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I read this and college and went back and re read this book is phenomenal I know that people are torn as to whether Mr Mumia Abu Jamal is guilty or not, but I just became enthralled in his story and journey and what his life is like and it is really interesting No matter where you stand on the death penalty in my opinion when you have someone this articulate, who seems to be non violent now it should at least give you pause as to whether the system works No matter what you believe about the case and Mumia it is important to know his books and case had enough doubt and publicity that the death penalty was dropped eventually and he has life without parole and is back in general population I strongly recommend if you have an interest in human rights or criminal justice. An important book, he covers mainly the inside view of life and death on death row and the injustices personal and societal he has witnessed Towards the end he opens into broad political essays, with one paragraph I will keep at hand that calls out the hypocrisy in the numerous violent aggressions of the US juxtaposing it against the facetious embrace of King s legacy of nonviolence Because of the depth of philosophy, spiritual and political writing in Death Blossoms , his later work, I actually prefer that book, but I look forward to finding and reading by this insightful visionary revolutionary thinker. Mumia is a former Black Panther The facts support his having been framed in the murder of the cop, a crime for which he was nearly executed.Live from Death Row, written before his sentence was commuted, is not, however, a vehicle he uses to advocate for himself or plead his own case to the public He has written other books I haven t read, and I don t know if he did that there.Instead, here he uses his own situation to discuss the racism inherent both in the U.S court system he also talks about racism on death row.The mandatory fresh air time, prized and treasured by men who rarely see the clear blue sky, is an Apartheid one, at least in Supermax, RHU,SMU, and SHU ultimate maximum security prisons, which he says have swelled since jailhouse overcrowding has made prisons tenser places and people are tossed into the hole The vast majority of prisoners are Black, though they are a minority of the population at large, and in the Pennsylvania prison he describes, 80% of those maximum security cases, those who wear Black skin, are crowded into a courtyard They can t see green grass or the outdoors, only four brick walls and way up there, blue sky Why And where are the other prisoners going The other prisoners who are also maximum security who are not Black have a SEPARATE courtyard, which is surrounded by chain link fencing with razor wire, but has the view The 20% have the perk of a much less crowded space and the capacity to see Mother Earth during their treasured time outside prison walls.As to the racist system that places Blacks on death row at such a startlingly high rate, he offers the following statistics and footnotes all of them like the scholar he was before being incarcerated, and continues to be behind prison walls He uses a Georgia case because it is one which caused the Supreme Court to recognize the following facts defendants charged w killing Caucasian victims are 4.3 times as likely to be sent to death row as those charged w killing Blacks the race of the victim determines whether or not a death penalty is returned nearly 6 of 11 defendants who received the death penalty for killing Caucasians would not have received the death penalty if their victims had been Black 20 of every 34 defendants sentenced to death would not have been given the death sentence if their victims had not been Caucasian.He continues to pound one damning fact upon another, and cites court cases to back them up those above come from McClesky vs Kemp 1987 If the case sounds old, I would argue that precedents are set by very old cases indeed, and of course, this book was published early into the 2000 decade I doubt a recent gathering of data would return favorable information in the case of jail overcrowding, I suspect the recession has made it worse I recently read in the national news that the most minor offenders i.e., those who were arrested because they possessed marijuana or because they did not have a Green Card on their person at the time they were approached have been released to ease crowding in prisons I wonder how much good it has done.I applaud Mumia for using his well known case to set the facts before us, rather than trying to build momentum to save himself There was a considerable amount of public pressure NOT to execute him, and I do think that had to do with his sentence being commuted as it was, my kids urban U.S high school was barely holding together , according to a counselor I knew there, the day that Mumia s case was turned away by the U.S Supreme Court.If you are interested in reading about social justice issues, this relatively slender volume holds an astounding amount of really critical information I appreciate Mumia s relentless effort to make the public, both in the US and internationally, aware of the atrocities that continue to visit Black prisoners in the USA. Pick it up, read it, decide what action you feel you need to take Political prisoners are nothing new, but in the time of Facebook, Goodreads, Blogs and , we all have a outlet for our political views Challenge anything that you feel to be unjust. Beautiful Heartbreaking Free Mumia. Say what you want, guilty or not, there is no denying that Mumia Abu Jamal is a brilliant mind I respect the amount of research he put into his writing, and the tone of the book brings about views and points that need to be prevalent to society now I also found it interesting to note that in this book, Mumia represents himself as this writer , a term that I found simple yet endearing I want to read about his case, his writing, published articles An amazing read, we ll worth it if you want to find cracks in the system. Just reading the sections on how Mumia was railroaded during his trial and the following appeals and how The Baldus Study has proven that defendants charged with killing whites are 4.3 times likely to be sentenced to die then defendants charged with killing blacks 6 of every 11 defendants convicted of killing a white would not have received a death sentence had their victim been black are infuriating From that study alone it shows how the Black Lives Matter movement is very much needed Cause the courts apparently don t think so And before you argue that that study is old, take a moment, pause, and think of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Gardner, and the many other cases that have happened in the last couple years and reconsideer.I also found it very strange to realize that our correctional centers don t have much correcting going on Mumia is right, what is the point of have prisoners locked up most of the day in tiny cells and then give them an hour or two of time in a courtyard outside For prisoners going back to the regular world someday this is asinine We are giving them no tools or skills to help make themselves a better people and they end up leaving the same or worse then they were before.In conclusion This is an IMPORTANT book Read it nerds. This was a mistake for me to have picked up I know next to nothing about this man or this case but was am interested in learning Being that I don t know a lot about this I can t come to a conclusion on whether I think he s innocent or guilty and whether or not I think the trial was biased I m inclined to assume he s guilty Most people convicted are guilty He may be one of the few with mitigating circumstances, I don t know But the little of this book that I read was someone crying about prison conditions Um, yeah, prison sucks Don t kill people Don t rape kids Don t rob old ladies or banks I m fairly positive I wouldn t like prison too much so I refrain from commiting crimes Or, I m sorry, should we fill the prisons with king sized beds and gourmet food Or maybe have no prison at all Just let everyone do whatever the hell they want If anyone knows of a book that I could learn about this man s case from I m be interested in getting the recommendation I do NOT, however, want to read about how prison life is lacking. Read it Then act on it Due to a recent Supreme Court reject of the case, he might not be live much longer Write a letter to President Obama, ask for his executive clemency If you need help writing that letter, send me a mail and I will send you a letter to draw from. `Download Book ⇧ Live from Death Row ↞ Amazing EPub, Live From Death Row By Mumia Abu Jamal This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Live From Death Row, Essay By Mumia Abu Jamal Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You