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!DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⚆ Powers of Darkness ♖ Amazing Books, Powers Of Darkness By Robert Aickman This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Powers Of Darkness, Essay By Robert Aickman Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I think there may be a tendency to over inflate the qualities that make up an Aickman esque story, a term generally implying a quasi horror story featuring a sad sack protagonist with allegorical subtlety and fine pacing and slice of weird or strange and a degree of critique about everyday life, when you are talking about the stories of Aickman themselves, while when you look in the flesh, as in the stories here, Aickman was than a one trick pony Surely one of those most Aickman esque of the Aickman tales, My Poor Friend , is in this volume but then you also have those like The Visiting Star which reads and plays out much like traditional weird tales, even close to the sort of story that EC Comics might have ran if EC Comics had time to include references to 19th century theater, out of season hotel accommodations, and the decreasing viability of lead mining in Britain The Wine Dark Sea has flavors of Dunsany, if Dunsany were to dial the language down a few notches but not all the way and include a little of the sexy rumpus Likewise, Larger than Oneself is absorbing reading, both a parody of those who seek to fix life through spiritual means and a critique of life without something like a healthy spirituality Both A Roman Question and Your Tiny Hand in Mine mix elements of ghost stories with occasionally bitter and often funny commentary.In fact, I would almost 40% recommend this book for its erudite and very dry wit Your average story here, even those with stronger supernatural or strange elements, manages to be about 25 pages of commentary and 5 of properly weird stuff A Roman Question , for instance, involves a middle aged married couple, one who now does things to tolerate the other than actually spend time with them, goes to an art conference neither have any interest in While there, they stay with an older couple and a young woman older couple rents out a pair of rooms to the visitors, the young woman is another conference goer and much of the story is the weirdness of being thrust into a stranger s well lived life hearing old stories and dead names and long ago concepts The dead quality of the poorly tended street, the oddly missing chapters of what really happened to the couple s favored son, and such odd excursions as finding a dead horse near the road possible Aickman wit for the family s tendency to hash out the same things over and over , are generally swamped by the tedium of normal life and quiet misery disguised as contented joviality By the time a rather strange seance shows up and some sounds are heard, you are ready for a ghost to show up to relieve the boredom Being an Aickman story, though, you are left without a proper dose to knock the doldrums, and are left with the idea that if things outside the mortal kin are there, they stand to be just as long and vapid and eternally bland as our everyday accoutrements One great thing is how seemingly overblown phrases hide a smirking Cheshire Cat grin at one point in the The Wine Dark Sea , a male character is being seduced by a female he had already identified as Air , and the phrase is, The heavens opened up above him while in Larger than Oneself , a main character is implied in several ways to be somewhat overweight but outside of a concern about food, the only real way we are shown this is after a passing out session, two other characters are described as rubbing their wristspresumably from lifting a heavy load Think strange stories, a dose of early 20th century weird fantasy mixed in, hints of ghosts and old things bumping somewhere in the night, without caring too much about such things, and a bitter humor that would not be out of place, even if it went over the average viewer s head, in a wry movie Do not know enough about Aickman to know if this is the collection to have but am willing to find out.PS Wrote a blog post about My Poor Friend , which is my favorite of the six stories A Roman Question is a close second I called it It is not unusual to get to the end of a Robert Aickman story and then to stare at the wall for a few quiet moments, ending with a Hmmm which should help to post script this review both in the title alone, and in some of my discussion about horror blended commentary as found in the story. This collection contained two stories I have read before, only one of which I re read on this occasion, and four others that were new to me.In Your Tiny Hand is Frozen Aickman reveals his distaste for telephones and the social sickness they can lead to as people become addicted to their use and the rest of their life suffers Perhaps the telephone network is nothing but a metaphorical sea of detached, disembodied and lonely people trying to make contact with others The author follows this chain of thought to it s terrifying extreme.In My Poor Friend we get a story that possibly parallels Aickman s own experiences in lobbying government on behalf of the Inland Waterways Association The endless committees, discussions and procrastinating is palpably felt Larger than Oneself is about a successful businessman who, in the interests of finding a common ground between the many different religions, invites a selection of important theological thinkers and religious leaders to his house for a gathering While he hopes to unify their sense of purpose he begins to despair, ironically missing the event in which the rest get unified in a new and terrifying way The Wine Dark Sea is one of Aickman s less esoteric stories, perhaps making a good entry point for those new to the author s work although it appears at the end of this collection.All of the stories were suitably strange, with layers of meaning buried beneath the surface and delivered in Aickman s usual quality prose style But I m going to be hard line and mark this collection down a star simply to indicate that I didn t think this collection was quite as strong overall as the others I have read Still very good though.