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Really, really, really predictable And illogical Since when would any police department let the lover of the witness be his guard And how exactly were Samuel Joel able to have these in depth conversations about how Joel was to carry on the mission in prison Wouldn t those conversations have been monitored The sex scenes were rather ho hum, and Chase comes across as too weepy most of the time The best part of the book was how Joel met his end. I am a fan of Lisa Marie Davis I enjoyed this story just as I have enjoyed all of the other books I have read from her so far This was not your typical mm romance only in the sense that it was of a thriller with romance mixed in..that s what I enjoyed the most..the difference.it was an engrossing and good storyaces.. I admit I was sucked into this book despite the often gruesome and harsh realities associated with the psychopathic killers that share page time with our main characters I struggle with violence of this type I don t really want to read about it It s too prevalent on the news as it is I use my romance erotica book reading time to escape that reality Had I known the secrets would be what they are I wouldn t have picked this book to read Chase spends a great deal of time in this book struggling with a few questions that I could totally understand him asking Taking into account what his father did and the newest turn of events his family puts him through, his actions seemed realistic I felt for him He was put in a terrible position that anyone would find untenable That he pulled himself through it and was able to reconnect with Kayne in a meaningful way was a miracle Additionally, the ending was not stereotypical in some ways Kayne does not rescue Chase Chase does not save himself Both tried and true clich s that are churned out in the last chapter of book after book like this I liked the ending however, again, it was too graphically violent for what I expect out of my romances So, on the one hand, a very well characterized tale of men falling in love under very difficult circumstances On the other hand, the violence too often overshadows much of the romance. This one definitely did not thrill me as much as I hoped it might At the end of the first chapter, though they re not actually anything alike the fake Doverville Demon vs Son of Sam , just having the thought He s the Son of Sam uel Really just soured me to the point that I wasn t sure I wanted to continue But I did.Then I got to see just how tortured Chase is, to the point of thinking stupid things that he eventually acted on, and even though I know there are people who feel this way IRL, it was just a train wreck waiting to happen, and I really didn t want to read it But I did.And I do my best to suspend my disbelief, but I cannot imagine any police force allowing a detective to continue working on his lover s case once they find out about the relationship And though I tried to enjoy it even knowing that was unrealistic, it just soured things further whenever I got to one of those unrealistic details.So yeah, it was HFN by the end, but the experience to get there just didn t do anything for me 2 stars. In a word Maybe read the thing First things first this book is hella dark Chase s father was a serial killer and he s just committed suicide while on death row Chase has done his best to separate himself from that part of his past, but then his younger brother Joel completely loses the plot and starts targeting Chase and the people closest to him Chase s only refuge in this shitstorm is his lover Kayne, who Chase had initially pushed away because of his troubled past but who is now back in Chase s life because the love is there Honestly, Chase and Kayne s relationship was probably my favourite part of the book because it was 1 almost disgustingly cute, and 2 made up probably the majority of the scenes that didn t frustrate me What becomes clear fairly quickly is that this story isn t a straightforward romance, it s a thriller that just happens to have a romance complete with sex scenes in it The story is told through both Chase and Joel s points of view, so a lot of the story s focus is on their shared past and Joel s current crimes One downside to this is that getting Joel s point of view means getting a lot of misogynistic rants and justifications for his, and by extension his father s, crimes It s quite disturbing and frustrating, especially when he s allowed to go on about all this woman hating bullshit and it s fairly unchecked because most of it is happening in his head Chase s sections tend to balance things out a bit with him vehemently disagreeing with everything Joel stands for The story isn t so much a mystery, as we know who the villain is in the first chapter it s a thriller with Chase and Kayne in hiding as they try to figure out where Joel will strike next Though I will say that I didn t find it overly suspenseful or anything, since a large part of the story was Chase and Kayne in the safe house with Chase blaming himself for everything that was happening, Kayne constantly reminding him that none of this is his fault and that he loves him, and Joel just seemingly running amok It was actually kind of boring a lot of the time, although it s pretty short so at least it was quick to read, even if the pacing came off as kind of sluggish read the full post at In A Word I enjoyed this one Aside from the one TSTL moment that set up the not very neat in a good way climax and resolution, the story was well crafted with characters that mostly seemed genuine I found the shrink to be a bit much, but that s just me. I was really not expeting this novel, or at least not the development it had Chase is the son of a serial killer and his father committed suicide in prison before the death sentence could do justice there is no doubt Chase s father was guilty even if, a bit, I was expecting some black point, some unclear clue that gave a little of hope to Chase that indeed his father was not a serial killer And instead no, Chase is the son of a monster and he has to live with this awareness Moreover, when his father dies and Chase s brother, Joel, calls him, the reader me, romantic at heart reads that scene like a last chance for Chase to rebuild at least a relationship with his brother and mother, now that his father, the killer, is dead And again, instead no, Joel is maybe even crazy than his father and almost immediately he becomes a killer himself There is no doubt to whom is the killer, there is no doubt that Chase is innocent, that he has no the same deviated gene his brother inherited by their father That is basically the main point of the novel Chase is flagellating himself with a sense of guilty that he has not reason to feel He is his father s son, that is true, but he has never once condoned his father s actions, let alone forgive him He completely changed his life, he detached himself not only from his past, but also from his future, not letting himself being loved by a good man, Kayne, that is a cop and comes from a steady and loving family Chase has not right, or merit, to have a man like Kayne by his side, Chase is guilty and he has to pay for his father s sins The problem is that no moral jury accused Chase, no one is pointing him like even a little responsible for his father s actions, not even when his brother starts to kill people around Chase to make him pay for a betrayal Joel feels he has committed towards him and their father, not even then Kayne and public opinion are accusing Chase And I don t think that, for Chase to be comfortable with his coscience, is enough he has the remission from someone Chase needs to condone himself, he needs to understand that he has not right to feel sorry, that he is not his father or brother, that he has no way to make things better on their stance Only then Chase will be ready to love and being loved back. It was okay Not terribly believable, and the characterization was a bit lacking Chase seems to rather overdo the tortured why me routine, and Kayne seemed kind of flat as well , but short enough that it didn t drag on incessantly That said, the basic premise was a pretty interesting one, and I feel like the idea s got some real merit to it but the execution put it in solid two star territory for me. This story has a possibility to be really good, UNFORTUNATELY, it reminds me TOO MUCH of Ms Davis s other story, Loving Lucas From Chase s characters, to Kayne s abudant I love you even the 3rd point of view of the murderer It s too much of similarities to make it stand on its own Which is too bad I still think it s nice, but I give stars for Loving Lucas. ^EPUB ↬ Shadows from the Past ☠ Chase Churchill Has Made A New Life For Himself, Hiding From His Family S Dark Secrets Under The Pseudonym Of A Graphic Novelist, But His Past And The Terrifying Possibilities Of The Future Still Haunt Him His Father Is An Insane Serial Killer, And Chase Dreads The Day His Father S Personality Will Manifest Itself In Him Desperate To Atone But Knowing It S Impossible, Chase Has Kept Everyone In His Life At Arm S Length, Including Kayne Kennedy, The Police Officer He Loves But Now The Murders Have Started Again, Targeting People In Chase S Life To Make Him Pay For Abandoning His Family Chase May Have No Choice But To Sacrifice Everything Even His Own Life To Keep Kayne And Everyone Else Safe From The Crazed Plans Of A Madman