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@Download Ebook ⚝ Christmas with Her Boss ¹ Meg Jardine, Personal Assistant Extraordinaire, Is Convinced She S About To Lose Her Job Her Gorgeous, Dark And Deeply Unimpressed Boss, William McMaster, Is Stranded In Melbourne Over Christmas And It S All Her Fault With Her Heart In Her Mouth, She Invites The Intimidating Billionaire Home For The HolidayAt Meg S Chaotic, Cozy Family Farm, William S Cold Reserve Begins To Melt Away Suddenly They Re Seeing Each Other In A Whole New Light, And Country Girl Meg Has Shot Straight To The Top Of William S Christmas List The heroine has the perfect job she only works when her boss is in the country For 3 or 4 weeks, she can drop her real life, focus exclusively on work, and then when he skips town again, she can go back home But then everything blows up when the airline people go on strike just before Christmas, all the hotels get booked and the boss our hero has nowhere to stay So she invites him home to the family dairy farm with her There s no Internet, few amenities and lots of cows Also a grandma and little brother still recovering from the horrible accident that killed their parents Boss has horrible Internet withdrawal pains Also pangs involved in cracking open his hardened, workaholic shell The heroine has trouble remembering to keep her distance This is a sweet, romantic, Christmassy story that will tug at your heartstrings, but never, IMO, stoops to sloppy sentimentality Grandma is a hoot The brother is a typical teen, with his own issues It s just a great book I liked it a lot. Christmas with Her Boss was a cute little Christmas romance set in rural Austrailia The hero is a wealthy businessman who has closed himself off from all emotions until he is forced by circumstances to spend Christmas with his personal assistant at her family farm The heroine is a really nice, intelligent and hard working woman who is very realistic about the hero s place in her life She starts to care for him but doesn t see how they could make it work since he is so closed off to feelings and he is a super weathly businessman who lives in a different world than her He learns how to slow down and enjoy life for once and realizes that the heroine is worth risking his heart.I really enjoyed the story, it was well written and a cute, sweet holiday story The heroine s family was a nice close knit group, I enjoyed seeing how they loved each other The hero wasn t some jerk, he was pretty funny sometimes and could be really kind hearted when he let himself feel emotions There are no love scenes in this book, just a warning Only kisses I would have liked an epilogue but it was still a cute ending. Well I just found a new comfort author I really enjoyed this book A boss secretary romance where both characters are concerned about boundaries A buttoned up, emotionally distant hero A heroine who has had to make sacrifices in order to keep what is left of her family together A hot Australian Christmas setting on a dairy farm was a nice change of pace from the normal North America frou frou typically found in holiday romances and I loved the cozy feel of the story It takes place over a weekend, so the romance does move rather fast which is really the only thing I m going to ding this book over A B on my personal scale but I immediately went diving into my TBR to see if I haveMarion Lennox on hand. Meg Jardine works for a young, rich and very handsome man who lives in Australia just for three months in a year Their relationship is strictly professional and they have never seen each other in a different way from what they really are a boss and his personal assistant This Christmas, though, things are going to be very dissimilar from the past Because of a plane strike, the loner and aloof boss, William McMaster, is forced to spend Christmas time at Meg s farm with her family, and they risk to cross the line and become somethingthan employer and employee.I loved this story It is fun and light hearted, a good read for any season It was strange to read about a hot Christmas, since the whole story is set in Australia and the characters wear light clothes and short sleeved shirts all the time, but I loved the atmosphere, the plot, everything the protagonists share and do It was nice to see how the strict boss slowly becomes aware of his assistant s real nature and starts to berelaxed and agreeable with her family and friends Perhaps, this is a common, already seen story but it was good all the same It is a romantic story mixed with laughs and embarrassing situations and I had a great time reading it Besides, it would be awesome to have a boss like William McMaster If you want to take a break from cold Christmas with snow and icy wind I highly recommend this delightful and pleasant book Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars.