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travelling with your mind as well as your feet always carry your dead as they are the curtain of love to the world around you experience. 3,7 Read ☪ Le Paysan de Paris ☾ Paris Peasant Is One Of The Central Works Of Surrealism, Yet Exact Change S Edition Is The First US Publication Of Simon Watson Taylor S Authoritative Translation, Completed After Consultations With The Author Unconventional In Form Aragon Consciously Avoided Recognizable Narration Or Character Development Paris Peasant Is, In The Author S Words, A Mythology Of The Modern The Book Uses The City Of Paris As A Stage, Or Framework, And Aragon Interweaves His Text With Images Of Related Ephemera Cafe Menus, Maps, Inscriptions On Monuments And Newspaper Clippings A Detailed Description Of A Parisian Arcade Nineteenth Century Precursor To The Mini Mall And Another Of The Buttes Chaumont Park, Are Among The Great Set Pieces Within Aragon S Swirling Prose Of Philosophy, Dream And Satire Andre Breton Wrote Of This Work No One Could Have Been A Astute Detector Of The Unwonted In All Its Forms No One Else Could Have Been Carried Away By Such Intoxicating Reveries About A Sort Of Secret Life Of The City Paris K yl s bir roman m d r Bence de ildir Bu tabii ok znel bir kan Bana kal rsa Paris K yl s Louis Aragon un S rrealizm ak m n d z yaz bir metinde ortaya koyu u ve hakim felsefe literat r ndeki kabaca idealimz realizm sava nda konumland noktan n bir anlat s d r Keza kendisi air Metin de uzun bir iir tad nda ve slubunda iirsel slup ile yaz lm ya da kurgusu ve olay rg s daha geri planda b rak lm romanlar var elbette ama bu metin roman t r nden epey uzak bir metin Bu metni roman olarak addedersek Memleketimden nsan Manzaralar daha romand r Okurken sayg duyup, zellikle felsefi g r lerini dile getirdi i ve hemen akabinde o harikulade airane slubu ile g r lerini destekledi i yerlerde keyif ald m diyebilirim Fakat kitab n geneline bakt mda bir eyler eksik kald bende Bu da bir roman okumay beklerken yer yer bir felsefi metin, yer yer iir okurken kendimi buldu um i indir belki Bu y zden na izane g r m y ld zda kald. C est lire seulement si on le doit parcque l on suit un cours sur le surr alisme Le Paysan de Paris fait un clin d Oeil au Paysan Perverti de Restife de la Br tonne Le roman de Restife de la Br tonne decrit une d ch ance Le roman d Aragon d crit un trajectoire qui tourne en ronds Le surr alisme est un mouvement qui n a pas produit une seule oeuvre d int ret dans la domaine de la litt rature Les r sultats ont t carr ment meilleurs dans les domaines de la peinture, de la sculpture et le cin ma.D autre part, le surr alisme discute bien ce qui explique sans doute pourquoi on continue a le guarder au programme au premier cycle. Some beautiful passages of prose poetry interspersed with quasi philosophical and theological opinion Mixed bag. I usually find Surrealist writers, at least in translation, to be dreadfully boring wooden forced The best Surrealist writing is by people who were either never Surrealists or were only peripherally associated w Surrrealism like Raymond Roussel Raymond Queneau Of course, you have to be named Raymond to be a good Surrealist writer except for Antonin Artaud However, I liked this Louis Aragon bk On the other hand, contrary to what the back cover blurb says, I wdn t call this bk Surrealist either, so.. Start at the last chapter, then move to the first Camouflaged as an inch by inch inventory of certain favorite areas of Paris, Aragon has created a manifesto on the purpose of literature As a means of personal and phenomenological exploration. A paean to the chance discoveries and revealings of error, a treatise on the peculiar magic and mystery of place, a vast theoretical framework for experiencing the world.Aragon, despite his many novels and essay, was foremost a poet, I think, and this shows in his rich and unexpected use of language Also in the tendency of his words to sometimes lift off, unmoored from the actual narrative context that inspired them Not that this is really a narrative in its basic sense Aragon s odd travelogues of Paris place an arcade in the pre mall, covered pedestrian commercial passage sense , a park are just jumping off points, brief perches from which to fire off piercing observation and musing.And his thoughts are very worth it Particularly in the first and longest section At one point he chides himself after a long tirade against the hazards of eminent domain abuse, calling himself out for assuming that the reader actually shared his positions and preoccupations Except he had been right I did and do share his obsessions and thoughts, even all this space and time across most of a century.And as far as novels that are part memoir and part philosophic leaping off point, this is far far better than Nadja. Louis Aragon was one of the main guys behind Surrealism, till he came up against his one time friend Andre Breton, who threw him out of the group Aragon became a hardcore Communist for the rest of his life Meanwhile during his Surrealist years he wrote Paris Peasant which is a beautiful book about mad love among the ruins of Paris Not as good as Breton s Nadja, but nevertheless a must for those who collect and read French Surrealist literature.