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Honestly, I am so frustrated This book is so wildly improbable that I cannot see HOW I ever enjoyed it This book also makes me seriously question my judgement, as Mary Higgins Clark was once my favorite mystery authors Lacey witnesses a murder, she is placed in witness protection, she almost immediately gives away her location to her mother, who lacks the discretion or common sense to keep that information to herself The city that Lacey is placed in just happens to be where two people who knew the first murder victim She quickly befriends them and learns crucial information about the crime Ugh, I don t want an author spoon feeding me these types of inane bit of nonsense This books just progressively gets worse The heroine and her mom are TSTL and at times, for example when she blames the head of the protection program for getting her secret location exposed, I was rooting for the hitman to get her. On the back cover of this book is a review I should have paid close attention to As it was, I didn t see it until after I had inhaled this book Katy Kelly from USA Today wrote, PRETEND YOU DON T SEE HER should come with a warning Start it in the evening and you ll be reading way late into the night This one is well worth the lost sleep I picked up this book at 11 30 p.m., on my way to bed I was just going to look at it OMG, my husband came out at 4 a.m touched my shoulder He scared me so bad I almost jumped out of my skin I found a stopping place shortly after went to bed I laid there wide awake I remember looking at the clock the last time at 5 45 a.m I had to be up at 7.That evening I sat down to finish the book The stopping place I had found I had finished the book didn t remember it So, I reread the ending, slowly. 18 183 200 . Mary Higgins Clark never fails to excite I finished the book of over 300 pages in 2 days over half in a few hours I loved the plot and I could not put the book down If I have any complaints, it is the number of characters I am awful with names, so when a book has close to 50 characters, things get jumbled in my mind For instance, it was difficult to keep Tom and Tim separate The number of characters also led to my inability to fully enjoy the resolution of the novel When the murderer was revealed, I had to pause for a good 10 minutes to recall who the person even was I know the majority of that is my fault hence the high rating I just wish her books came with a character list Congratulations, Clark You have mastered the classic mystery Every character is suspicious, but not to the point of being unrealistic This ending actually made me gasp I also have the author to thank for my nonexistent nails The book is so nerve wracking, I couldn t keep my fingers out of my mouth Avid mystery readers and that one type of person who can remember every guest and newcomer s name enjoy One of my favourites It got a tad bit frustrating at times, but the mystery was handled really well The red herrings were artfully placed The tension got my heart pounding, even though this was my fourth time reading it in 10 years Yes, I have a pretty bad memory, so I forgot who the killer was Hahaha Qu puedo decir Qu me ha faltado profundidad Es la primera novela que leo de esta autora y, aunque la trama est bien, su pluma no me ha terminado de convencer. . `DOWNLOAD EPUB ☙ Pretend You Don't See Her ↻ Mary Higgins Clark Sends Chills Down Readers Spines With The Story Of Lacey Farrell, A Rising Star On The Manhattan Real Estate Scene One Day, While Showing A Luxurious Skyline Co Op, Lacey Is Witness To A Murder And To The Dying Words Of The Victim The Dying Woman Is Convinced That The Attacker Was After Her Dead Daughter S Journal Which Lacey Gives To The Police, But Not Before Making A Copy For Herself It S An Impulse That Later Proves Nearly FatalPlaced In The Witness Protection Program And Sent To Live In The Minneapolis Area, Lacey Must Assume A Fake Identity, At Least Until The Killer Can Be Brought To Trial There She Meets Tom Lynch, A Radio Talk Show Host Whom She Tentatively Begins To Date Until The Strain Of Deception Makes Her Break It Off Then She Discovers The Killer Has Traced Her To Minneapolis Armed With Nothing Than Her Own Courage And Clues From The Journal, Lacey Heads Back To New York, Determined To Uncover Who S Behind The Deaths Of The Two Women Before She S The Next Casualty