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This is my first read by India Edghill her story of Samson and Delilah I found this book rather slow to read It is told from 3 main viewpoints with a narrator thrown in now and again The viewpoints are Delilah, Samson, and Orev, a disabled, harpist storyteller who tags along with Samson The multiplicity of the viewpoints seem to drag the pace of the storyline, and the characters themselves seemed rather simplistic The focus on Delilah was basically on her progress through the levels to become a priestess at the Great House of Atagartis, one of the Gods of the Canaanites, as well as her relationship with her best friend there, Alylah Whereas the Bible presents Samson as a Nazirite and a judge, Edghill presents him as a rather simplistic man who didn t have much direction for his life I felt that this wasa reinvention of the story rather than an expansion of the story based on historical and Biblical information I would not recommend this particular Biblical fiction book. [[ Free Pdf ]] ☔ Delilah: A Novel ⇺ Given To The Temple Of Atargatis As A Child, Delilah Is Raised To Be A Priestess To The Five Cities That Rule Canaan She Grows Up Under The Watchful Eyes Of High Priestess Derceto, Who Sees Her As A Valuable Pawn In Her Political Agenda Meanwhile, In The Hills Of Canaan, The Israelites Choose Samson To Lead Their Fight Against The Five Cities When He Catches A Glimpse Of Delilah, He Risks His Freedom To Marry Her, And Derceto Seizes The Chance To Have Samson At Her Mercy Caught Between The Two, Delilah Is Forced To Question Her Own HeartAn Inventive Retelling Of An Ancient Story, Delilah Is A Tale Of Political Turmoil, Betrayal, Passionate Friendship, And Forbidden Love The characters were shallow and, despite their fame, not well drawn The plot was flat, and it spent most of the story on Delilah s relationship with her fellow priestess Aylah, rather than her famous love for Samson. I ve decided after 104 pages that I really am not enjoying this book The writing is beautiful and for another reader, this might be a fascinating story, but it is barely holding my interest I forced myself through a few books this month that I hoped would improve for me I don t feel like doing that again. Delilah was given to the Temple of Atargatis when only a small girl She was raised to be a priestess and had the ability to dance like only few others It was said that Delilah not only was able to perform the ritual dances but was the dance itself When she moved to the music she became lost in it, bringing great monetary offerings to the Temple When she was ten, another girl was brought to the Temple Her name was Aylah and Delilah came to love her like a sister When Samson happens upon the Temple of Atargatis years later, it s Delilah he meets as she leads a procession through the streets of the city He catches only a glimpse of her as she dances but it s enough for him to tell his friend he wants her as his wife Samson goes to the Temple to ask for Delilah and is told she will be given to him upon his completion of three tasks The tasks are meant to be impossible but Samson completes them with ease It s only after Samson rides away with his new bride after the wedding feast that he learns the truth he was given Aylah for a wife and not Delilah Delilah is heartbroken both for losing her heart sister and for the man who has visited her dreams since their meeting She has no idea Samson wanted to marry her but was tricked she had been told it was Aylah he desired Delilah is later summoned to kill Samson the man who has instilled a sense of fear in the city Tales of his god like strength have caused the High Priestess of the Temple and the Prince of the City to plot his death Delilah must choose will she help in this plan to destroy Samson or will she conspire with him I wasn t sure if I d be able to get into this book I didn t have an immediate connection with it but was soon pulled into the story I loved the idea that Delilah actually loved Samson and wasn t merely using him in order to deliver him to the Philistines The idea that Samson wanted to be captured was intriguing One thing I didn t like is that while the chapters about Delilah are told from her point of view, the others are in third person Having the constant change in who s telling the story was a little frustrating but it didn t take away from my overall enjoyment of the story. I started this and lost interest couldn t read on well, I am really not sure what was going on a bad hair day, perhaps Then I read Game of Queens A Novel of Vashti and Esther and loved it So, I read every other book India Edghill had written and loved them So, I went back and, with a bit of grim determination, determined to read to the end and find out if my original response was fair.Gentle reader, I done her wrong I wouldn t say this book was up to the standard of Game of Queens A Novel of Vashti and Esther which is my favourite retelling of the story of Esther but it s good Well written, thoughtful account of how it might have been between Samson and Delilah Samson comes over as a gem one of the things I like about Ms Edghill is that she writes excellent male characters in retelling biblical stories that, after all, formed the basis for women to be deemed beneath men it was God s idea, I have it on the highest authority it is good to see the men written believably Some of them are rotters and scoundrels and some of them are decent chaps As people are , Delilah is absolved of being the bitch betrayer to end all such and the Foxes amply demonstrate the idiocy of blind prejudice and how people are determined to be right, no matter what the facts are And no one in this story is perfect So, I apologise to Ms Edghill for doubting her and turning away from this book A worthy read if the subject matter is to your taste I myself have a taste for the biblical and the historical It may not be the truth but it is largely what was used to base our own society on, for better or for worse Understanding is freedom, in my unwritten book. I have been waiting for this book for several years And thanks to someone visiting my blog and able to see how they got there thru Feedjit I was able to find out that this book will come out May 1 of 2009 I cannot wait I love India Edghill s books If you like Anita Diamant s The Red Tent, you will love Edghill s books Request them at your library and or bookstore I did, so they would have them in stock, but I live in a semi illiterate area and you have to knock some people upside the head for them to consider something new, or even read I cannot recommend India Edghill enoughjust remember when you request that there is only one e in her name, like I forgot, LOL. Once again, Edghill sweeps me away in an epic story of love and loss Based on the tiniest of sections in Judges, Delilah tells the story of the biblical characters of Delilah and Samson As seen through the eyes of a woman, and a pagan, the story comes to life as it never could in the Bible As well as telling the other side, so often left out by the victors, the reader comes to see how deception and hatred can shape not only the lives of two innocent people, but of entire nations.This story, like Queenmaker and Wisdom s Daughter, stretches the reader to seethan what they have been told in a delightful, engaging, and enjoyable way I hightly recommend taking the time to not only read this book, but imagine beyond the confines of the brief sentences left to us over time. I was really looking forward to this story I m sure you re familiar the biblical story It has so much of what makes a fanatastic story Well.the author was creative in her twist of the story, I ll give her thatbut that s what saved her I thought the characters were so so, the ability to set a scene and educate a reader as to a culture was woofully inadequete Where they any differenet than today What s all this about the goddess and how was that different than Samsom s people Part of the reason I read historical fiction is to learn about an era I don t think one learns much hereand unfortunately, isn t impressed much either. Although it is no As a Driven Leaf in regards to assimilating into the Greco Roman cultures, Delilah was a very good interpretation of the Biblical story of Samson from the different tribe s point of view Instead of portraying Delilah as the ultimate Biblical female villain, Edghill depicts her as a devout priestess who falls in love with Samson and gives up her prior beliefs for him Even though I expected her betrayal to the Temple much earlier in the novel, this book was overall wonderful