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Very cute story, would be great for a librarian to use not only to read to students but also for administrators to help understand that libraries are changing A perfect book to read aloud in a classroom about going to the library When people go to the library, they expect a nice quiet place to relax and read However, this book talks about the appreciation of children in a library and how although the library is loud at times because of children laughing, teachers talking, keyboards typing, and people asking questions,it is always better to have some noise than nothing at all If things are too quiet it can get lonely, boring, and make people sleepy This has a twist on a classic folktale and it reminds us of the true spirit of the library and its joyful noise The illustrations used throughout were simple, but connected well with the story I d recommend it to any young reader. This is a good book to help teach about libraries and library etiquette, but to make sure not to take it too far because a really quite library isn t always the best thing because libraries are meant for reading, soft talking, asking questions, and so much I think this is a cute book about what libraries are like and i think this could be a good introduction to students who have not been to a library Also the pictures help bring to life the actions in the book. The rhythm and repetition to this one would make it very fun to read aloud to children. As an elementary school teacher librarian I definitely appreciate this book s message and agree that libraries should be full of life and learning, which doesn t have to be quiet The execution of the story fell flat, though, and I found myself skipping over entire pages because the text was repetitive. The mayor visits a school library and finds it very different from the quiet and peaceful space he is used to He decides that this is too much noise for a library, and changes everything He soon learns that the noise he was so uncomfortable with, is what MAKES the library.I have to say, as someone who worked with administrators who believed the same quiet peaceful philosophy, this was a great book to illustrate how libraries truly are I would recommend it to read at staff development days, actually LOL Reminding teachers and administrators that a busy library is a working library Great job. |Download ♽ Too Much Noise in the Library ♃ The Mayor Visits Ms Reade S School Library, And When He Decides It Is Too Noisy, He Turns Off The Computers And Dvd Players, Locks Up All The Books, And Sends The Students And Teachers Away, But Soon Realizes That A Library Is No Good If It Is Not Being Used Ms Reade runs a lively school library but it is much too loud for the city Mayor Ms Reade steps out of the library for a moment and the Mayor gets to work on making the library peaceful and quietbut is a quiet library a good library Rhythmic, repetitive text is fun to read aloud and the Mayor s character is sure to make young kiddos giggle Illustrations are lively Good book The library is noisy and the Mayor decides to fix it by locking the book drop and sending the teachers and children away When the librarian comes back she is shocked and helps the Mayor to see that the library is no good with out people Ah, if only everyone who works at and uses libraries would read this book Some noise in the library is OK, and means it s busy and lively If your library embraces this idea, this would be a great readaloud to introduce a group of kids to the library.