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Having read Pam Munoz Ryan s The Dreamer, I was familiar with Pablo Neruda s life I appreciated how this story was composed for a younger audience, though it left out some details most adults might thing important What the book doesn t leave out is the spirit of Neruda s work, and I loved the way the illustrations were made of words, both Spanish and English. Pablo Neruda, Poet of the People is a picture book written by Monica Brown and illustrated by Julie Paschkins This story is simply narrated, but with powerful language and word choice The accompanying illustrations add to the story line because they are interwoven with words both in English and in Spanish For example, when he was a teenager, Neftali changed his name to Pablo Neruda and began publishing his poems always writing in green ink The images accompanying this text have his different names making up a leaf, and words like fabula fable , brillando shining , and escriber write making up the surrounding designs It s appropriate that there is so much text making up the images since Pablo Neruda was a lover of words The story follows him from his childhood, to adolescence, to his adult life in Chile It also touches on Neruda s activism, marching for justice on behalf of coal miners rights At the end of the book is an Author s Note giving information on Neruda, his works, awards, and achievements There is also a resources page listing titles of poems, books written about Neruda, and two different websites for further research.I have read different books on Neruda and I found this one to be both engaging and informative The story opens with the sentence, Once there was a little boy named Neftali, who loved wild things wildly and quiet things quietly a beautiful way to begin a story about such an accomplished poet and writer For visual students, they will be engaged by the illustrations and the use of text both Spanish and English to further tell the story The author notes and resources at the end make it a versatile book for both lower elementary students and even middle school students I teach some of Neruda s poems in my seventh grade classroom and I would definitely use this picture book when introducing background information on this poet I think this would also make an effective companion text to The Dreamer, by Pam Munoz Ryan. The illustrations in this one are fascinating I need to go back and just look at the illustrations The story is a simplified look at Neruda s life I can see this being used in conjunction with Beautifully illustrated introduction to the life of the Chilean poet. When I read Pablo Neruda Poet of the People I was able to relate to some of his story In the story, it tells how Pablo Neftali, is his name given at birth grew up having a passion for books and words His father didn t approve of his interest so Pablo had to change his name from Neftali to Pablo when he was a teenager to be able to publish his poems behind his father s back I think this would be a good story for boys and girls of any age who have an interest in books and have dreams of being poets writers or even just have dreams This story encourages students to work towards their goals regardless of their obstacles The illustrations creativity of the words in the book would be very appealing to the students This book was an honor book for the NCTE Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children. As is the case for many readers, I love books that feature lovers of words, whether they be readers and writers This picture book biography of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda his pen name uses text and illustrations to highlight the life of the boy who became the man who won a Nobel Prize The author uses lines such as who loved wild things wildly and quiet things quietly unpaginated and dolphins playing in the surf and rusty anchors washed ashore unpaginated to bring this observant poet of the people to life Readers will find it easy to leap from his father s train into the forest to look closer at its treasures or walk along the streets of Santiago with Neruda and his poet friends The illustrations, filled with soft greens, blues, and touches of reds, swirl Spanish and English words all around the page, providing a clear visual message of the influence of words and ideas on the young Neftali, and the later influence of his own words on those around him. I recently discovered this older picture book about Pablo Neruda and beautifully illustrated with Julie Paschkis illustrations She has embedded his words into every possible aspect of the pages while Monica Brown writes of his love of so many things, the sea, rocks, children s play She writes above all things and above all words, Pablo Neruda loved people He joined in with others fighting for justice for workers who struggled for freedom Pablo Neruda was a Chilean poet who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971 In the author s note, Monica Brown shares that after Neruda s death in 1973, his poet friend Yevgeny Yevtushenko, wrote he carries his poetry to the people as simply and calmly as a loaf of bread. Ages 4 7 yearsPablo Neruda wrote about the world around him sometimes about love, other times about curiosity, and eventually about human injustice and protest Brown creates a beautiful mosaic of Neruda s life and his fascination with his surroundings.This book excels in showcasing Pablo Neruda s love of the world around him In each painting, Spanish and English words are interwoven in the images, showing children the connection between words and images an early literacy skill On top of this enriching integration of words, the artwork is stunningly filled with luscious colors that capture the true emotion of each scene Illustrator Julie Paschkis traveled to Neruda s home, clearly imbibing the Chilean surroundings This would make an excellent book to spark a poetry program for children to write poetry about anything just like Pablo Neruda (Download Kindle) × Pablo Neruda: Poet of the People á Once There Was A Little Boy Named Neftal Who Loved Wild Things Wildly And Quiet Things Quietly From The Moment He Could Talk, He Surrounded Himself With Words Neftal Discovered The Magic Between The Pages Of Books When He Was Sixteen, He Began Publishing His Poems As Pablo NerudaPablo Wrote Poems About The Things He Loved Things Made By His Friends In The Caf , Things Found At The Marketplace, And Things He Saw In Nature He Wrote About The People Of Chile And Their Stories Of Struggle Because Above All Things And Above All Words, Pablo Neruda Loved People Pablo Neruda Poet of the People is a 2012 Americas award recipient Pablo was a poet from Chile Since he was a child, he loved to read and was immersed in words The vivid illustrations in this book demonstrate the play and creativity of words Throughout the book, the reader understands what type of person Pablo is and who he grew up to be His themes included nature, opposites, and justice I highly recommend this book for all ages This text can be easily paired with The Dreamer by Pam Munoz Ryan, which is also about Pablo.