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Really enjoyed this and glad I stayed with the series I would recommend to anyone who like British police procedure and Englishness.If you like Peter Lovesy s Peter Diamond book, this series could well be for you. Although officially on sick leave, DI Charlie Priest of the East Pennine force is becoming restless When a chauffeur is found murdered and his passenger, the wife of an American tobacco tycoon disappears, Charlie is intrigued As well, he is called in to work undercover to trap some big time drug smugglers on When the two cases become linked, Charlie realizes he is in dangerous territory Although not as tightly plotted as some other titles in the series, this book is still a fast paced and suspenseful with shots of humour to balance the violence Charlie and Annabelle are an appealing couple. A good read, unsure of the title s meaning in relation to the story though there are hints along the way Will look for the next Charlie Priest book After the first two fabulous books featuring DI Charlie Priest, I felt that this one slipped, just a little Probably because Charlie is not actually at work in the book he s off on sick leave, stressed out from the events at the end of book two And the story in this one seems just a little implausible, that he is working under cover in a smuggling drugs sting while being off work, for a different branch of the police force Nothing official, but his expenses are being paid How does that work It seemed not only implausible, but very unwise and dangerous The boss who asked Charlie to do this is trying to trap the big boss in the smuggling ring, yet Charlie is really provided very little cover, and he blows a lot of itwell, I won t spoil it for you, but I just thought that for a smart copper, he did some pretty stupid things.Regarding the actual murder cases, he drifts in to work and then is off work again, so the cases barely skim the tips of his fingers, and yet WE are much involved, because we re hearing part of the stories from the POV of some of the bad guys, and the victims This book focuses quite a lot on Charlie s personal life as well and his day to day routines, such as they were I m hoping he s back on track at good old Heckley nick by the time the next book rolls around.Don t get me wrong I love this character and setting and the writingthis one just felt a bit off kilter. [ Download E-pub ] ♥ The Judas Sheep ♟ Detective Inspector Charlie Priest Of The East Pennine Force Is Officially On Sick Leave, But This Brief Break From Work Comes To An Abrupt End When Mrs Marina Norris S Chauffeur Is Found Dead From Unnatural Causes Namely A Blast To The Head From A Kalashnikov Her Husband, An American Tobacco Tycoon, Is Distinctly Unfazed Meanwhile, Big Time Drug Smugglers On The Hull To Rotterdam Run Demand His Attention When Charlie Discovers The Connection Between His Previous Enquiry And The Drug Smugglers He Realizes That He S On Very Dangerous Territory Indeed Lite read Too many coincidences and poor witticisms apart from one joke detective visits west country and befriends a boy who interrupts the practice murder of an MP by a gang he also gets mixed up with on the east coast at Hull heard about the drug addict injecting curry powder He s now in a korma Would read another when wanting something not too taxing. Typical Pawson a police procedural with some gentle dry ish humour, not much violence though the reader is aware that it is always a possibility and a beautiful end to the crime story component of the book, particularly to English readers who might know some of the locations involved Humber Bridge and its environs, and the Ribblehead Viaduct, plus a final passing mention of Kielder Forest. Meh Many other good British police procedurals around Although I like the characters in these books, I am picky about my crimes I just don t like books that deal with the whole drug scenario It may be a part of life and I may be burying my head in the sand but I am not interested in that seamy side of life. An agreeable English Police Procedural set in Yorkshire The main character, DI Charlie Priest, is quite engaging with a gentle sense of humor and the plot churned along at a nice pace. Enjoyed this great characters will read the others in the series 3.8