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[Download Ebook] ♺ Sleeping Beauty Suspect (Harlequin Intrigue #970) ♒ HE RUSHED UP THE STEPS TO FIND A HONEY BLOND HEIRESS WAITING TO BE ROUSED FROM HER DEEP, TERRIBLE SLEEP Flynn O Shay Never Thought Twice About Rushing Into A Deadly Blaze If It Meant Saving Someone S Life But Untangling The Mystery Of The Enchanting Whitney Charles That Took A Different Kind Of Guts Sure, He D Been Brave Enough To Steal A Kiss From The Sleeping Beauty While She Was Still Unconscious But Now That She Was Awake And Tight Lipped About Her Involvement In The Suspicious Fire, Flynn Needed To Proceed With Caution Could He Charm Her Into Confessing The Truth In Time Or Would A Killer S Next Move Incinerate His Dreams For A Happily Ever After On duty fireman Flynn O Shay entered a burning abandoned house retrieving an unconscious woman with no identification The unknown woman was dubbed in the media as Sleeping Beauty Flynn was captivated by her, he had questions about the fire and her involvement she slipped out of the hospital before he could get answers Whitney Charles appeared at Flynn s home with questions of her own she had no memory from the time she opened her condo door to awakening in the hospital Sensing her confusion, Flynn and Whitney began an adventure to find answers discovering someone wanted Whitney dead and anyone who got in the way was collateral damage Sleeping Beauty Suspect was an easy flowing story with action and intrigue from the beginning The flirty attraction between the characters added interest and the pointed fingers at the suspects kept the story moving at a good pace.