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could not make it through the third chaper bad Free Kindle ☦ The Outlaw's Bride ♤ Isobel Matas S Hope Of Marriage To Her Betrothed Depends On Recovering Her Dowry From The Outlaws Who Killed Her Father And Stole Her Inheritance But, While Traveling In New Mexico Territory, She Witnesses A Murder That Changes Everything Suddenly, Her Own Life Is Threatened Until She S Rescued By Fast Talking Cowboy Noah Buchanan Isobel S Only Chance For Survival Is To Marry The Rugged Trail Boss Who Needs Her To Fulfill His Own Destiny As The Mismatched Newlyweds Unite Against Lincoln County S Tumultuous Violence, Noah S Deep Faith Challenges Isobel S Quest For Vengeance And Will Lead Them On A Journey Neither Ever Imagined If you get picky, you won t like this book When you read the story focus on the romance, not the historical events and if the conversation between them seem jumpy, just see it as an abrupt attempt to change the subject and you ll be okay I would have liked the storyif it had ended soon after the part that takes place in Santa Fe I think in an attempt to be historical we jumped from location to location a little much I also would have liked the storyif he had not had to learn the lesson he was trying to teach her So I only gave it 3 stars. Excellent story and full characters I usually love Catherine Palmer s books, but this one was painful to read The story was disjointed and made too many random jumps The characters were not developed well and their dialogue was off I kept hoping it would get better, but it didn t The story was too drawn out, and I almost DNF I made it, but I definitely wouldn t recommend this book Try one of Palmer s others. A pretty good book It s a short, easy read There were some places where things seemed to be repeated like the hero admits his love, then later admits his love again as if it s the first time But overall, it s a fun book if you are looking for a quick read It s based on true events although the main characters are fictional It centers around the Lincoln County War in New Mexico Isobel Matas has come to New Mexico territory to retrieve her land titles from the man who killed her father, and then get her revenge by killing him But as soon as she arrives at her destination she witnesses a murder, and is seen by the murderer who vows to kill her Noah Buchanan is there to rescue her Once they are safe, they decide the safest place for her is married to Noah changing her name and her appearance from that of a rich Spanish woman to a plain cowboy s wife This arrangement will benefit both of them safety for Isobel, and proving to Noah s boss that he has settled down so his boss will sell him some land Their plan is to annul the marriage as soon as each gets what he wants But things are strained by the tension mounting in Lincoln, which eventually becomes the Lincoln County War Both Noah and Isobel s lives are changed by the events leading to the war and each person s need for revenge The spiritual side is nicely woven in, and isn t overly preachy.