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These are definitely not love stories hahahaha They got me hooked on the shock and awe of the things that happened in these books I wouldn t say I enjoyed the book, because I wanted to take a ball bat to these men the whole time I was reading both of the books in this series and I felt abused and degraded the whole time but I guess that was the point so the writers goal was achieved which goes to say it was well written I just personally prefer a love story in the mix but she is a good writer. I have never been disappointed by Carolyn Faulkner and Triawas another pretty good read This is a post apocalyptic plague story where history kind of repeats it s selfmen in charge and the women are merely property Some good BDSM scenes and lots of spankings lol This is also a second book ,the first is called Primal wich I haven t read yet but I will D FROM ABRIL TO TRIAI will be the first to say this is not a sweet, happy romance Carolyn Faulkner can write some very dark, depraved, sadomasochistic stories that revolve around a dystopian world One where the plague has wiped out so many people, especially in America, and men are in control and women are nothan property to be sold, bought, and used Principal Hoffman is known to have the best females, ones who are well disciplined, are virgins and have the highest rate of childbearing One of his charges, Abril, has reached her twenty fifth year and is going to the Circus to be auctioned off, as is the standard procedure Thomas Ryker is a hired assassin with a reputation for getting the job done He has been waiting for one of Hanson s females, and he is determined to have her, no matter the cost, because he wants a son.To think that woman are endangered, needed for producing children, and should be cared for, they are considered property, and once they are sold to an owner, he may do, use, abuse her, any way he wants, and she has no say or rights, she is owned chattel Abril is renamed Tria by Thomas, who is anything but gentle with her she is spanked, paddled, belted, caned and used in any manner he sees fit She has no choice but to accepts his punishments and would be considered a pain slut Can Tria give Thomas the one thing he wants the most, a son Everything he did only served to inflame his interest in her, where she was writhing in pain or pleasure She couldn t seem to control her body and keep it from falling in love with every cruel, twisted thing he did to it.he liked keeping her off balance like this, making sure she never knew what to expect from him The plot of this erotic horror story is intense and definitely not a comfortable story The cast of characters mainly revolves around Abril Tria and Thomas and their interaction Thomas is a cold and calculated man who thrives on control and inflicting pain, and he does just that to Tria, simply because he can, and he enjoys it The story isthoughts and emotions than conversational dialog The story is the second book in this series but reads as a standalone. Following in the theme of Prima,I read the previous book, Prima which is a hard subject to read about I can only imagine that it is hard to write about this subject matter This one was less thought out and gradual, but still was as hard hitting pun intended as the Prima I am not sure that the characters are meant to be hated or admired in anyway, because they don t actually do anything If the book was supposed to be about a developing relationship between Thomas and Tria, then there was very little emotion to sustain it and because nothing actually happens in these books, there is no redeeming moment in them either They are not the worst books written so they don t deserve the lowest rating but because there is nothing uplifting about this story, it stays at 2 stars for me. This is the second book in the series, but it isn t linked to the first in anyway, other than the post apocalyptic time is the sameWhereas Prima was a young lady who remembered the before time, Tria does not She has been raised specifically for her purpose in life Even she doesn t know what to expect and her Master thrive upon that factWe get to switch between Tria and Thomas viewpoints, it is in third person, so for all of is first person despisers, it isn t an issue Just the thought processes change, without warning, but that is the style of the authour To get her stories, you need to accept that part of themThe story moves at a good pace, only a couple of flashbacks in the middle of the present, so not bad It is as it states, a young lady adjusts to her new life as a possession to her master He isn t cruel, just controlling, and he certainly finds himself adjusting due to his new possession This isn t a sweet love story, it has harsh moments, but they are very titillating to both our characters, and you as the reader Luckily the story finishes as it should, but we get that epilogue to let us see into the future a bit and the finalization of the journey It is never stated what the emotions are, but the actions speak loud enough that the words aren t needed The writing is not as good as prima It s like it is written by other people There is unnecessary long flashback in the middle of the sex scene and felt like the story is jumping here and there because of the flashback Other than that The story is ok Contain bdsm, m s, breeding, spanking, forced orgasm, fingering, anal play, nipple torture, public humiliation and enema. I am a huge Carolyn Faulkner fan There is something about her writing that always draws me in even if the subject is beyond that which I think I can handle Both this novel and Prima deal with a post apocalyptic society in which women are scarce and slaves to men In this society men can do whatever they want with women though few remain The women don t consent to it their ownership is out of their control Tria, like Prima, centers on one woman and her story There is some pretty intense play here of a BDSM nature such as caning, paddling, and the like No matter what her owner does Tria seems to like and enjoy it even if she is in pain while it happens The emotional journey she goes on and how she comes to accept herself are what makes thisthan PWP.This is NOT for any average reader nor anyone who is a dabbler no sugar kink here This is hard core and non consensual but with a plot and story It s not quite as good as the first one the story just doesn t flow as well but is still a very good book It is a particular favorite of mine and one of Faulkner s best in my opinion. Tria is a great follow up to Prima Their stories are set in the same world, but are very different Bought on the auction block by Thomas, Tria is his property to do with as he pleases Like Prima, she endures severe punishment and humiliation whenever her owner feels like it Her body is aroused by whatever he does to her, which only adds to her humiliation This book does not go into as much detail of the punishments as Prima, but the message gets across none the less The author does a fantastic job of revealing the thoughts and emotions of both Thomas and Tria, as well as their histories This book is another masterpiece of severe dark erotica It is not for the faint of heart, but fans of the extreme will love it. Had I not just read Prima, I might have rated this 3 stars rather than 2 Then again, it may have been the other way around The bottom line is this book compares poorly to Prima In fact, Tria reads much like the same book written with slightly different characters and a lot less skill It is shorter and has nowhere near as much character development There are several characters that aren t really explained at all for example, who, what, and why is Rook If I didn t know it was written by the same author I would never have believed it Editing misses abound, mainly of the spell check error variety but there were many incorrect pronouns as well It was distracting and not at all the quality I m used to from Carolyn Faulkner The ending was abrupt and rather trite for this type of story It felt as if the author decided to wrap a pink bow around a firearm yes, I m stretching a wee bit too far on that analogy P Even worse, I felt there must have been a check list of punishments ordeals that Tria had to go through whether they fit into the story or not view spoiler The enema scene felt like this to me It was rushed and without any real point other than the doctor evidently wanted to see Tria get one for his own amusement hide spoiler ^Download Book ↴ Tria (Prima, #2) ⇜ Tria Is A Young, Virginal, Untouched Girl When She Is Sold To Thomas He Opens Her Eyes As He Opens Her Body To Anything And Everything Life In The Post Plague Society Is Harsh, And Punishments Are Severe Tria Is An Extremely Severe, Non Consensual Story, Featuring Spanking, Caning, Anal Punishments, And Bondage Elements