a 2nd book from him for a while, but i ve lost some faith.All i can say, to keep things short and bitter sweet, Booky Wook classic was farcharming The pacing, the writing style, the constant exaggeration of any one word when any simple word would fit perfectly This book is a mess, he fills in every gap pointlessly For only being an update on a previous book you would think there would be less mess The sad story here is with the complete exaggeration on even the most simplest of things you feel like you are being battered with words, that you then begin to wonder if even Russell himself knows what he s saying The refernces to his childhood and old friends Matt Morgan were rather good and you felt what he was trying to get across to you There is a lack of the present day Russell Present day Brand is almost non existent and what he s put in about his life now was just annoying I really felt myself longing for the scruffy English Russell not glam squad Hollywood It s a shame, that s all i can say This book could have been so much . This ended up being a super depressing read I really enjoyed My Booky Wook the first and was looking forward to , but he wrote this pre divorce and it was so so sad at the end.Brand is really smart and I enjoy his writing He doesn t have someone else write for him, which I always appreciate in a celebrity memoir His voice is clear, his asides are hilarious and you can feel his personality on every page As in his first book, he isn t trying to clean up his past and make himself look better He knows he was horrible at times and doesn t try to brush it off or blame it on other things Although there are a few times where I feel he has the attitude of This is who I am and I m honest about it, so you can t get mad at me and that doesn t really fly.He s writing about clean and sober times now, so there s a much happier and lighter tone However, his sex addiction is still turned up to eleven and it s sad to see Even though women delight him on all levels, you get the sense early on that he realizes there s somethingthan sex and that he s both bewildered by it and drawn to it.He continues his story about fame and how weird it is He is huge in England and began to get excited about the idea of coming to the States to make movies He steps off the plane and no one knew who he was Although he tried not to let fame change him, it threw him to suddenly be able to walk around and not be mobbed Suddenly he had to audition for a part just like all the other unrecognized actors instead of being welcomed in and asked to relax with tea and biscuits Some of the most interesting and powerful moments Brand writes about revolve around when he s alone He doesn t seem to know who he s supposed to be when it s just him He s always entertaining everyone else and almost everything he does is with the intent so have sex and or make people laugh, so when he s alone it s sad When filming Forgetting Sarah Marshall, he hides in his trailer, petrified to go out and talk to anyone He s in Hawaii, miserable and depressed because he doesn t know how to engage with anyone He attempts to bed Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell but they both had boyfriends, so he retreats back to his trailer and rather quickly goes mad I know I keep saying this, but it s just so sad.Several times when he travels he brings a girlfriend along to keep him company Sometimes he even convinces himself that this girl will help him be good and not sleep around the set He often then sends her home when he realizes there are many other women in the area that he can sleep with He s addicted to sex and his constant stream of women becomesanddepressing to see He has women waiting for him in bed, in the bath, in the kitchen, on the front step, the car, the hotel, the office I get the feeling some people are impressed and jealous of the constant orgasms, but knowing his marriage didn t last and seeing him want to make a genuine connection with a woman really bummed me out.The final few pages are heartbreaking He s met Katy Perry, she s invaded his brain and he writes about how happy he is and amazed that she s in his life Only she s not anyand I wanted to know what went wrong.It s still a great book and I enjoy his writing and comedy, but man I wish I had read this before the divorce. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Booky Wook It was funny, honest and quite charming The second, however, did not deliver in the same way Basically, it is mostly previously told stories in book form Anyone who follows Russell s comedy will know just about every anecdote within this book This is coming from someone who enjoys his interviews and former radio show rather than a fan of the stand up, so I think there may be even less new material for these fans.In his defence, there has been so much media attenion surrounding much of what one would include in an autobiography, that it would be difficult to avoid this, being Russell Brand Nonetheless, it is to be considered For example, I skipped most of the Sachsgate saga, as well as the pages of self quoting.The American tales were mostly what he has talked about in recent interviews so I found myself skimming rather than reading, and we all know how he met Katy Perry.Another reason for my disappointment is that this book was promoted, by Russell, as an account of fame and how it isn t all it s cracked up to be That fame won t make you happy I was looking forward to this But it did not come across strongly at all.Overall, it is not a bad book, it s just that the reason anyone reads an autobiography is to get a revealing account by someone who they enjoy for whatever reason And this Booky Wook just was not at all revealing.