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This wasn t a perfect book but I enjoyed it 100 percent The hero, Will, is a nerdy super shy virgin And the hottest one ever That was one of the problems but it was so minor view spoiler He was really good at sex when he got started that it was a bit unreasonable hide spoiler Easily 4 4.25 stars for me I love Will strong silent type man of few words He was so great with Jenny Wow, talk about soul mates I felt their chemistry and noticed how compatible they are I m full of cliches but her goes they bring the best of of each other Jenny and Will are both single for quite a while when they meet Jenny is outgoing and Will is almost a recluse Katie Allen did a wonderful job of telling the very lifelike story of Will Jenny I had this book on my Wish List for a long time maybe a year Off the subject for a sec, this book was written in 2009 it is still over 5.00 U.S I m not sure why the price hasn t gone lower but that is the main reason that I waited to read it I ve heard great things about B.T.S I agree I really like it would recommend this book It s a standalone pretty good ending There s a major plot twist about 3 4 through it s handled very well. [Free E-pub] ♗ Breaking The Silence ⚖ After Enduring A Horrific Childhood, William Jackson Lives A Solitary Existence Working As A Computer Programmer From His Minnesota Home His Safe Routine Is Blown To Pieces When The Daily Sight Of An Unknown Woman Walking Her Dog Sends His Heart Into A TailspinJenny Fitzgerald S Love Life Is At A Definite Low Her Only Potential Date In Sight Is Her Annoying And Creepy Coworker, Evan Until A Stunning Man Appears Before Her Like A Gift From Some Kindly Sex God Who Is She To Turn Down What S Offered To Her On A Hunky Blond Platter Will And Jenny S Friendship Develops As Their Hunger Grows Into Love Meanwhile, A Jealous Evan Watches, His Rage Building Until It Explodes In A Brutal Act Of Violence That Tears Jenny S Life Apart Will Struggles To Help Her Rebuild Her Courage And Sense Of Self As His Own Demons And Fragile Memories Threaten Their Chance At Happiness But Perhaps They Can Learn To Heal Each OtherReader Advisory This Book Contains A Realistic, Violent Near Rape Scene Edited May 18, 2015 Breaking the Silence from Katie Allen was such an incredible book for me What first caught my eye was the fact that the hero, who is a bit socially inept, but an amazingly looking specimen of manhood, was a virgin When it comes to virgin heroes, I am a big, big fan Not only does Katie deliver a wonderful portrayal of man who is assured working on his computer alone in his house than around people, but she has written a book that will hold your interest till the very last page.William Jackson has finally bought his own home after years of hard work He has overcome a great deal in his life where he was in a foster home that was full of horrors But William was able to survive and now he has a great life His work as a computer programmer may seem boring but he is pretty good at his job Ever since he moved into his house, he lives for the afternoon when he can watch a woman walk her dog along a path near his house William knows that this is a bit too stalker like and creepy, but William has no experience with women William has never gone on a date or even had a girlfriend His sexual experience is nothing because as he was growing up, he was always looking over his shoulder in fear He has never been at ease with people and has become a hermit But since he made the move to buy a house, he has a new outlook on life and will put one step in front of the other and try to meet the cute dog walker and make conversation with her.Jenny Fitzgerald is an engineer at a firm where she gossips with her co worker and gay friend, Christian who wants her to get laid Jenny hasn t had a date in forever and is at her wits end When she looks in the mirror, she sees a pretty nice looking face staring back at her But she can t understand why there are no men around for her to pick The only offer is from her overly friendly co worker Even who freaks her out He stares at her and always comes around to bother her There is even a pool at work for when he will finally ask her out Jenny is definitely not interested in that man, no matter how desperate she gets So instead she laments on her single status and walks her dog when suddenly a god from the sky appears in front of her.Jenny can t believe her luck when the most gorgeous guy she has ever seen is on the path she uses to walk Rosie, her dog He may not be much of a talker, but there is something about him that Jenny likes She may be a bit shallow in her attraction to the sex god since he is so beautiful to look at, but as she gets to know William, she can see he is a really nice guy who goes out of his way to listen to her talk and seems interested in her life And when she invites him to a work function, he accepts Jenny can t wait to show William off to everyone at work And perhaps she will get a few make out sessions with him.William never thought a beautiful woman like Jenny would give him the time of day He doesn t see his appeal and thinks the only reason people stare at him is because he looks awkward But when Jenny stares at him, he can t help but think that Jenny finds him pleasing Being with her makes him happy and he feels like he belongs He just hopes he can hold back his urges because he would love nothing than to throw her against a wall and have his way with her William s wishes keep coming true because Jenny would love for William to ravish her, and ravish her he does Jenny doesn t know that William is a virgin, not that it matters, because the sex they have together is mind blowing We are talking about firework exploding and stars shooting only in a romance Both are so over the moon with each other that they can t dare to leave each other s company William can hardly keep his emotions in check, he bawls like a baby during an intense session of lovemaking with Jenny Jenny thinks William is so perfect and too adorable for words.Everything is going great for both Jenny and William, that is until Evan, who is so obsessed with Jenny, wants revenge for refusing him What he does to Jenny may destroy the love both she and William have finally found with one another.Breaking the Silence is an emotional and so very romantic story We have two people who find something wrong with themselves, finding each other I couldn t help but compare Breaking Silence to the movie, Untamed Heart with Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei The reason is because the character of William reminded me so much like Christian in the movie William is the shy, not too vocal hero who adores the heroine with every sense of his being He is so uncomfortable in his own skin that it takes the love of Jenny, a fun and caring woman, to show William how great he is Some of you may think, oh waaa the boo hoo sexy hot hero has problems, but still looks incredible because of his looks I think the point that Katie is making with her story is that no matter what you look like to others, such as with William and his model looks, if you think you are below average or weird, it doesn t matter William s past made him into the man he was when Jenny meet him He is unsure and so afraid of living because when he was a teenage, someone cruelly took his innocence away When he finally meets Jenny and learns to live, he is still so very much an innocent, much like a baby taking their first few steps into the world.Jenny was perfect for William because she was almost the total opposite of William She was bubbly, optimistic and just enjoys life And her life became so much sweeter with William beside her Her initial attraction towards William was because of his appearance but that all changed when she saw who he was inside When it came to sex between these two, it was playful, loving and so very intimate, exactly what he needed.Also a word of warning The topic of rape is very blunt here and there is a scene that will make you cringe because it is a violent attempt at rape Katie makes sure to stop things before they can go so very wrong The aftermath and the recovery was handled so very well.Not many books make me want to go on and on why they are so very special, and Breaking the Silence is one of them Katie Allen has definitely caught my eye This is one book that shouldn t pass you by What a wonderful book I loved this sweet story Will was awesome Overcoming a terrible childhood but still lacking in social interactions Jenny helps him overcome his shyness and insecurity But he is also possessive, protective and sweet What kept this from being a five star At times the story dragged a little Not a lot, but sometimes scenes were too drawn out and I wanted to move on to the next one The sex scenes were hot, but I almost felt they too were too drawn out But I was happy with the quantity of sexy times The book started so sweet, I was worried it would be very Puritan But it was not alt all Other than Jenny and Will meeting and falling in love, not a lot else happened util a shocking event Luckily it brought them closer together.Totally safe from OW cheating Like could not be safe Safety Gang spoilers for other trigger view spoiler Jenny is physically and sexually assaulted Is it fairly detailed and disturbing He did not actually rape her, but the assault was tough Since it was such a sweet book, it was pretty shocking hide spoiler OkayI m going to have some HUGE SPOILERS on here but I ve got to rant a little.First of all, for the first 65% or so I loved this book It was light hearted, sweet, fun and HOT.Jenny was so cute and witty She said some of the funniest things I ve read in a while I loved how she brought Will out of his shell She was just what he needed.Willwhat can I say about Willfor a man with very little words he spoke volumes I absolutely loved how he would get off to fantasies of Jenny and he had never even met her He had only seen her from his window Slowly he came out of his shell and you begin to really see him He was so possessive and loving towards Jenny And for a virgin hero, MAN, could he set some sheets on fire Whewis it hot in here He must have watched a lot of porn And above all, when IT happens, he is there for her in all ways He was awesome.Now, one thing that bugged me a lot was around 84%, Will tells Jenny he loves her It s very clear she does too but what she says is I think I love you back Now, this just put a bad taste in my mouth We re already 84% in to the story and they ve spent several weeks together yes, it s a very quick romance so at this point, I would expect her to KNOW she loves him I DO NOT WANT I think I love you I want I love you too Too as in alsonot maybe, or I m not sure I want DEFINITELY I was SO girl crushing on her up to this point Then, I was just mad By this time, IT had happened and she knew what kind of man Will was He stood by her at a terrible time in her life He revealed his own personal tragedy to her so she would know he knew how she was feeling HE DID EVERYTHING RIGHT I was in love with him at this point SO, at 95% MAJOR SPOILER HERE, he asks her to marry him Her first response is Shit, really Then she says Oh, what the hell Okay And I m sitting here like WTF Uhhhh.How about a yes.THEN, he says I love you again And she says, wait for it Yeah, I figured WTF did I just read Now, when they have sex the first time after IT, she cries He wants to know if he did something wrongawwww, he s so sweet He wants to know why she s crying She says, I don t know why Relief Release Because I love you This is the closest we get to an I love you from her I was really disappointed 3.5 Disappointing Stars Safety Gang view spoiler Will is a virgin Jenny is not but it s been around 3 years for her since she s been with anyone.Evan, a coworker of Jenny s, tries to rape her It is as near rape as you can get without actual penetration He has beaten her up pretty badly He holds her down and rips her panties off He penis is at her opening trying to get in It is descriptive Will gets to her at this point I was kind of shocked it got to that point I wasn t expecting it to go quite that far Of course, she is traumatized but pulls out of it within a few weeks.Will was sodomized as a teen by another teen living in the foster home with him It is not detailed, just a recalling of him being on top of him from behind holding him down His father also killed himself by shooting himself in the head hide spoiler ehwell..no I didn t like it that much..it started out good Oh well apart from the fact that the word c ck,length and erection was mentioned a little to often right from the beginning..I like the idea of Will seeing her from his window and finally working up enough courage to actually go out to meet her, the sweet and shy man meeting the adorable and quite quirky girlThe sweet,shy virgin that never once told her she was his first everything..and he sure was a talent at many things O.oa little light spoiler aheada virgin that has no problem lasting and performing the first time he not only has sex, but from what you read also the first kiss,the first naked breast oh hell even the first time he s even close to a womanand get this he does not only last and makes it good for her AND he tries a little anal fingering..jeee impressive or whatand I m likeeh..no he would have blowed he s load right away and he would never ever play with the backdoor on his first timeand on the second time visit to the backdoor it was pretty much wham bam thank you mam.he was pounding away like you wouldn t believe it and she s like yeah uh yeah PREPARATION maybe.., and a lot less pounding would be a good idea..I can t believe I m about to write this.BUTit would actually have been better without the sex..The basics are a really sweet and fun love story but with the sex.bad porno.I like sex in a book..you know having a dirty mind and all..but not just sex..it has to be chemistry and feelings and build up and a few kisses written by the right author kisses can be sizzling hot believable characters and believable sex..oh wait is there good porn..uh well probably not so ok without the feelings and chemistry its like a porno with really ugly people and guys with really small d cks Overall rating 4.5 starsCheating view spoiler No hide spoiler I ve been wavering all day about my rating for this book.On the one hand, I really enjoyed it It was sweet, it was VERY hot, and I enjoyed the characters.On the other hand, there were some niggles I keep having about the story, so I am wavering between 3 and 4 stars.My niggles First off, was the heroine, Jenny s thinking to herself about how she really needs to get laid, only later to think to herself that she never got what all the fuss about sex was, she d never had really great sex Why do you feel the need to do something you never really enjoyed before lol Then there is the hero, William He was really shy, and really sweet A 28 year old virgin I love reading about those His reasoning behind still being a virgin were sound He had a hellish upbringing, which made him almost painfully shy and awkward in social situations What I didn t like was that we never got to see him tell Jenny that she was his first EVERYTHING His first date, his first girlfriend, his first kiss, his first sexual experience I really wanted to see that revelation, see how she reacted I don t know why, but I feel almost robbed somehow, that he never told her.And then there s Evan I figured pretty early on that he was bad news, and that he would somehow end up attacking Jenny And I was right But I felt it was too easy that he would run in front of a car and be killed He never had to answer for what he did, and it just seemed to easy, all nice and wrapped up in a little bow.But at the end of a day of thinking on the story, I still greatly enjoyed the story, the characters, and the writing, so I think I ll stick with 4 stars, although it s probably of a 3.5 read for me.