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One cannot avoid the analogy with a certain famous resident who had to abandon a farm in Ngong and retire to northern latitudes to make sense of that indefinable, unforgettable essence that is Africa In this case we have a Swede, not a Dane, but an equally vivid, powerful and moving tale of the Dark Continent It s from a region little explored in the standard I was in Africa accounts far from the cliched landscape of the grass plains of the Serengeti and fast depleting glaciers of Kilimanjaro It starts with a touch of the familiar My Family Other Animals saga, then develops into an examination of innovative horticulture and commercial enterprise, revealing the often uncomfortable and unpredictable interface of western and traditional African societies and ends up as unputdownable suspense by the closing chapters Above all, its a human story, involving, touching, compelling Read it and find authenticity and truth. kindle 468 When circumstances and medical issues urge a Swedish couple to consider living abroad, they are captured and captivated by the beauty of the wilds of Kenya Their dreams of owning and operating a modest resort soon run into the realities of living on the edge of civilization and all that entails From the constant problems with power, phone lines, and water distribution to the constant betrayal by those they trust and ever present issues of theft, Gunilla and her husband Bertil tried desperately to live where modernities are clashing with ancient tribal beliefs I picked this book up because, looking at an upcoming move to Africa, I am reading as much about the continent as possible The experiences of Ms Fagerholm and her husband are eye opening, to say the least And, having discussed them with people who have traveled back and forth to less developed areas Africa themselves, they are also completely believable Ms Fagerholm s first language isn t English, and I was very pleasantly surprised at how well she translates her story She is very descriptive, and you can sense the building desperation and exhaustion of their Kenyan life What she does not do, however, is denigrate Kenya and its people I think that after her experiences which included times when the family legitimately feared for their lives and constant theft by employees she might be forgiven for being overwhelmed with anger And yet, what comes through most of all in her book is a feeling of sadness of regret for what might have been.The book begins with the end so you know what the outcome will be But it is the details in how that ending is reached that make the story so interesting. Great storyI really enjoyed this book I was an American teenager living in West Africa at the time of this story, so I m familiar with Africa, but this was a much different experience than mine, and very interesting The book is well written and revealing, and I looked forward to finding out what happened next every time I picked it up Thanks for sharing your experience It would have been nice to have some pictures included in the book so we could see what it looked like {Epub} â Blue-eyed in Luhya-land õ A Rather Normal Middle Class Swedish Couple In Their Fifties Left Their Suburban Life In Sweden In Search Of Something New A Contrast To The Secure Swedish Welfare State They Sold Their Small House, Packed Their Belongings In A Shipping Container, And Left Sweden Behind They Went To AfricaThis Book Tells The True Story Of How They, During Five Years, Lived As The Only Europeans In A Small Village At The Edge Of One Of The Last Rainforests In Kenya They Moved From A Stressed Life To A Simple One, A Clay Hut On A Maize Field In Western Kenya, Without Any Of The Modern Conveniences On Their Own, They Built A Small Rainforest Hotel As The Start Of A New Life But Life Turned Out Difficult Corruption, Tribal Traditions And Witchcraft Hindered The Blue Eyed Couple In Their Efforts To Help The Suffering VillagersThe Story Reflects This Turbulent Time With A Lot Of Positive And Negative Experiences, Arising In The Meeting Of Contrasting Cultures And Traditions Swedish Meeting Tribal Kenyan