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What happens when your wish ends up coming true That s what happens to Andrea Birch after making a wish and waking up in the body of Joules Adams, daughter of famous rock star Nigel Adams To one another it seems like the other person has a better life In Andrea s case, looking in at Joules life it seems pretty great Joules has a great boyfriend, a loving father, and is able to talk her way out of trouble But thetime that Andrea spends as Joules theshe realizes that maybe what she thought was so good about Joules life really doesn t compare to what she left behind The story is told from Andrea s point of view so we get to know all her thoughts and reactions I guess with a scenario like this where I ve seen it done in movies I thought I would get to see both sides of the story But because its told from Andrea s POV we don t know what Joules is really thinking other than what Andrea sees Believe it or not SWITCH is the first book I ve read by Tish Cohen Of course I ve heard of Tish before but just hadn t had the chance to pick up one of her books And now that I ve read SWITCH I m eveninterested in reading some of Tish s previous books. Twelfth grader Andrea Birch is the first of thirty seven siblings She s a Stanford bound, slightly unpopular student, and all she s ever wanted was just a littleattention and a few siblings less When she and rockstar Nigel Adams daughter, Joules, collide, Andrea starts the ride of a lifetime with just one wish.In another charming novel by Miss Cohen, not only do teens have the chance to reflect on their own lives, but they also get quite the laugh The conversation and description in SWITCH is entertaining and had a sort of realistic quality that kept me interested I loved the movie FREAKY FRIDAY and quite enjoyed this remix of it.Andrea was quite the character the growth of her character over the novel was astounding and reflective, giving readers the chance to understand that sometimes in order to comprehend something, you need to take another look at the problem, which in Andrea s case, was her life Andrea was sassy, smart and strong no matter if she was in Joules body or her own, the dialogue with this girl was exciting and it kinda had me snorting in laughter out loud Although she was incredibly na ve and a little boring in the beginning, as she began to grow as a person, I couldn t help but flip the pages until I had none left to turn.Joules was an interesting character I never really liked her, although I could understand why the characters in the book held a sort of appeal towards her I felt like she should have beenfleshed out, just the same as I thought Will There was one point in the story where Andrea said something along the lines of this phrase Between Joules and him Will there was something missing, but he and I had something deeper. I couldn t understand what depth was going on between Andrea and Will because every time they were together, they were either thinking about making out or were talking about Joules making out with Shane, Will s best friend Overall though, this book was a pleasant contemporary Although the ending was rushed and implausible to me, I enjoyed the care Cohen took in understanding the background of an adoptive family.SWTICH by Tish CohenAudience 12 Rating 3 5Recommend Do you remember FREAKY FRIDAY Tish Cohen takes the classic story and twists it into a hilarious contemporary for readers of all ages #DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⚤ Switch õ Careful Some Wishes Do Come TrueWhen You HaveSiblings, It S Easy To Get Lost In The Shuffle Andrea Birch Feels Totally Ignored By Her Parents Even Though She S Their Only Biological Child The Constant Revolving Door At Her House Full Of Foster Kids Can Be Cool Sometimes, But Really It Just Makes Andrea SadStill There S One Thing One Hot Person Who Makes Andrea Happy Will SherwoodOnly He S Dating Joules Adams The Girl With The Perfect Life She S Got The Perfect Body, The Perfect Clothes, And She S The Daughter Of A Famous Rock Star Andrea Would Give Anything To Switch Places With Joules But When Her Wish Comes True, Andrea S New Life Isn T Dream Scenario She Envisioned In Fact, It Turns Out To Be The One Wish She Didn T Want To Come True Will She Ever Be Able To Switch Back I originally reviewed this on my blog at the title and the front cover are fairly explicit about the book s general plot, specific elements and Tish Cohen s skill at effectively providing her teen characters with convincing voices take Switch from just another Freaky Friday Mary Rodgers, 1972 wannabe to an unnerving tale corroborating the be careful what you wish for truism.The two teen girls involved in the Switch are Andrea Birch and Joules Adams who attend the same high school in Orange County, California Except for a passing acquaintance with each other, the girls lives don t really cross until the day Andrea is forced by Joules to help rescue her when she s been fooling around with a boy other than her boyfriend, Will The simple physical switch of changing shirts and seats in Andrea s mother s new car gets Andrea into a lot of trouble, including from her mom whose focus is the foster kids who are staying with them Currently, between 14 year old Brayden who is always annoying her , two twelve year old girls who always take stuff from her room , a set of adorable infant twins, and another young girl, Michaela, whose parents were critically injured in a hit and run, Andrea is feeling neglected As such, Joules unbelievable life as a rock star s daughter is especially alluring to Andrea When overwhelmed by her Mom s perceived lack of interest and high expectations coupled with her long time crush on Will, Andrea offhandedly wishes while wearing a pair of funky dishwashing gloves from an African psychic that she had Joules life and, ta da, she does.Andrea as Joules isn t keen on Joules wardrobe and body, but learns pretty quickly how cool it is to have Will as a boyfriend even if he had been planning to break up and that rocker Nigel Adams adores his daughter, sometimes making poor choices to win her love Joules as Andrea, on the other hand, spends much of her time chagrined by the innumerable chores expected of her, furious with Andrea for getting closer to Will, and making choices to discredit real Andrea Several subplots, including one regarding Michaela s parents hit and run, continue to fuel Andrea s determination to return to her old self, while saving her own reputation, enjoying Will s affections, and enlightening Joules about Nigel.As the narrator, Andrea shares the girls experiences as she perceives them, reacting and responding as a responsible young woman looking towards her future might She even berates herself for being too selfish not to see her parents as those who help make things right for children However, I felt that Andrea didn t give herself enough credit, often focusing on how exceptional her mom, Lise, is, without recognizing her own caring, compassion and sense of responsibility But, I don t think Andrea realizes that abuse can take many forms, not just those in evidence in the homes from which some foster children come In reading Switch, I was cognizant of the emotional abuse that Andrea suffers from her mother s emphasis on the needs of her foster children above those of Andrea She uses guilt regularly to ensure Andrea s compliance with sharing her room, with persevering taunts, with accepting her mother s inattention Andrea would have every right to shout, It isn t fair I wonder how well Lise would have fared if the switch had been between mother and daughter I suspect that she d be far less successful as Andrea than Andrea would be as her mom, and perhaps she d be a littlesympathetic to the heavy responsibilities and lack of teen life faced by her daughter Hey, wait Isn t that the switch in Freaky Friday or even in Vice Versa Anstey, 1882 , its precursor Still, Tish Cohen capably gets into the heads of two very different young women with very different lives whose needs are not very different at all Any switch would certainly be a worthwhile opportunity for most of us, especially with a person we admire There s a reason there are so many sayings, about walking a mile in my shoes, the grass being greener on the other side and not reading a book by its cover, that suggest how ignorant we are about the lives of others Luckily or not , Andrea and Joules had a remarkable learning opportunity and both were able to benefit from it Guess Andrea should have listened to her mom when she was told, Your life looks pretty good from where I m standing pg 25 Do I sense a sequel When I first came across Switch my interest was immediately peeked by it s simple yet alluring cover and intriguing premise What I didn t know was the awesomeness that was waiting for me inside those paperback covers Tish Cohen s captivating writing style had me flying through the pages It was simple and flowed beautifully She also crafted the story flawlessly I never had a confusing moment when it came to the characters With body switching novels that can be quite difficult but Cohen delivered it perfectly I was pleasedthan once how well she got into the mind of these two completely different teenage characters, as well as many other secondary characters Not once did the characters blend Tish Cohen created a stunning character cast I was drawn to Andrea right away She was such a likable character, a real pleasure to read and discover Joules was also a great character She sounds like a perfect choice for a body switch but underneath that perfect exterior are insecurities and her own personal issues I had a blast getting to know Andrea and Joules and seeing their relationship unfold I can t forget to mention Will He was a sweet, swoon worthy character.I was really taken by surprise with this book I thought it was just going to be a light, airy read for the summer, but what it turned out to be was so muchIt was funny, Witty and even suspenseful It had it s heartfelt moments as well as heart wrenching moments I laughed and I cried Switch was the total package Fun, gripping and emotional at times, it has something to offer all readers Tish Cohen has earned a new fan in me, and I am eager to read her previous and future books Likened to the movie Freaky Friday, Switch has two girls switching lives based on a wish with an imaginative conduit, I might add Having seen both versions of the movie, I had a good idea what I was in for.Immediately, I felt that Tish Cohen seemed on the money, giving the main character, Andrea, the right type of voice for a teenage girl The vernacular was not too old for someone in high school, nor was it too young What irked me though was her Andrea s constant wallowing in self pity But this actually turned out to be an important factor in why I ended up really liking the book.I think we can all appreciate the desire to live life in someone else s shoes we ve probably made a passing wish ourselves at some point in our lives Of course, fiction always comes around to prove that the grass is indeed greener on the other side It was the real life situations that initially made Andrea make her wish, but it s the other girl, Joules , reality that really opens her eyes Joules was also the biggest mystery for me what were her motivations, how would her part of the story end Again, it all comes down Cohen s portrayal of the girls Andrea is on that precipice between the still selfish teen years and becoming an independent adult In the end, the character growth in both girls was what really struck a chord for me But there are also these moments, these scenes, where you think finally Joules gets it, only to lose it again You can easily imagine throwing your arms out in the rain and spinning I was completely frustrated each time Joules reversed any progress, and really the same could be said about Andrea, though this was just a further part of the growing process.There are other moments, I ll call them background moments, that Andrea recalls a former foster child that are heart wrenching I think Cohen does a fantastic job of blending the elements of real teen situations and real life heartaches, all the while maintaining a fairly light tone, that made this book a total page turner for me Though, initially irritated by the main character s neediness, I ended up loving what she stood for and where her live was headed. If you ve watched Freaky Friday before, then it s pretty much the same idea with this novel two girls switching bodies and living each other s lives.For Andrea Birch, her life couldn t be any unexciting that it was She didn t have designer clothing or a rock star parent, orimportantly, a cute boyfriend named Will Sherwood, whom she had a crush on since third grade No, Andrea was just biological child number one out of thirty seven temporary foster children She was used to helping out around the house and taking care of these array of children with her loving parents But oh, how she envied Joules Adams, the girl who had it all the brand clothing, the rocker father, and Will for a boyfriend And one night, she couldn t take it any she wanted to Joules s lifethan anything So under a bridge in the pouring rain, with her Gran s gifted dish gloves from Africa, she made a wish under the bridge And then it happened.Both Andrea and Joules switch bodies and lives the next day when they woke up, and learned that living in someone else s shoes isn t always what it seems For Andrea now in Joules body , she finds out about her father s childish ways, her boyfriend s skepticism about her being loyal, and how she even took for granted how truly special and wonderful her life as the real Andrea really was.Now frantic and longing to go back to normal, Andrea and Joules both try everything to un wish their wish But in the process, they learn to appreciate their own lives and grow in the span of two weeks in each other s bodies The ending, to me, could have been different Maybe ending off with Andrea Joules acknowledging their success instead of how it did But nevertheless, it was still a good read. When Andrea Birch gets fed up with the life she leads her mother has fostered 37 different kids over the years with Andrea often getting stuck with many of the chores she wishes for a very different sort of life, the life of gorgeous Joules Adams, the daughter of rock singer Nigel Adams Unbeknownst to her, Joules wishes to be her, and the change takes place Both teens end up uncomfortable inhabiting each others bodies, which is blissfully painful for Andrea since she has a crush on Joules s boyfriend Will Sherwood All sorts of confusion results from the switch, and Andrea realizes that there really is no place like home The sub plot concerning Joules s father and the drinking that has resulted in several accidents that are covered up with no consequences for him is disturbingly real, and the fact that this man who is idolized by thousands yearns for his daughter s love and respect is poignant, if expected Although this sort of story has been told before, I found it hard not to like the self deprecating and love lorn Andrea and feel sorry for the poor little rich girl Joules who doesn t have it as great as many might think. full review on my blog, holes In My brainSwitch was a book that surprised me, I went in thinking it would be how do I say this like Disney which is a hit or miss for me with the cheesy plots and the clich d dialogue However, I was totally wrong as Tish Cohen managed to refresh the Freaky Friday plot.I really liked the fact that Andrea narrated the book from start to finish, I was worried that it would be alternating narration which, since the two girls who switched bodies were the same age, would probably get repetitive as in omg I want my body back this life sucks esque It was interesting to readabout Andrea and get the hang of her voice and her character, especially when she talked about her own family and the foster siblings.The relationship I found most interesting was not the crush, but the one between Joules and her father, Nigel Andrea in Joules body learns about the ups and downs of the glamorous rock star life and I think the father daughter dynamics were handled really well I was surprised by the twist, but it definitely added to the story I really liked the ending because of this.The plot itself was kind of straight forward and what I expected, but that said, I can comfortably say I was never bored there wasn t any eye rolling or sighs, I was engaged and wanting to know what happened next I liked how Cohen managed to touch on so many aspects of the two girls lives, yet I also appreciated the strong focus on family I love books about family 3.5 5 because I liked it but it doesn t really stand out for me Thinking back, I remember that I enjoyed reading it and that it exceeded my expectations, but I can t really remember specific details It s a fun, light read that I would easily recommend In fact, I passed my copy on to an girl I know and I m sure she ll like it Andrea lives in a home with her mom and dad and 30 foster kids, Andrea s home is a foster home so when kids are being abused or are not living in a good environment Andreas parents take them in and when they find someone who would give them a good home they leave Because Andrea is there only child they were kind enough to give her, her own room but with so many kids there is not a lot of money so Andrea is what you would consider popular at her school When super cool Joules Adams boyfriend is the boy Andrea wants but she can t have him Andrea has always felt ignored but when Joules Adams gets in sort of a pickle she asks Andrea for help then blames her for it Suddenly Andreas parents are focusing on her but it s not for the good things she has done Will Sherwood has been Andreas crush for as long as she can remember but he won t even consider her.Andrea has always been an honor roll student until, Joules the daughter of famous rock star Nigel Adams decides to ruin her reputation and blames Andrea for the car in the hallway Could this one false incident completely destroy Andreas future Andrea wishes to have someone else s life life but finds out it s not so great after all and can not wait to get things back to normal Why does they re life seem so great when it s not Andrea wonders for the first time ever Life will get hard and to be honest life is the hardest thing you will ever have to do Just because your life is not the best and it may be hard never say the words I wish i was someone else because you will regret it You will love and cherish your family but one day they will be gone and you will wish they were back One thing I really liked about this book was it had a good story I felt like it was kinda slow going and was a little scrambled The concept of the book was amazing and the life lessons that t taugh were really good and could be helpful to people.