Book ♡ Throne of Madness (Inquestor Trilogy, Book 2) ♐

Book ⚇ Throne of Madness (Inquestor Trilogy, Book 2) ☧ AN INNOCENT CHILD IS TRANSFORMED FROM A MAN OF WAR TO A GOD OF PEACE The Inquest Has Ruled Throughout The Millennia With Awsome Power Man Has Lost His Hopes, His Soul, His Dreams Of Utopia Only A Unique Inquestor Can Free Mankind From This False GodKelver, Hand Picked As A Child For This Awesome Mission, Has Survived An Intergalactic Struggle With Other Inquestral Prodigies To Conquer The Almighty Inquest Now He Must Find And Grasp The Throne Of Madness, To Wage Mystic Warfare And Change The Universe Forever Beginning with The Dawning Shadow The Light on the Sound I m reworking my way through the tetralogy, which I originally read as a teen ager There was a period where I read a lot of Somtow The Shattered Horse, Vampire Junction and the Inquestor series I m not sure how I feel about these books and am going to hold off on a full review till I finish book four. This was a re read for me but it s been over 20 years since I first read it It s interesting to come back to something after so long I m happy that I still really, really liked it.It s a reading experience that s like experiencing a poem or a song than a typical novel This is not to say that the plot is not clear and easy to follow if anything, the plot might be overly simple, given such a rich and complex universe , but it is suffused with almost a synaesthesia of the senses, with music and glittering darkness It s full of weird and wonderful imagery.That said, perhaps some people might find it dated in some ways personally, I found it giving me a nostalgia for the time period when it was written, which was much filled with over the top fantasy, with an unabashed flair for the dramatic Although this is sci fi, it reminded me of when goth was all about beauty, decadence and playing at cruelty and power, skirting the edges of convention Some people found goth rock too bombastic too I don t.I wish Somtow would write SF Being a conductor is all very nice and worthwhile, but More Books Just when you think they ve used all possible science fiction scenarios, along comes a book like this one It s the distant future, humanity now inhabits thousands of planets throughout the galaxy and technology exists that enable some humans to reign as gods These are the Inquestors They re not at an advanced stage of human evolution, nor is the status hereditary A few even began life as peasants on underdeveloped planets, where an Inquestortook an interest in them and groomed them for godhood That comes with all the perks of being a god, including near immortality through a medical process that induces eternal youth they live far long than their memory can even account for Among their staff are people who recount forgotten events and histories for them Another perk is a game called makrugh Being born and raised in the same country as the author, I find that word suspiciously close to the Thai word for chess But it s a lot bigger than chess it s high stakes, determining the fate of whole planets But only planets that are in danger of becoming a utopia.As every reader of science fiction knows, there s only a fine line between a utopia and a dystopia The problem is that humanity is a fallen race and can t handle a utopia Therefore it s an act of high compasion to rid the galaxy of utopias That s the role of the Inquestors However, we also come to realise that the inquestors are also members of the fallen race, too human to be gods., Davaryush has come to realise that, and is therefore demobbed as a heretic , but not before sending his protege, a teen named Kelver, to the great land at the centre of the galaxy to be trained as an Inquestor It s a land of eternal daylight, lit by the sum of all the stars in the galaxy At each pole is a great expanse, where, every hundred or so years a star falls to its death into the great black hole at the centre Needless to say, the place is really massive How massive No Inquestors even know what all inhabits this world, some since before the arrival of humanityThere are so many elements to describe, of sentient stars, of planets where nations of humans live as parasites inside giant sea serpents, child soldiers who sing as they kill with their laser eyes while balanced on hoverboards, of humans genetically modified as putti who can only sing if I described everything, you ll be wondering how any author could possibly tie it all together in a readable novel, but Somtow delivers on his promise If you want something that extends the farther reaches of the imagination, written by someone who s not only written science fiction, but a few opras as well, you ve found it.