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You Gotta Read reviews gave it a perfect review 4 Tombstones from Bitten By Books and 4.5 books from Long and Short Reviews LASR Earth Enchanted by Brynna Curry was an entertaining story filled with mystery, suspense, bewitching personalities and with many deceptive characters that shock and entertain throughout the story Jack and Liv connect instantly and their chemistry is both intense and mesmerising The author writes a story that has many twists and turns from each of the characters points of view, with some clever writing that captivates the reader from the beginning with an ending that both shocks and thrills ARC Received from the Author for an honest review This story has it all an ancient curse, diamonds, thievery, telepathy, danger, a hot Irish guy and an even hotter American hero Brynna Curry weaves a twisted tale to keep you wondering, and a romantic ending to keep you warm inside And it s Book 1 of a series, so there ll be plentywhere this came from First time reading this authors book, really liked this book although would have liked an epilogue but that is just me To be honest, I d like to give this book 3.5 stars, but I decided to round down for reasons to be explained later in this review This was a very interesting book with a good plot and likeable characters I really liked how the author used the situation Liv and Jack, the two main characters, were in as a way to further their character development There were many times when it was just the two of them left alone together and the outer and inner dialogue played off of each other to further things along, not necessarily what was going on around them The other characters in the story didn t feel too extra, meaning they served a purpose in each of their roles and never felt like a hindrance to the continuation of the story Not to mention the romantic factor was a huge plus It was sweet and touching in all the right ways Great hooks throughout as well that kept me interested all the way until the end.That being saidThe main thing that really bothered me was the introduction of different plot elements to the story I would be reading a new chapter and then the characters start talking about something as if it has already been introduced so I should understand what s going on right now Sometimes it would just be mentioned in passing by a character so what could ve been a big reveal or slight plot twist just falls flat and left me thinking wait, what When did this become a thing It may have just been the author s writing style in order to avoid simple and bland exposition, but it just felt completely rushed in a way that, I felt, took away from the enjoyment of the story Going off of this, I also didn t like how other elements weren t used to their full potential I will offer an example while trying not include any spoilers a particular character had an ability that was danced around at the beginning of the book It s then flat out said what it is, but it s rarely used at all and isn t even really explained all that well either Not to mention Liv s ability is explained in the Blurb in a way that makes it seem like it s a huge hindrance to her and gets in the way a lot However, it s not mentioned all that much in the story Nor is her family background It, along with many other plot elements, is just danced around and by them time anything is definitively said, the story is almost finished so we don t get much of an explanation anyway.Setting these things aside though, I liked the book overall and would recommend it for an entertaining read. ^DOWNLOAD PDF ↝ Earth Enchanted (Elemental Magic, #1) ⇬ Elemental Magic,When Telepath Meets Ex Cop, Will It Be Death Or Diamonds Writer Liv Corrigan Has The Worst Luck With Men Her Telepathy Tends To Make Them Run For The Hills When She Meets Widower And Ex Cop Jack Roarke, She Decides To Keep Her Talent Hidden Things Are Looking Up Until Their Third Date Crashes And Burns As The Man Who Murdered Jack S Wife Turns Out To Be After Him Too Injured, Jack Retreats With Liv To His House Under Armed Guard But With Liv S Mysteries Rapidly Coming Unraveled, A Diamond Thief Killer To Stop And Passion In The Air, The Safe House Is Anything But Safe For Their Hearts Warning, Mild Language, Mild Violence, Words