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OkI am not even sure I want to admit that I ever even read this book, but I did It was the mid 70s during the era of The Omen and The Excorcist, not to mention the Cold War Having been raised in the evangelical church, the rhetoric of Kirban s tale was a familiar one As an impressionable teen I was both fascinated and frightened Apocalyptic tales were my mysterium tremendems et fascians and I could not get enough I do not remember a lot about this book Reviews tell it is mostly awful But I am intrigued enough that I may pick it up one day and read it again. This novel follows the dispensational pre tribulation perspective The book tries to fit in every conceivable Biblical prophecy into that perspective In short, the book is an almost incoherent mess. Today I m going through Goodreads to add books that rocked my world as an evangelical kid in the 70s Before I discovered Stephan King or science fiction, it was books like this one that gave me my chills Imagine an apocalyptic dystopia, kinda like Orwell, except with the talent sucked out and in its place screwy evangelical eschatology, and you have the gist of this one. I read this when I was a teen I would like to find another copy It had some interesting views on the rapture and the tribulation The book is fiction but the author supported his ideas with scripture location in the margin of the book I would like to read of this authors work. Read this book as a secondary school boy and i must say its effect has been a lasting one on my life.I think it is a must read for everyone. IF you like end time novels, like Left Behind, then you ll like this one It was one of the first books of it s type that I know of, and very well written In fact I was never able to keep a copy of it, or the sequel 1000 because I kept giving them away lol |READ EPUB ⚖ 666 ☩ Is A Novel Therefore Much Of It Should Be Considered Fictional However, What This Story Is Based On Is From The Bible Itself And Should Be Considered Factual In Those SituationsFirst Event Depicted Is The Rapture Of Believers From The Earth Where Christians Go To Meet Jesus Christ In The Air As He Appears To Take Them To Heaven With Him This Event Is Followed By A Period Of Seven Years Called The Tribulation Period, Marked Especially At The Halfway Point By The Abomination Of Desolation Committed By The Anti Christ, Named Brother Batholomew, Denoting The Beginning Of The Great Tribulation Period Spoken Of In The Book Of The RevelationUsing The Technologies Of The Day, The Anti Christ Will Create A Common Market Bringing All Humans Under His Control For Both Commerce And Religion Ultimately, He Becomes A World Dictator, With The Goal In Mind Of Standing Against God And His Judgment Of The EarthThe Mark Of Will Be The Key To The Story As Mankind Will Receive This Mark In Order To Be Able To Do Business, Travel And Any Host Of Normal Functions That They Seek Those Who Become Christians And Resist The Mark Will Be Punished And In Some Cases Even Killed For Their Unwillingness To Submit To The Anti Christ S ReignSuspense Is The Element That Permeates Through This Story Which Depicts The Suffering And Terror Inflicted By This World Leader On His Subjects I actually enjoyed reading this book back in the seventies At least it is better than those monstrosities Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins put out I wonder why he keeps switching from first to third person. A chilling story set in a static present state The book moves in time but correlating them to reality never moves it to the past Left me with what ifs that I d rather forget Some books are better left unread. Another of the sensationalist novels spawned by the Rapture craze of the early 1970 s One of the interesting things about this ne is that it real news phitigraphs and stories to illustrate the story.