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THE VAULTS is pure class Toby Ball has conjured a fully evoked world in his nameless city that, for all its 1930s trappings, retains that surreal and timeless atmosphere of Gotham, Brave New World, and 1984 Behind the many thrills loom the larger targets of Mr Ball s novel the archiving of human depravity in the information age and the legacy of crime in the collective consciousness A provocative and dazzling debut. (((EBOOK))) ☟ The Vaults ⇛ Best Ebook, The Vaults By Toby Ball This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Vaults , Essay By Toby Ball Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This is a spooky period thriller set in The City, a 1930s metropolis dominated by Red Henry, a corrupt former prizefighter who bullies his foes with the money of powerful business connections, the use of a secret police unit called the Anti Subversion Unit, and his own menacing physical presence As the novel opens, Arthur Puskis, the archivist in the Vaults, an underground library of files about the city s criminal history, discovers a strange anomaly in the files that only he maintains a duplicate file for the same criminal, mostly identical except for two different pictures of the man in question So begins inquiries that will uncover the Navajo Project, a shady plot involving certain criminals, their victims, and their families The story alternates between the views of Puskis, a sleazy but rugged private detective named Ethan Poole, and a reefer smoking investigative journalist named Frank Frings In short but atmospheric chapters, the three uncover different pieces of the conspiracy while also becoming wrapped up in the struggles between the labor union, a group of Polish businessman that Mayor Henry is wooing, Henry s creepy bunch of ASU thugs, and dynamite throwing anarchists.I thought this was excellent The pacing and suspense are strong, the characters are vivid and cinematic, and the plot unspools with great skill Perhaps the end is not quite as strong as the rest, but it was still satisfying I particularly liked the Puskis chapters As a librarian, I was fascinated by his hermitlike existence in The Vaults, and his devotion to the organization and sanctity of their contents In one subplot, Mayor Henry wants to convert the paper vaults to an early, flawed computer system, supposedly as an upgrade, but secretly to whitewash content that could reveal some of his evil doings There are fascinating parallels here to the switch to digital archives.This police state and its vaults are set in history, but have a timeless feel This isn t just the story of these particular events, but a moody meditation on monopoly dominated totalitarian states and the crimes they commit against human identity Ball has made a first rate debut. My favorite thing about this book is the cover it doesn t mean I didn t like the book I just think the cover is fantastic and absolutely draws you into the book s setting.A touch above 3 stars This is a well written 1930s detective noir story if fact, you can almost see it as a movie The writing is exact and the author uses a lot of short chapters which gives the book a terse and visceral feel However, the characters are stock and one dimensional and the plot is predictable The novel s strongest aspect is the author s well developed setting you can really see and feel The City and The Vaults But unfortunately the plot fails to excite and the characters fail to develop in any meaningful way In my opinion, the book is not extraordinary as some of the reviews claim but the writing style is above average and characters plot are entertaining if not terribly original If you are looking for a noir crime drama to spend a few days in this is a nice choice. The Vaults are an underground record of the city s criminal activities court records dating back to the city s birth A duplicate file is found in The Vaults by it s lone archivist This calls into question the accuracy, authenticity veracity of the files contained in The Vaults Three men the archivist, a pot smoking journalist private investigator all, for their own reasons, pursue elements related to this discovery realize that the corruption they had always suspected in local government goes far deeper than they had ever suspected I read the description of this novel thought it looked promising Well, it is promising However the promise potential goes largely unrealized In it s description the words noir, dystopia Science Fiction are bandied about Noir Sure If you consider a novel set in 1930, New York, with a Jazz singing femme fatale kind of the occasional reference to fedoras to qualify a story as noir I don t The atmosphere one might expect from a book claiming a noir sensibility is completely lacking Noir or noire means black Not sure there s a classification for light grey, but that s what The Vaults is The characters are two dimensional I found it difficult to maintain interest in the three main characters their various affiliations Dystopian describes an imaginary society that is as dehumanizing and as unpleasant as possible Hmmm OK I suppose this book qualifies But Science Fiction Forget it The Vaults is the first of three so far novels set in The City I note the two after the above are rated highly than the first, so perhaps they are worth looking at. I will admit that I have struggled with this review because while I enjoyed The Vaults, it didn t blow me away and I have spent several weeks trying to put my finger on why To no avail Toby Ball is a good writer, with a clear voice and a good attention to to detail but something about the book just didn t sit well with me.Perhaps it was the fact that it felt like many of the characters were a little greyscale They didn t come to life for me in a way that made the book feel vibrant In fact, the book as a whole had a lazy Sunday afternoon feeling that just didn t sit too well with a mystery, even if it is a dark one Ball seemed to be aiming for Noir and in many aspects he achieved it perfectly but in others the book sailed passed Noir and carried on going.Perhaps it s me, though This is a novel set in a time when things weren t so frantic and people couldn t whip out their iPads or Blackberries and things were done very very differently Perhaps I m too much a product of the modern world That said, I have read and enjoyed many historical novels and, don t get me wrong, I enjoyed this one But it didn t set me alight.Lest I be unjust in my review I would like to reiterate that this is a good story with some great writing It s just that it won t be for everyone If you have patience than me, it s probably a good start The Vaults begins with an archivist finding duplicate records in the stacks One record has clearly been altered, including a different photo of the accused murderer The archivist takes this matter higher up to City officials, wondering how such a thing could have happened At the same time, other secrets within the City government begin unraveling The novel might be described as noir crime in a dystopian society.Each short chapter switches character perspectives and I normally like that very much Maybe it was because I had a lot of other stuff on my mind or maybe it was because I only read a few pages per day, but I had a hard time keeping the characters straight for the first 75 pages or so I kept having to turn back to previous chapters to reacquaint myself with the characters However, once everyone was straight in my mind, I quite enjoyed The Vaults.I could imagine the whole story as a crime adventure movie I hope that happens. I might have enjoyed this if it weren t falsely described as a dystopia and science fiction It is neither I kept waiting for something dystopian to happen, but nothing did. I bought this book because one of the character is an archivist like me and it s uncommon in literature But after a few pages I was annoyed because he is completely caricatural anti social, short sighted, like to spend time in a basement, I really dislike this character and the image he represents.For the story, I have to admit it s, for me, disappointing I thought this book was about a mystery and an investigation made by an archivist, a journalist and a private together But in fact it s a story about corruption, conspiracy and gangsters and, as a fan of whodunnit, it s not my cup of tea There are not a real mystery, we almost immediately know what s going on, without suspense The plot didn t blow me away and I wasn t particularly interested by the characters A pleasant read, well written, probably great for people who love this kind of story but it s not for me. The book turned out to be far grimmer than I expected The plot focuses on a conspiracy that the mayor, Red Henry, and his cronies have tried very hard to cover up Three very different men Arthur Puskis, archivist of the criminal records of the city, Frank Friggs, rebel reporter and vocal opponent of Red Henry, and Ethan Poole, private eye unwittingly find themselves uncovering pieces of the story and putting them together The premise was fascinating, but the writing style was hard to follow at times.