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The story starts with the firemen returning to the station after a fire and Gabe is on a high, but John is furious Gabe broke protocol, and it doesn t matter it was to save John s life, he s not willing to risk losing someone who won t follow the rules You discover that John s lover, another firefighter, was a dare devil who died on the job and despite being attracted to Gabe, there is no way in hell he s going to get involved and risk that again.I could understand John s position, and I think following the rules is very important in dangerous jobs, but I never got the feeling that beyond this one time, Gabe was really a hot dogger Enthusiastic and young yes, but there didn t seem to be evidence that he pushed it too far so I wasn t sure why John was riding him so hard However, Gabe s done waiting for John to make a move and things get super steamy late at night in the shower.There wasn t anything that I particularly disliked about this book, the sex is hot and gritty in the shower and both guys seemed likable enough, I just didn t feel a real connection to them or between them, and I didn t care enough about them to WANT them to get together against all odds The ending is a potential HEA, as it s really the first time they acknowledge their attraction let alone any deeper feelings, but I didn t feel the connection between them except based on the lust and it just fell a little flat for me. Probably the most interesting thing for me of this short story is the new author and the new publisher, I have always a little trill when I can test taste something new And if the experience is good it s even better most of the time, when I approach a new publisher, there are little details that could have made the experience better, but that were overlooked, like editing, proof reading, and so on Moreover if it s a short story, the little details are even better, because in or less 20 pages, sincerely I think you can avoid simple mistake For all the above reason, I have to make my compliments to this new venture, since, even if the story was short, and the plot was nice but common, the experience was good since I think they paied attention to details John and Gabe are fellow firemen, John is Gabe s boss and he has already lost a lover to the fire John is attracted to Gabe, but he is scared to have his heart broken again by a careless man, no hot headed firemen for him But Gabe is not easy to ignore, the desire burns than the fire itself, and one night they are no able to avoid the explosion I like that the author wasn t unbalanced on the usual issues of being a fireman and a gay man, here the issues were related to hazard your heart to someone else John is a nice character and he is also the one on center stage, but Gabe, with his smirk and f k you attitude and yes, pun very much intended was a beautiful bad boy.http www dp B00427ZJU8 A solidly written short with interesting characters John is still recovering from the loss of his lover, Adam, and is fighting an attraction to Gabe Unfortunately, he keeps comparing Gabe to the impulsive Adam When Gabe saves John s life, he writes him up for breaking a primary safety protocol.I can t help but agree with John safety in such a dangerous profession must come first The standards that fire fighters have to live up to are tough and important It s clear that he does not want to lose anyone else.So that s the problem I have John writes up Gabe for violating the rules yet there have got to be fraternization and no sex on duty rules that John, as CAPTAIN, would have to also enforce He doesn t even think about that once Gabe comes on to him Yeah, I know, this is just a fantasy short, but it started out with the potential to be deeper that that The fact that John is angsting about his lost lover Adam being reckless and impulsive, then gives in to impulse and recklessness himself without even a twinge of conscience makes me lose respect for him, and reduced the story to just another cute fire fighters get it on short. FIREMEN ARE HOT p It s a nice story about two firemen it s short so I can t really give stars Well, I mean, some short stories deserve the 4 stars but I don t see anything new added to the story AND, I wish there is explanation or story about the ex lover who died, Adam If there is, maybe I can give it stars. &DOWNLOAD ⇨ Into The Flames ⇻ Gabe Moretti Is Reckless And Daring But Captain John De Luca Isn T Interested In Hot As Hell Firefighters Who Charge Into Flames Regardless That It Was To Save His Sorry Ass Only Gabe Isn T As Rash As John Believes His Motivation For Risking His Life Is Personal Sexual He S Fallen For The Captain And Sets Out To Convince John That Some Chances Are Worth Taking