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EBOOK À Jeremy Bender vs. the Cupcake Cadets ß When Eleven Year Old Jeremy Bender Does Major Damage To His Father S Prized Boat, He Figures He Has One Way To Avoid Being Grounded For Life Fix It Before Dad Finds Out But Even If Jeremy And His Best Friend, Slater, Combined Their Allowances For A Year, They Still Wouldn T Have Enough Money For The Cost Of RepairsInspiration Strikes When The Boys See An Ad For The Windjammer Whirl Sponsored By The Cupcake Cadets, The Model Sailboat Race Pays Five Hundred Dollars To The Winner There S Just One Problem You Must Be A Cadet And A Girl To CompeteConfident That It Will Be The Easiest Money They Ve Ever Made, Jeremy Convinces Slater They Should Dress Up Like Girls And Infiltrate The Troop But As The Boys Proceed To Botch Everything From Camping To Field Hockey, They Realize That Being A Cadet Is No Piece Of CupcakeCan Jeremy And Slater Earn Their Badges And Win The Money Or Will Their Cupcake Careers Be Over Faster Than You Can Say Vanilla Frosting Jeremy and his friend Slater are typical 6th graders They have their likes working with Jeremy s dad s vintage boat and their dislikes Paul, the school bully , and are trying to survive the best they can When they accidentally damage the boat, they try to find a way to come up with the money for repairs Happening upon a sign for a model boat race, they figure that they are sure to win the 500, but there is one catch they have to become Cupcake Cadets in order to do it They come up with credible disguises as girls something which would not be too hard for a 6th grade boy to do all it took for my son to be mistaken for a girl was long hair and find that being a cadet is a LOT harder than they thought In order to even enter the boat competition, they have to earn three merit badges, sell a certain amount of cupcakes, and get along with the other cadets none of which are as easy as they anticipate They make an arch enemy whom they have to convince not to out them, and gain a new appreciation for girls, in ways than one Strengths In addition to being highly amusing in the way that Project Sweet Life was , this was actually a very good book for both girls and boys about the different strengths and weaknesses of each sex The incidental characters, such as the children s librarian and the scout leader who is specifically described as keeping her maiden name Whoo are engaging, and the incidents all fall within the realm of believability Since personal identity is such a big concern for students this age, these gender benders will appeal to many students Weaknesses Character development is there but could have been a bit stronger, and the ending is a little too easy Also felt sorry for the villianized reference librarians and did not believe that the soccer coach would turn a blind eye to bullying. This book is very funny, it is about a boy is trying to get money and dresses up and acts like a girl in girl scouts Read on to laugh as hard as you could. When I read this, I couldn t stop myself from comparing Jeremy his buddy Slater to Lucy Ethel I LOVE LUCY After damaging his father s boat, Jeremy has to come up with an idea to raise some money fast He talks his friend Slater into dressing up as a girl and joining the Cupcake Cadets and entering their annual Windjammer Whirl for a chance to win 500 Like with Lucy Ethel, Jeremy s plans nearly never turn out as he expects which makes for quite a few mistakes and laughs and maybe even a few lessons learned along the way. A Junior fiction fantasy about 2 boys who scheme a plan to win for repairs they caused on a parent s prized boat The plan it to join the Cupcake Cadets, an all girl club, and win their Windjammer Whirl competition The boys learn it s not all vanilla frosting and girls are tough.