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~EPUB ☪ The Bad Luck Wedding Cake (Bad Luck Wedding, #2) ☩ SHE S DEAD SET AGAINST MARRIAGE Claire Donovan Came To Fort Worth To Open A Bakery And Find Independence, Not A Husband Forgenerations, A Secret Formula Called Magic Made Donovan Family Confections Strangely Irresistibleuntil Clair Jilted The Fianc Her Family Chose For Her Now They Say, That Her Broken Engagement Branded Their Cakes Bad Luck And Their Business Will Go Bankrupt Unless She Ties The Knot HE D RATHER DIE THAN SAY I DO The Most Eligible Bachelor In Town, Sexy Tye McBride Steers Clear Of Marriage Hungry Females Once Betrayed By Love, He S Vowed Never To Go Soft Over A Lady Again Besides, He Has His Hands Full Minding His Mischievous Nieces, Known As The McBride Menaces But Now That His Lawyer Has Told Him To Either Wed Or Lose Guardianship, He Sees Claire Donovan As The Perfect Bride, In Name Only Except Something About Her Makes Him Dizzy With Desire And Something About Him Makes Her Breathless Something Could Complicate Their Best Laid Plans Something Likemagic Great bookI am loving this series I think I enjoyed this bookthan the first I am excited to read about the Menaces Blessings when they are all grown up It was cute. I am not sure how I missed this book on my first go round with the Bad Luck series but reading subsequent books didn t really spoil it I knew Claire and Tye would end up together because it is a romance I was intrigued by story line of the bakery and am very curious about the ingredients of Magic extract and how it would enhance baked goods I wish there were recipes in this book There was also a lot of family drama and I am glad Claire and Tye were able to grow as a characters through their interactions with their families. With his brother and sister in law away on their honeymoon, Tye McBride is watching over his nieces, better known as The McBride Menaces The girls have decided that Uncle Tye needs a wife, but marriage is the last thing on Tye s mind He s already dodging prospective brides after the local newspaper ran an article about his inheritance Claire Donovan has arrived in town to open a new bakery After jilting her fiance at the altar, Claire also wants to steer clear of marriage But a Bad Luck Wedding Cake and the girls meddling grandmother force Tye and Claire into a marriage of conveniencea marriage that may be just what the need.This book is a follow up to The Bad Luck Wedding Dress I love the humor in these books, especially some of the mischief that the Menaces get into I especially loved their fortune telling fish named Spike But I didn t care for Tye s continuous insistence that he was not good enough for Claire That got old very quickly My rating 3.5 Stars. The McBride Menaces are back Fort Worth is still the scene and it s a while later than the first book THE BAD LUCK WEDDING DRESS While Trace and Jenny are on an extended honeymoon, Tye is taking his chances with the Menaces he s renamed the McBride Blessings.Tye is going to have a hard time referring to them as Blessings while they work to get him married off to Loretta Davis who already has a beau In the meantime, the newspaper prints a story about Tye being a member of the British aristocracy and Fort Worth women are after him.With the Blessings on the job, just how long can it take for Tye to see reason and love Claire Donovan has run away from a fianc that she wasn t willing to marry now she s moved to Fort Worth and opened a confectionery shop downstairs from where the Blessings and Tye are living that has magic cakes, muffins and cookies.Although attracted to Tye, she has problems of her own and lacks the time to work on a relationship with Tye The secondary characters that made the first book of this series funny are here again.To me, this book seemed funnier than but not quite as interesting as the first book Don t get me wrong, I can hardly wait to find another of her books Maybe I shouldn t have read the two books so closely together it set my expectations very high Delightful Bad Luck Brides1 The Bad Luck Wedding Dress 1996 2 The Bad Luck Wedding Cake 1998 3 Cold Feet 2000 in A Season in the Highlands 4 The Bad Luck Wedding Night 2001 5 Her Bodyguard 2005 6 Her Scoundrel 2005 7 Her Outlaw 2007 Enjoyed this book although not as much as the first The Bad Luck Wedding Dress I m not into historical romances and stumbled across the fist book by accident Since I surprisingly really like the first book, i went on to read the second I recall this book moving a little slower than the first one The Menace s are still as fun as every with their antics Tye and Claire definitley have some heat baking In this book, Tye is watchign the girls while Trace and Jenny go off for what i remmber to only have been a month long honeymoon It seemed odd to me that months passed and Tye never mentioned that his brother and sister in law have not returned yet Maybe my recollection of how long they were planning to be gone was wrong Even with that potentionl over sight, it was still a good book to read that even has a little suspense in it Not to level of the first book but you get a taste If you are into historical romances, i say give it a try I don t see me reading this again. Second book in the Bad Luck Wedding Series This book is as loving and as funny as the first book This is the story of Tye, twin brother to our hero in the first book, Back Luck Wedding Dress It takes place immediately where the first book leaves off and includes many of the same characters and centers around his story, his love interest s and his three nieces, daughters of his twin Great book Fun story, same premise as the first, they find love, heroine who is strong, leads her hero to acceptance of the strong love between them Because I loved these first books in the series, I am buying all the rest The hero, Tye, made it very hard to consistently like him He spoke to the heroine, Claire, horribly a couple times He apologized and she forgave him but still, some things you do not say It was a very good story, the Menaces Blessings were adorable and had Tye, their uncle, wrapped around their fingers. Lol, I am the only 1 star review on this one I made it to page 50 but gave up because I thought the hero was an absolute goofball He didn t come across as a historical romance hero,of a nerdy contemporary hero Nothing about him to that point made me want to continue reading the story nothing especially endearing about the heroine either