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Ceazia is back yet again I will have to say out of all 4 books I liked Married to the game to best This book was ok just way to much conflict if you ask me way to much of he and she setting up she and she.Ok Ceazia moves back to Virginia taking Diamond with her C up to her old tricks by trying to find a man with money to use him for his monety When Diamond and Shawn starts taking C was upset because she wanted Shawn for herself.But, Shawn was setting up to talk to Diamond so that him and Danielle could use Diamond to get the money that C stole from Snake after Snake died.Judah and Badman wanted the money that Shawn own so they use C to help them get the money back by getting Danielle involved in the middle of it But, the whole time C has a back up plan for a back up plan C still doing her little dirty by even using her girl Diamond in the middle of it But, at the end C no longer the gangster girl Overall book ok just way to much of setting up and I was like omg I like Married To the Game better, well finally this is the end of C. all over the place with mini supenses Danielle was a harmless version of ceazia her and Sean should stay far away from Each other just LIKE ceazia and Diamond who I happend to like Danielle is a horrible mom CEAZIA GOT LUCKY BUT TO DO THE SAME THING MORE THAN ONCE , CONTINUE TO LIVE THE SAME WAY , AND HAVE THE SAME MINDSET OF COURSE YOUR ASS is gonna go broke sean a broke dummy too just like the rest of the negros in todays society Stuff really back fired in the eyes of those who thought they would have it all Sean lost it all over 30k ceazia lost it all for that times 2 Danielle lost it all just to be some NBA baby mama She would be better off as a police informant.Why couldn t ceazia just get a job like a real woman instead of being like a bird smh I can t believe it ended like this good luck Diamond where s BJ The end of a saga Very interesting characters development Unpredictable I was not sure who to root for Everyone can t win Well done What I like about the book is that Ceazia and her boyfriend Vegas are always there for each other no what I think it is a good book It provides different real life situations that people go through It allows you to think about what you would do in that situation or maybe you agree with what they did The author did a good job The setting in the book can jump from one thing to another For example, Ceazia and her boyfriend Vegas can be at a party having a ggod time and then the next minute she s over her friend Tionna s house talking with her about her Tionna s boyfriend cheated on her Their relationship is something to look up to Its a book which means its fake but it can do alot for you You can learn alot The characters played their parts good They were good actors Ceazia and all her friends had good friendships but there were times when problems came They got over it all the time Ceazia s friend Mickie had decided that she was going to leave the group and start being an escort prostitute They were all telling her that wasnt the way to live her life but she insisted to do what she wanted Even when she started working at the club and left her friends they never gave up on her. ( Pdf ) ♶ The Return of a Gangsters Girl ⚐ Broken Hearted, Scorned Ceazia Is Home Back In Virginia Up To Her Old Ways With Her Road Dawg, Diamond, By Her Side She S Unstoppable, Until The Attention She S Used To Falls On The New Booty And Envy Rears Its Ugly Head Trust No One Without Knowing Their Agenda In The Scheme Of Things Or Be Ready To Find Out Who S Game Is Tighter This book had me pulled in from start to finish Ceazia never learns her lesson I love it when she doesn t though lol.The ending blew me away and was very unexpected I m just sad that there will be no Gangster Girl books Well, at least this author knows when to pull the plug She ended it very nicely without draggin it out. The authors point of view of The Return of A Gangster s Girl,is Exposition.I say its exposition because in the story it is a lot of exposing things in this story chunichi 49 I m pregnant and i don t want my boyfriend to know, said Diamond chunichi, 51 Shawn you know your girl pregnant by another guy right Just finish reading The Return of a Gangster s Girl all I can say is it s a must read Ceazia is up to her no good ways again I don t want to give out to much information but read it it is well worth it An characterization of The Return of a Gangster Girl was the character Ceazia She was an hustler and an gold digger, From that point on a guy could provide her with money Chunichi 10 Good Read