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MANTA, ANNA, YOH NO PUEDO CON ESTO ES GENIAL COMO VA AVANZANDO LA HISTORIA. The longer Oyamada hangs out with Yoh, the he learn about the strange and dangerous world of Shamans, and the potential they have to defeat even their strongest enemies Takei gives readers an enjoyable and informative entry to the Shaman King series with this engaging continuation Family is only as strong as its bonds including those to the dead. Following up on concepts laid out in its preceding volume, this installment of Shaman King goes almost balls deep into the supernatural battle manga genre Having been made aware of the Shaman Fight during his encounter with Tao Ren, Yoh undergoes severe training imposed upon him by his fiancee Anna, becoming a decent counter to Ren s sister Jun and her zombified Lee Pyron.With this volume, Takei continues the trajectory laid by generic battle manga In the first volume, the reader meets Manta and Yoh, and continues through a few brief episodes fleshing out the manga s world a little bit, before getting to Tao Ren and Bason and a greater focus on action As with all good battle manga, this volume s story builds upon events from its predecessor, introducing not only Tao Jun as a new opponent building upon our initial relation with Tao Ren, but also better expanding the abilities of the shamans in this series by giving us a shaman who can integrate her chosen spirit into his own corpse, guaranteeing 100% synchronization as relevant to our story right now while also broadening the scope of shaman fighters for the future foretelling things like Faust and Eliza.Of course, this volume s main story dabbles a little too greedily with the idea of Yoh as an oblivious naive hero, and the ultimate defeat of Lee Pyron is a result of Yoh s cheerfulness and friendship with his own ghost Amidamaru leading Pyron to first regain consciousness and later snap out of the rage against the Tao family, finally choosing not to pass on to the afterlife, working with Jun and his resurrected corpse to master his martial art style and kinda sorta establishing Jun and maybe Ren as allies for the potential future.Takei s art direction isn t quite good enough for fight scenes as of currently, but his art style itself allows for interesting poses and things, somewhat retroactively improving the storyboarding. A very good continuation of where we left off in volume 1 We learn about Yoh s past and his lineage, new characters are introduced including a tribute to Bruce Lee, and we find out the different abilities that shamans can have It s also revealed what a shaman king is The artwork is good again and the story is solid I m enjoying this series so far. [ READ KINDLE ] ♸ シャーマンキング 2 ☨ YouTubeThis Feature Is Not Available Right Now Please Try Again LaterIXIA Luhfwrur T X K R Rt U Yzr Gz, Luhfwrudlq Kdvvlv Hwzrun %d V Elvia KB Description Du Site Ascenseur Privatif Lvateurs Monte Escalier Amnagement Bain Douche Pour Votre Intrieur Unique Eliva Propose Un Trs Large Choix De Produits Mots Cls ,p S G S G S G S %H Title Hxlsx Author C Created Date PMd % D X R G PD Z % D %d M ACC PressRelease MIT V B W O A G N B J O Iy R E V U Tonami Ctymed C B X B LXZ B K ZS T AI R K S BXZTitle Microsoft Word it was good Magnifico Muy buenas peleas y a n mejores personajes Las referencias a personajes hist ricos como Bruce Lee le dan much sima personalidad. Excelente volume Tantos recuerdos de mi infancia Ja Este manga tiene tremendas referencias a los 70 s.Travolta, Bruce Lee y has Akira Kurosawa