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Very good series moves from book one to five without any problems. A wonderful ending to a wonderful series. Rated 4.5 starsA spin off is needed too many severe issues in the world, too many skilled warriors and skilled staff with too much highly skilled equipment to be just shelved. Undercover to try and root out the bad guys and end stop the sale of the zombie tech, Sam pilots his way to love with fellow co pilot Spec ops soldier Sam Archer suspects Praxis Air of being involved in spreading the latest biological weapon zombies What started out as research to help soldiers heal faster turned into disaster when Dr Jennings, the creator of the contagion, decided to sell it to the highest bidder His idea an army of reanimated corpses Now Sam must infiltrate Praxis Air, find out who is involved and stop the infestation before it wipes out the human race And he can only hope that his sexy new boss is innocent because he really wouldn t like to tell his commanding officer that he s slept with the enemy, would he With Scott Southerland in charge of Praxis Air after his father s death, Emily Parkington has begun to notice some suspicious goings on Incomplete cargo logs and blank passenger manifests, all heading to the same general area of the country The death of two pilots lead her to confront Scott but later that day, she almost dies when the brakes in her car fail This potentially fatal accident, on top of the shady activities, leads Emily to conduct her own search for the cause of this strange behavior in secret So when Sam is brought on as the latest new pilot for the airline, she is of course wary of his involvement but instantly attracted to him as well They form a tentative bond of sorts that is deeply shaken when she finds him snooping through cargo When Emily s twin brother in the Air Force returns for a visit, he knows something is up Emily confesses her suspicions and the attempt on her life so her brother sweeps the house for listening devices and finds one, with Sam answering on the other end Now Sam must come forward and confide in brother and sister He can t reveal much, but Emily agrees to help in order to save her precious airline from Scott s evil intentions It isn t until she comes face to face with a walking corpse that she realizes the extent and the horror of what is going on around her It has becomeimportant than ever for her and her sexy co pilot to stop this contagion and possibly find true happiness But when they stumble upon Dr Jennings hideout, they find themselves introuble than anticipated with backup too far away for immediate help Can their newfound love survive a zombie apocalypse Only Bianca D Arc can say This witty, fast paced novel is wonderfully written D Arc creates dynamic, fully formed characters who stay true to themselves throughout countless adversities While zombies aren t the sexiest enemy in the paranormal world, Dead Alert did not lack for passion, heat, suspense even downright sensuality Because when you re fighting a deadly disease and could die at any moment, the sex is that much hotter But there was an even balance of sexiness and adventure, trading thrill for thrill in the latest novel from the talented Bianca D Arc. Dead Alert Guardians of the Dark 5 by Bianca D Arc 5 out of 5 starsISBN0758247338 ISBN13 9780758247339 edition languageEnglishseriesGuardians of the Dark 5http angelswithattitudebookreviews http www. Dead Alert ebooFor Emily Parkington, the thrill of flying charter planes for Praxis Air has lately been tinged with dread Mysterious cargo flights and a high number of fatal crashes lead Emily to suspect something sinister behind the scenes And if her new colleague is involved, Emily won t hesitate to turn him in, in spite of Sam Archer s sexy charm and irresistibly easy confidence Enemy or potential ally Sam can t be sure of anything where Emily is concerned, except how much he wants her Immune to the zombie virus created through military research, Sam is working undercover to find out if Praxis is trafficking forbidden technology It was a potentially deadly assignment even before he found himself distracted by a woman he scarcely knows And when a controlled experiment goes horribly wrong, there will be no limit to the danger they both faceor how far he s willing to go to save herMy ThoughtsMy first book by this author and it was very enjoyable.I related with the characters and I thought that the book was very funny.I kept laughing at the quick whit of Emily her humor was invigorating Sam was not hard on the eyes either sexy a charming x Green Beret Emily is a pilot and sees unusual things happen with the cargo she is transporting The death of two pilots lead her to confront Scott but later that day, she almost dies when the brakes in her car fail This potentially fatal accident, on top of the shady activities, leads Emily to conduct her own search for the cause of this strange behaviorin secret So when Sam is brought on as the new pilot for the airline, she is of course wary of his involvement,but instantly attracted to him as well.Sam is called in to investigate going under cover as a temporary pilot he is also has sercrets of his own.He is ex military an already knows what is going on behind the scenes he just needs to prove it now The are transporting zombies and experiment gone wrong and the equipment to funds such and operation to makezombies.It isn t until she comes face to face with a walking corpse that she realizes the extent and the horror of what is going on around her.She needs to join forces with Sam and her brother who is home on leave from the air force to put a stop to this injustice While on this mission her feeling blossom for Sam and they are in involved in a hot a heavy affair for the moment but, Sam is dreaming for hoping this will last beyond the mission but, he has his doubts once Emily learns his secret.This was a witty, fast paced novel and I thought wonderfully well written.With all there challenges Sam and Emily faced along there wild a crazy adventure with fighting a deadly disease where they could die at any moment they found each in passion and in love..This book did not lack passion, or heat,or suspense and was full with humor a recommended read to all It was ok, but I didn t love it and the style and tone of the writing wasn t my favorite The writer goes too far in making the main characters perfectly mannered and likable The main characters didn t cause me to have much emotional response because they didn t seem real The entire first half of the book was just setting up the main characters as a couple and they didn t encounter any real obstacles with the bad guys or zombies until 2 3 of the way through It got a littleinteresting then, but the fights were not that suspenseful and it was over pretty fast This is the fifth book in the series, and I hadn t read any of the previous books, but it didn t seem like that mattered much Maybe if I had been invested in the series then I would have caredabout the progress they made toward defeating the bad guys It was free from the library though and it could have been worse Not too much of interest here, moving on. This book seems to bring everything to a close Things were done in a way that leave me satisfied Emily is in a bad situation, she knows something is wrong and is trying to figure it out When Sam shows up and she finds him sticking his nose in where it doesn t belong Soon Sam has to decide whether to trust her or not and they are thrown into a crazy situation. Action packed When we were first introduced to Sam, I knew he d end up being a great part of the team, and hoped he d get his own story Sam and Emily s relationship may have started off with a lie, but their story was filled with strength, hope, and so much action Seriously awesome story..I know this is currently the last book in the series, but I hope the author chooses to continue on with this cast of characters There was a helicopter proletariat in one of the first books with Sam Ron that I d love to know what happened to, the brother Hank , and now the whole new team Please give me ^FREE ↙ Dead Alert (Guardians of the Dark, #5) ↡ Sizzling Attraction Meets Unstoppable Adventure In Bianca D Arc S Captivating New Paranormal RomanceFor Emily Parkington, The Thrill Of Flying Charter Planes For Praxis Air Has Lately Been Tinged With Dread Mysterious Cargo Flights And A High Number Of Fatal Crashes Lead Emily To Suspect Something Sinister Behind The Scenes And If Her New Colleague Is Involved, Emily Won T Hesitate To Turn Him In, In Spite Of Sam Archer S Sexy Charm And Irresistibly Easy ConfidenceEnemy Or Potential Ally Sam Can T Be Sure Of Anything Where Emily Is Concerned, Except How Much He Wants Her Immune To The Zombie Virus Created Through Military Research, Sam Is Working Undercover To Find Out If Praxis Is Trafficking Forbidden Technology It Was A Potentially Deadly Assignment Even Before He Found Himself Distracted By A Woman He Scarcely Knows And When A Controlled Experiment Goes Horribly Wrong, There Will Be No Limit To The Danger They Both Faceor How Far He S Willing To Go To Save HerPraise For Bianca D Arc D Arc Delivers A Creepy And Pulse Pounding Story Of Danger Romantic Times On Half Past Dead D Arc S Stories Are A Pleasure To Read Romantic Times