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~Free E-pub ♩ Day By Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile ♠ The Terrifying Sequel To Day By Day Armageddon For Fans Of The Walking Dead JL Bourne Is The New King Of Hardcore Zombie Action Brad Thor Armies Of Undead Have Risen Up Across The US And Around The Globe There Is No Safe Haven From The Diseased Corpses Hungering For Human Flesh But In The Heat Of A Texas Wasteland, A Small Band Of Survivors Attempt To Counter The Millions Closing In Around Them Survivor, Day By Day, The Handwritten Journal Entries Of One Man Caught In A Worldwide Cataclysm Capture The Desperation And The Will To Survive As He Joins Forces With A Handful Of Refugees To Battle Soulless Enemies Both Human And Inhuman From Inside An Abandoned Strategic Missile Facility But In The World Of The Undead, Is Mere Survival Enough 3,5 8 10 Re posted from Hmmmmm Did I enjoy this book as much as it s predecessor, Day By Day Armageddon Short answer No Long answer also no Shall I elaborate From a technical standpoint you have to concede that Beyond Exile is Day By Day s superior Technically A lot of the flaws of the first book are absent here The problem is, as you may have guessed by my quote marks Is that I never thought of Day By Day s flaws as, well, flaws Did the plot tend to meander, which sudden narrative events coming out of nowhere Yep Was the majority of the action described to the reader after it had already happened Yep again But as I said in my review of that book, these things gave the novel a uniquely authentic feel The plot and structure did not adhere to what one would expect from a novel, and as such the book felt like a genuine diary, instead of a book in diary form This, for me anyway, lent to the book a level of suspense that it might otherwise have lacked.Beyond Exile, however, reads like somebody took Bourne aside and explained that if he was going to be writing books then he d best start learning the rules The result feels very forced Day by Day meandered, yes, but it felt natural, things happened randomly just like they do in real life But Beyond Exile has a rather structured plot, and when reading the book you can feel the author pushing his characters here and there This neatly robs the book of the genuine diary charm, and without that the story definitely suffers.And despite all this talk of structured plotting, I actually doubt that Bourne sat down beforehand and plotted this book out Obviously I don t know how it went down, but I d bet money that both books were written in one go with no structured plan, but with Day by Day he was maybe ignorant of the rules, and with his sopho effort a little bit too aware of them.For example, early in the book a metric crap tonne of new characters metric crap tonne being the academic term are introduced and through a few highly coincidental plot twists our still unnamed narrator is put in charge of all of them But you can practically hear the cogs turning in Bourne s mind, realising that a man in command of many lives, who orders others to go do dangerous things instead of doing them himself, maybe isn t the best POV character But instead of rewriting the plot, he just twists it around until the problem is solved As I ve said already, it feels very forced.But the book is not wholly flawed A new character is introduced who I found very interesting, an Arab man who teams up with our Hero Bourne skilfully toys with the reader, making us wonder is he a terrorist Isn t he Which, I know, sounds like is could be awful and than a little offensive, but works really well I also like how the Hero s relationship with a character from the first book develops into , but almost entirely off screen It gives the impression that there s a lot going on in his life than what he puts down on paper.The ending Pretty much as non existent as the first, neatly setting up the third book Will I be reading that book Yes But I hope that Bourne develops a little confidence in his writing to write what he wants, and all rules be dammed. Just finished books 2 3, and I am in for each every book of this superb series Excellent plot, characters, graphics and progression Standout ay by Day Armageddon was one of the first books I read when I became interested in zombie literature, to go hand in hand with my fascination with zombie movies, almost exactly four years ago As is the case with many people who enjoyed its personal approach to the apocalypse as told by an active officer in the military, I have waited all this time for the long hoped for sequel Since J.L Bourne is himself an active member of the military, my guess is that he was only able to write bits and pieces of this update of the saga between active tours of duty While it may have been frustration for us fans of the first book to have waited this long, I have to say that the wait was well worth it An issue that some people had with the first book was perhaps the intentional diary approach to the book, with typos left in and even the text a bit rougher than you would get from a traditional novel That is no longer an issue, as the format of this book is traditional, with no errors in the text, intentional or not I myself had no issues with that previously, but with it gone, it is one less point of criticism that someone may have with this type of storytelling We once again get a diary of a military officer facing down the zombie apocalypse and this one picks up where the last journal ended, under ground, in the nuclear missile silo the author has dubbed Hotel 23, shortly after an attack by hostile survivors that failed to penetrate its defenses This is once again a personal journey of one man, with other people entering and exiting the story at different intervals The characters in the first novel that are with the main character in Hotel 23 remain, but do not play a pivotal role here The story has dramatic swings to it than the previous tale, where it was mainly one man gathering who he could with him to find any place they could to survive In this story, the military is reintroduced and play a huge role in the goings on of this tale This allows the story to progress beyond what could have amounted to a group of people just trying to hide out underground for the duration of the apocalypse Instead, the main character is required to make tough decisions and take on new responsibilities that will lead him away from H23 for the bulk of this tale and once again make this a intriguing saga of one man s path, out in the open, during the zombie apocalypse My favorite character, and one which I am gathering much will be revealed about in a future journal, is Saien, who our main character meets during his desperate travels and appears to be equally as capable if not so than the main character at surviving in zed infested territory His background is perhaps not completely shrouded in mystery, but it is clear there is to the man than what the diary indicates Suffice it to say, he is an interesting addition to the characters in the book, and the only one that shared a great deal of pages with the main character While there is a bit of romance afoot for our hero, it is certainly not a significant part of this journal Personal interactions like that are kept to a minimum, with some character commentary that reveals bits and pieces, but the action is what the author targets, as is natural in a journal format such as this While there is a great deal of military terminology, the author goes to significant lengths to make the layman, like me, feel comfortable with the equipment and hardware being used in the story This is not a story about an every day guy beating the odds and surviving, but about someone who has gone through survival training, has a great familiarity with weaponry, hand to hand combat, and battle tactics most of us are not privy to, which makes this book fairly unique among most zombie stories written I personally enjoyed the gritty, personal perspective that this book and the previous novel have A journal format does have its weaknesses minimal dialogue, limited perspective, and by necessity, we know that the person who is penning the journal is okay because they continue to write about their exploits day after day But done well, it is a compelling format, and it is hard to say that anyone out there does it any better than J.L Bourne. Finished this morning and to be honest I was glad I was done.There is book 3 but to me this book became a bit over the top en again to me, ridiculous so I think I am going to not read the last book He is going to China I believe This author is a typical male writer but that is not fair cause I know many male authors who can come up with good detailed characters.Lots of talk about the weapons which I do not care much about.I am sure there are people who will enjoy this book though. Ahora nuestro militar de alto rango nos deja en su diario la aventura que l en solitario ejerce para salvar a unas personas La trilog a sigue teniendo los mismos problemas con su falta de acci n bien narrada y mal descrito los lugares. Just as good as the first one J.L Bourne has done it again The sequel to Day by Day Armageddon picks up with our hero in an underground military base when a distress call from an army squad trapped near the city leads him back into the fray Bourne does an excellent job of amping up the difficulty for his protagonist in this one, forcing him out of the comfort of a base and again exploring the thrill of survival out in the zombie wasteland In the process, Bourne introduces stronger zombies in larger numbers, some demented survivors, and a secret organization that has a very strange motivation at keeping him alive Bourne s knowledge of cutting edge weapons, military tactics and overall survival basics makes him the perfect author for this story He ramps up the weaponry, but also the stakes as he finds a way to increase the threat from both living and undead to make our hero s life even harder than last time.The end of the book sets up the next installment with great anticipation as we discover the origin of the zombie plague and the trial our hero will have to endure to help find the cure.