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#Free Epub Ö Restless Rumshpringa ⚟ Who Says Amish Youth Don T Have Fun While Her Friends Are Out Exploring The Wild Ways Of The World, Katie Obediently Tries To Stay Within Their Amish Community Her Oats, However, Demand To Be Sewn, And When Her Parents Won T Let Her Have Fun With Her Rumshpringa Time, She Must Choose Between Obedience And The Restless Callings Of Her SoulBut With A Job Looking After The Widowed Preacher Micah S Children, It S Hard To Stray When He S As Willing To Take The Buggy Whip To Her Bottom As Offer Her A Kind Word Restless Rumshpringa Or Not, Katie Grows To Love Micah, Even When He Peels Some Ginger To Teach Her A Lesson Or Two A sweet story of figuring out this whole way of growing up It is about discovering the best and worst of yourself and dealing with it. The story and plot here are actually quite good What gets in the way is the language I think it was meant to be authentic to Amish Mennonite not sure dialect but unfortunately it just tends to pull you out of the story a bit as you try to figure out what was just said I loved Micah the Preacher who doled out strict and caring in equal measures Definitely picking up by this author This is another awesome Amish book by Nattie Jones She really gives details into the culture and explains why things are done they way they are There are plenty of punishments in this book but in the end it was truly a good romance novel with the two main characters falling in love.