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~FREE ♷ Psychologische Betrachtungen ♆ CG Jung Was One Of The Great Thinkers Of Our Time In The Course Of His Long Medical Practice He Reflected Deeply On Human Nature And Human Problems, And His Profile Writings Bear Witness To His Wisdom And Insight This Anthology Of His Writings, Containing Nearly Thirteen Hundred Quotations Is The Perfect Introduction To Jung S Works I rather dislike these collections of extracts, especially if they are marketed, as this one was, as a means to comprehend the person quoted Without being thoroughly familiar with the author a reader cannot ascertain the prejudices of the all powerful editors of such things. I didn t like this book much because it wasn t a story about Carl Jung s life and lessons.Rather, it was a collection of his thoughts and phrases on a variety of topics which I couldn t relate to So I skimmed through a few pages and then stopped