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Review This was a moving and sympathetic story that has stayed in my mind for many days after reading.Review for Brief Encounters Reviews ll state up front that I found the blurb misleading re the Master Bear mystery threat It s difficult to explain why without plot spoilers, but one , I don t think any reader will be in the dark for long and two I don t feel it was the major plot issue as intended The theme was barely developed no pun intended LOL , and meeting Master Bear at last gave me a large disbelief not suspended moment, as I couldn t see why Chris was fooled at all Most of all, in my opinion it wasn t necessary The story was well written and touching without it.The most rewarding part for me was the brave and emotionally moving description of William and Chris relationship There s no spoiler involved in knowing that William is dying He and his sub Chris are devoted and so, in amongst their distress at his illness, William is determined to make provision for Chris when he s gone The story is a fascinating and sympathetic balance of the progress of William s illness and his matchmaking for Chris.Chris could have come across as a mere cipher, but his character developed well, even though as a full time sub, he had no job, limited cooking skills, and no friends or supporters apart from William This was a sobering viewpoint for the reader, and justified for me why William was trying to place him with a new Master It was a very intriguing view of a f t sub s life I enjoyed the scenes as each Dom was introduced to Chris the different styles each man had, and their strengths and weaknesses towards a sub It was an ambitious move to showcase several lifestyles in one short story, but for me it worked well and I think the book was unique because of it None of the men was any less than three dimensional, and it was a skilful way of illustrating the respect that should be and was shown to a sub i.e Chris.The authors style was a pleasure to read and the story well balanced between the different points of view There were a few things distracted me occasionally a missed word the repetitive use of the big nurse instead of a name the rather stilted dialogue of the Doms the way Mike apparently considered his personal time with Chris so unprofessional Such a bad friend to take advantage, yet continued albeit with Chris encouragement.The success of this story for me is the satisfaction of the ending It was tragic for William of course, but I felt that Chris had become reconciled, and by then so had I The scene with the other Masters at William s goodbye was poignant and beautifully respectful I also appreciated the story continuing, showing Chris coping with his loss, until he d grown up to some extent and was suitably provided for in his own right I rate it a B by pettyprose my opinion alone. Master William is dying, and before he does, he wants to ensure his sub, Chris, has a new master Not just any master will do Whoever is chosen must be able to meet Chris needs and,importantly, love Chris.This story reads like a BDSM take on the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears When faced with finding a new top, Chris meets one that is too rigid and unyielding, one too soft, and one that seems just right, but not quite Because he doesn t want to love another after William, his defenses are up to them all Hovering in the background is a man who befriends Chris, offering a shoulder to cry on Because Chris doesn t see the man as an option, he opens his mind and his heart, finding safe haven in a life turned chaotic I found it clever that all the prospective tops warned Chris away from Master Bear for, not only did it make him curious, but it also made him fearful enough to run straight into the arms of the one who was perfect for him William knew what he was doing when he arranged all the meetings.It s no secret that I love angst On that score it s like the book was written for me I was a bit concerned about a trained home health care nurse sedating a cancer patient and then leaving him alone in the house, and then giving him stimulants that Never mind, I don t want to give spoilers Those were my only reservations about the story, and I blame those on my job Other than that the story was sad and sweet and I m sure I ll read it again and again I ll be looking for other stories by the creators of this little gem. [Download Pdf] ☸ Master Bear ☸ William Davis Battled Down His Cancer Three Times, But He Has No Energy Left For A Fourth Round Now, He Must Make Provisions For His Sub, Chris But Chris Loves His Master And Doesn T Want A New One Through Their Last Summer, As William Slips Away A Little At A Time, They Interview New Tops, Looking For The One Who Will Take In Chris And Care For HimAs Man After Man Fails To Meet Their Standards, Each Leaves With A Warning About The Mysterious And Dreaded Master Bear Yet As Time Grows Short, Chris Falls For William S Hospice Nurse, Mike, Who Was Once In The Leather Scene Himself When William S Life Winds Down In A Haze Of Pain And Drugs, And With No Firm Dom To Care For Him, Chris Is Left With The Terrifying Prospect Of Master Bear, And Never Seeing Mike AgainGenres Gay Contemporary BDSM Interracial Multicultural It was not easy to decide and pick up this novella, as it would not probably be for everyone who has had the experience of living near someone who was fading away to cancer But it s life, and despite all, it s also hope, the hope that the ones you love will find a way to live after you William knows he is dying and now that he is at peace with the idea, his only worry is to find someone who will take care of his sub, Chris Chris is not a perfect sub, he is not hot commodity, but he was perfect for William Chris is sweet and shy, not much for a for showing sub, but for ordinary William, librarian and fatherly, he was the perfect match Now the problem is to find someone else who can be the same perfect match, or at least a good caretaker William has many friends in the BDSM community, and some of them are interested in Chris some are quite right, some are just right, but no one is the one Basically Chris, in his quiet and subdued way, is trying to tell William that he still loves him, that despite the imminent fate, he is not ready to open his heart to someone else It s not a passionate love between William and Chris, it sa comfortable thing, like a blanket in winter but it s what Chris wants, a moderate level of passion, but mostly the reassurance of a balanced and safe environment Probably for this reason,than all the Masters who are testing him, Chris is attracted to Mike, the nurse who is taking care of William Chris sees in Mike the same comfort and shelter he has with William, and if Mike was a Master, he would be the perfect Master for Chris Even if there is the imminent destiny of William, something that is not stoppable, the story is not overly tragic of course there is an high dose of drama, but in a way it s a natural thing, death can be avoided in some cases, and so you need to live with it Of course William is dying, of course he is in pain, but at least there is the certainty that he is loved and that he will be fondly remembered Plus there is the hope that Chris will be take care, that he will have a chance to be happy again, with maybe a different Master, stronger andpassionate than William, but that is not a bad thing. 4.5 stars I really liked this story Intensely emotional on so many levels William s just found out his cancer is back and after going through four rounds of treatment already, he s ready to give in to the cancer and live out his last few months without further treatment his only real worry is his live in submissive, Chris I liked that we got a glimpse of what life was like for this Dom and his sub before the cancer saps all of William s strength He loves his boy and wants to make sure he s taken care of when he s gone by a dom Chris can love and one that will meet all his kinky needs Chis only wants William and his defiance toward his master s endeavors to find him a new dom were entertaining, heart warming and heart breaking all at once a real feat in the writing As William s cancer progresses Chris has to accept his fate and tries to concede to William s wishes as he invites prospective doms over for dinner Amid the dinners and caring for William, Chris finds friendship with the Hospice nurse, Mike, who comes twice a week As they grow closer Mike s dominant nature becomes a source of strength for Chris, something he really needs as the man he loves deteriorates faster than they d perceived Lots of tearful scenes, but also bright beginnings.My only kwerk in this story was the whole mask anonymity thing toward the end just went beyond my believability scale And why was everyone warning him against Master Bear kind of a loose thread Other than that GREAT READ It was rather disappointing read The story hasn t managed to moved me emotionally no tears on my part The big secret was totally transparent and I just waited in vain for the reason for this charade Further I was utterly baffled by Chris attitude, who considered getting sex and affection from one source and mastering and support from another. I was drawn into this story instantly and was completely invested in each character, until a little over mid way through At the entrance of Master Bear himself, the novella seemed to start breaking apart All of the closeness, all of the intimacy and rich emotion so prevalent in the beginning of the novella kind of unravels There is such distance placed between Master Bear and Chris that, by the time he was revealed, I truly felt that the bonding Chris had done previously just didn t amount to much at all It was rather disappointing, near the end. Rated 4.5 stars Very different, very sad, very interesting Not like the norm I got to a point where I would think that Doms and Subs were becoming immortal in my eyes and the fiction world till now First book I ve read where the Dom is dying and not wanting his Sub to be left alone works out to finding his replacement to see that his boy is taken care of after he departs from this life A great change of the reality created in D s and BDSM fiction.Warning Tear jerker 3.5 starsSpoilers Although I enjoyed most of the story, I found it hard to accept that a master wore a bear mask constantly and thought it odd that Chris didnt question it The man even wore the mask to a memorial service I also found it hard to believe that Chris wouldnt have recognized the man simply due to a mask It was very comic book ish to think a mask can completely hide all other visible clues to identity There was also no explanation to why the other masters felt that Master Bear would be too harsh or rough for the boy And it seems odd that since Chris had met all the other doms that he wouldnt remember one with a bear mask It also was odd that since Chris identified as a sub instead of a slave, that he had absolutely no say in who inherited him, even from such an indulgent master Anyway, even with so many holes in the story, I felt for Chris and his situation. I really liked this story I ve got to warn you though get out your box of tissues before you start reading You ll need them I should also warn you that this is not a typical BDSM story at all If you expect lots of hot scenes I believe that you ll be disappointed If, on the other hand, you re ready to explore the emotional side of a Dom sub relationship and what happens when the Dom is about to die, I can only recommend this book The topic of anyone dying from cancer is difficult enough Adding the worry about leaving behind a dependant makes it much worse This story focuses on what happens to the life and emotions of the one who is left behind Chris is a sub who s never had a real job and has always depended on his master for everything The heartwrenching pain both he and his dying master go through as they attempt to find a new master to take care of Chris, ideally even love him, is depicted so realistically that it had me crying throughout most of the book.The solution at the end was so perfect that I was crying again this time with relief Don t say I didn t warn you.